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Wanting to visit Europe.

Was thinking about hitting up the United Kingdom first, then going over to France, down to Switzerland and finally up to Germany.
I enjoy history, especially military history. Not really into the nightlife sort of stuff.
So whats the best things to do/see in these countries?


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UK: Guess you will land in London. Might want to check out the imperial War Museum, they have some cool stuff.
Another Museum there is the British Museum. Basicly its a collection of everything the Brits stole vom other cultures all over the world .
France: Never been there but guess there is some interesting stuff in Normandy
Germany: Some things: Army Chopper Museum Bückeburg, Tank Museum Munster, Some old KZ, Berlin Wall
In Peenemunde (few km from polish border at the baltic sea) there is an old V2/V1 Testing/Launching site and only a few hundred meters from that site is an old soviet Submarine you can enter.

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There is at least one place in Germany where they fired V1 or V2 rockets from. It wasn't Peenemünde, but some other place they moved to after the beginning of the allied invasion, or maybe even before that. The nearby forest still contains tons of small pieces of metal from rockets that exploded right after the start. My mother went there for geocaching and picked one up.
It could have been this one but I'm not sure:
I might ask her later this week.

Anyway, this is in Dresden:

Potsdam Uni is teaching a lot about military history so I guess there has to be some museum as well.

Here is list of military museums (in German), but I don't know how good they are:

There are still some remains of the Maginot line if I'm not mistaken. I remember sitting in an abandoned bunker when I was a kid and I'm pretty sure it was in France too, but might've been Elsaß.

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(additional to >>1461's list:)

London: RAF Museum (Northern London)
HMS Belfast (near the Tower Bridge)

other UK:
HMS Victory (Nelson's Flagship, Portsmouth)

Militärgeschichtliches Museum (Dresden, official Bundeswehr museum, recently refurbished)
Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin-Gatow

Wilhelm Bauer (Type XXI, Bremerhaven)
U-995 (Type VIIC, Laboe near Kiel)
U-9 (Class 205, Technikmuseum Speyer)
U-1 (Imperial Navy, Deutsches Museum Munich)

There is no French Military history. There is only a history of foreign People who fought for France. Good places to learn more about this part of history would be:

Musee de l'Armee (Paris)
Musee de l'Air (Le Bourget)
Normandy beaches (anywhere between Caen and Cherbourg)

If you know, where exactly you are going to, I can make some more suggestions...

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In France I'd visit Verdun in the Lorraine region.

in particular the fort of Douaumont, the Fort Vaux and the Ossuary at Douaumont are very impressive to see

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Germany: Dresden!

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you could visit the remains of the french maginot line and if you are on the western german border you can take a tour to the eifel area, which is quite rural. You will have medieval castles there and also a nazi-training camp located at Vogelsang. Another bernd did an iwo recently >>/int/16734248

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