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I unfortunately can't speak German, but I hope this thread is well received.

I'm taking a trip to Austria and it's surrounding countries for a couple months, and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on where to go while I'm there? I think Berlin, Prague and Budapest are definitely on the list, but are there any rural destinations I'm overlooking?

Any and all advice welcome, especially concerning gay nightlife.

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No real suggestions, but you could spend a couple of weeks in Berlin if you want to make a thorough tour of the gay nightlife. (There's also enough other stuff to see or try.)

If you care, the local gay pride parade (last year's attendance: 750k) will be June 22nd. Also consider looking up the relevant clubs and stuff online and checking if there're any specific events scheduled that you'd want to visit.

I cannot recommend visiting any rural destinations around Berlin. Most ex-GDR regions are Nazi-infested shitholes. (You'd probably get out alive, but there's nothing to see, either.) However, Potsdam and Dresden have a lot of nice architecture and interesting museums, and are conveniently close for day trips.

(In before 'cultural Marxist hipster' complaints.)

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Please be more precise and ask your questions respectively.

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>I cannot recommend visiting any rural destinations around Berlin. Most ex-GDR regions are Nazi-infested shitholes.

What a 'cultural Marxist hipster' you are. Zumindest einfach verdammt ignorant und daher blöd.


I cannot recommend visiting Berlin itself. Most of Berlin is a Cultural Marxist-infested shithole.
There are are a lot of noice rural areas you can pick for a daytrip. For example:

a) the Mecklenburg Lake District (it's nice for rowing, canoeing, fishing, etc.)
b) Lusatia (a lot of forests and meadows)
c) the Saxon Switzerland (my favourite place in Germany for hiking, scrambling and climbing. You really have to go there)

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Visit the Salzkammergut in Austria. It has the most beautiful mountain lakes, pitoresque mountains and landscapes.

The state of Carinthia is also very beautiful, with many popular lakes and castles. Pic related, its Castle Hochosterwitz with its 14 gates. Carinthia is a good base to go to Slovenia and Italy, only ~2,5 hours drive to Venice.

Another region worth visiting is the Wachau, a section of the Danube with some of the oldest towns of Austria and impressive monasteries. Great wine and food.

If you are more into austere landscapes, visit Styria and Upper Austria. They have many wooded and mountainous areas, great for hiking. Tirol is for serious mountain hiking.

Cities: Vienna (duh), Salzburg (pure Renaissance), Innsbruck (has a very nice medieval flair). Maybe Graz, but its not that special.

I think there is a own guide book to gay Vienna.

Austria is a great base to visit any other surrounding country, you reach most of them within a few hours drive. You will need a lot of money, it expensive here.

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Du mieses Stück Untermenschensdrecksscheiße.

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>are there any rural destinations I'm overlooking?
>especially concerning gay nightlife.

I doubt that you could find anything outside budapest with this criteria.

>Please be more precise and ask your questions respectively.

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In case you know how to dry suit dive I would recommend visiting the "green lake" in Styria.

The crystal clear snowmelt floods the streets, trees, benches etc. It's like you're floating through a forest.

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Forgot the link:üner_See_(Styria)

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>be more precise.

OK. So if I had a little over a month in Austria, where should I go? I've already been to a few destinations, i.e. the ice caves, Neuschwanstein, Klagenfurt, Wein, various destinations. So, my questions are threefold:

1. Where would you recommend someone go in Austria if they have a month there?

2. What surrounding areas and cities are a must see?

3. Which cities / endroits are great for gay tourists?

In essence, I'm just trying to maximin my enjoyment with the limited time I have.

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If you go to Prague come to Dresden as well. It's just about an hour and a half away and we could meet and have a beer :3

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my i draw your attention to this
>>1501 ?

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one more region to visit is southern styria. rolling hills, nice wine and great food, exceptional beautiful landscape (rolling hills with deciduous woods, vineyards, chestnuts and so on....). best time during autumn.

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You could go to Bratislava as well - its very close to Vienna. You can get there in about an hour by boat directly from the Vienna's center. It's a cozy old town. You could also visit Hainburg and Devin if you're into medieval shit and the excavations at Carnuntum if you're intertasded in ancient history. Other towns in Austria to visit are Salzburg and Graz, Innsbruck probably only if you're into hiking.

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Do you prefer cities or the countryside? Medieval cities like Burghausen, Passau, Landshut, Regensburg etc make for good day trips.

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Ich bin lezte Jahre nach Wien gegangen. Es ist sehr schoen. Ich moechte einen Deutschen/Osterreichen Freund haben, um mein Deutsch zu sagen. Deine Land/e sind mehr schoen als Australien. Endlich moechte ich dort wohnen :)
(Ich habe nichts nutzig zu sagen)

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