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Hi Bernd!

I need advice for travelling to London. Where to stay, close to a train station would be good, what to see and do.
But I don't need the advice for myself but for my mum. The last time she has been to London was 40 years ago. And she is well over 50 now. I have been to London but this has also been some time ago.
She will be travelling with a friend and will stay for a few days. Anything close to London might also be interesting.


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Krautchan - Giving advice to your mum since 2007

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I know this is kind of a different approach. But my mum asked me and I don't know who else to ask but Bernd.

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Well what is she into?
What's your budget?
Anywhere in London is fine for a hotel as long as it's near a tube station, you can get to the furthest edges in 30-45 minutes usually. She'll want to buy an Oyster card straight away if she plans to use public transport (a few £, you 'top up' x amount of money and slap it on the card reader, which automatically deducts the correct amount. Cheaper & easier than paper tickets by far).
Most of the museums are free. National Portrait gallery, British Museum, the John Soane museum, Tate Britain, Tate Modern etc. for your art and architecture. I'd definitely recommend the Victoria & Albert, mums seem to love that shit (examples of design, famous dresses, China ware all that tat older women seem to croon over), there's also some lovely bomb scars on the outside of the building she can take pride in.
Never buy food in central London off non-chain places, there's a few good ones but 99% of them are tourist traps.
Maybe send her for a curry down Brick Lane, there's about 500 currywog shops down there so don't ask me to recommend one, just get off the main street and she'll probably find somewhere a bit nicer and cheaper.
Outside of London? I dunno, I haven't left the city for a few years so I dunno if that even exists any more.

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Thank you very much!
>What is she into
She is there to see a concert. She is into music and arts and generally likes to travel and see stuff. I doubt though that she saw lots of museums when she was in London the last time.
How about all the newer stuff like the millenium wheel and the Olympic park? Is it worth a go?
As for the budget I am not sure as she tends to be a little careful with her money, but she surely would spend money for something that is worth it. The hotel should best be some family run cozy place with b&b.

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I think the London Eye is probably worth it (lived here all my life and never been on it myself) everyone seems to love it. Olympic park, don't know if there's much to see now, wasn't that much to look at when it was active tbh.
I really don't know about accommodation, never used it myself and I'm struggling to think of anywhere really cosy.
Dunno dunno going to bed. o/

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