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Post anything about your countrymen's impressions of another land.

It became popular on Brazilian interwebs for Brazilians to write impressions or curiosities about countries they live. This all started because a French guy wrote "56 curiosities about Brazil" and it went viral on BR interwebs.

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60 impressions about Germany
1. What I noticed traveling between north, south, east and west of the country, was the 'regionalization'. The people are not nationalist (except when it comes to the German national football team), but each thinks his region is the most beautiful, that their dialect is the most melodic and their castles are the most beautiful;

2. Every town has a castle in Germany, even if you can traverse the city on foot in less than an hour.

3. Every region and almost every town has a brewery with its own brand and are all great, at least the more than 15 I tasted so far. The Germans drink beer at any temperature: Cold, warm or room temperature;

4. What is far more impressive, even for a Brazilian, is the regularity of the Germans. For them the numbers of the clock between the round-minute mean anything, then 13h47 is 13h47 and not 13h50 as it is for us Brazilians;

5. Punctuality is also a strong point. If someone sets up a meeting at 18h21 and the person does not come a minute earlier or a minute later and if something unforeseen happens she knows you probably have a cell phone and it can certainly be informed of the delay;

6. Every promise is a promise, so if any German invite you to go to his house, do not expect a response like 'sure, I will' be accepted. He wants to know when you can go and what is the schedule. The same goes if you set up some meeting and he accepts: even if his mother dies he will appear;

7. It is common to take a gift, even if symbolic, for each member of the house when visiting someone;

8. But this regularity also has its downside. If something goes outside the standard, the Germans are somewhat lost and do not know what to do. Try asking Apfelsaft (apple juice) and in the menu only has Apfelschorle (apple juice mixed with carbonated water), they will tell you they don't have it available, and you have to explain all they need to do is avoid putting the carbonated water in the apple juice, but they will keep saying they don't have it;

9. Public transportation beyond the limits of reach. You can go by train to any city and any country around Germany for cheaper prices than a domestic flight, but depending on the route it takes double the time;

9. Public transportation beyond the limits of reach. You can go by train to any city and any country around Germany for cheaper prices than a domestic flight, but depending on the route it takes double the time;

10. What most intrigued me about public transport has been the lack of collector and ratchet including buses. Everything is practical and automated. Or do you have a valid ticket for the month, whether student or purchased directly from the company responsible for transport, or you purchase access terminals that print the ticket loose. You can imagine that a lot of people walking free right then and imagined, but the risk is big and expensive. A single ticket from one point to another city costs around 2.70 euros. The fine for being caught without a ticket by a supervisor is 40 euros (I learned this the hard way);

11. Public transport also works excellently (and is quite expensive). Besides clean and plentiful (have a stopping point on nearly every corner) always arrives on time and when it will not come, for whatever reason, there are electronic panels in ALL breakpoints (including the bus) that warn the delay. This is to avoid prosecution, which leads to the next item;

12. Your life is yours and my life is mine! Everyone here looks out for his own life and interfere minimally in the life of another you can be sued, either because too looked out the window or because someone crossed the street outside the range of the child in front of others and you won't want to give your son a bad example;

13. The government, state or municipality can also be prosecuted and in most cases they lose to the citizen, so everything works so well and is so efficient;

14. What belongs to everyone belongs to everyone. Surely someone will call the police if you decide to kick a trash can on the street, for no harm this may cause, for the public good is treated as a good of all;

15. The most common drinks here are for adults, beer and Coca-Cola (which here is called Cola). For children is Apfelschorle (apple juice mixed with sparkling water);

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16. The most common food, contrary to what many think, is not sausage or salami. The famous Wurst (sausage literally) is a typical dish found throughout the country and more common in the sights, but what is more consumed by ordinary people in everyday life are the beef and pork, plus of course the potato, prepared in many different ways;

17. Any picanha/rump steak/Schwanzstück here is called Argentinian picanha/rump/Schwanzstück [I added these additional words so you can understand], no matter its origin;

18. You will find bike paths everywhere and throughout the city. You can do everything by bike, if you have breath and mood for it. In high-traffic public locations, such as near train stations, parking lots are free to lock your bike;

19. The pedestrian always comes first. The crosswalks and walkways are scattered all over the streets and avenues within cities and pedestrian always has the preference no matter what;

20. Traffic is what moves the country and the industry. German is passionate about car and speed and their roads look like a Formula 1 track in both quality as the cars circulate through it;

21. There are almost no motorcycles and all the ones are sports or choppers, always above 250 cc (no Honda CGs like we have in Brazil);

22. This item is a bit didactic, but interesting. Speed limits are clearly marked and are the same for the whole country:
* Within cities:
- Residential area 30 km / h;
- Of roads (streets and avenues) 50 km / h;

* Autobahn (highway):
- The right lane is just for trucks and cars going off the road, 60-80 km/h;
- Medium lane are for slower cars or hitch/trailer, 120 km/h;
- Left lane are only for cars, there's no limit (you can run as much as your car takes it)
However, the entire road is not like this. Most of the route is the road between mountains, forests, valleys and fields and boundary follows this pattern, but when the track crosses a city or somewhere with plants near the track, the limits are now 120 km/h on the left lane; medium and right lanes have 60 km/h limit;

23. There are 12 types of driver's license (worth not only for Germany but for the entire country that is part of the European Union) and variations are divided into the categories A, B, C and D.

24. The car fine system is very harsh. Radars are scattered all over, especially in the cities, and the scoring system works like this: [too long, but you can bet it's severe as fuck]

25. There is a big difference in behavior between ages. Children are generally well free to do whatever they want, but respect the schedules of school, eating, sleeping, etc.. Teenagers are the envoys of the devil on earth look like they are programmed not to obey anyone or anything and are always drinking, fighting and breaking rules. The adults obey every rule strictly enforced, even if they're complaining about it;

26. There customs, rules and manners for everything, some more important and which are part of the law, such as not being able to ride a bike on the street or sidewalk, just on the bike path, others only by habit, as a younger person within a company not able to earn more than an older person in the same position or social status;

27. Festivals and holidays are celebrated almost weekly. Every day is the day of something as the country is old and there is an interesting story behind the festivals. Also they vary greatly from region to region. In the north for instance, on the day of Karneval (like the Brazilian Carnival, but with culture and without naked women) some women working in the company wear a colorful fantasy and go through all the offices cutting ties who are using one, then do a clothesline at the entrance of the company with all the pieces hanging;

28. Greet and be greeted by acquaintances. The Germans have hundreds of expressions, words and phrases to interact with friends and acquaintances. Just to say bye for example, they have: Schuss, bye, auf Wiedersehen bis bald, ciao, and always comes with an additional compliance type: schön Abend (have a nice early night), Schönes Wochenende (have a good weekend), Schön Tag (good day), bis denn (see you), and so on;

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29. On the other hand, people who do not know just talk with each other if it is extremely necessary as to request information, or to argue because he was bothered. So to meet new people, you can do it just in a nightclub (which still does not guarantee that you will speak to a stranger) or going to a party of an acquaintance and being presented, or;

30. I don't know you until I'm drunk. Usually there is no talk between you and a German that you do not know, no matter where you are, but everything changes after a few shots of tequila and German women become actresses who came out of a Cicciolina movie that was censored in Amsterdam;

31. For everything you ask "please" and say "thank you". In stores eg salespeople and cashiers speak 'you're welcome' before you even say "thank you";

32. What a lot of times is confused as 'cold-heartedness' by foreigners is just one extreme rationality. No one is moved by emotion here, everything is calculated and rationalized before being executed;

33. The Germans do not understand joke. Not that they don't have a sense of humor, but they take it seriously, even if it is funny, and make predictions about it. For example, if you look at a Porsche and say "ah, I wish I would have one", the German will have to ask how much you earn, will do the calculations, taking into account your monthly expenses, and give you an estimate on how long you take to get that specific model (later he will send you some quotations for new and old cars of that model he found on the internet);

34. It's not on season, so let's build. All they need they build. If you want to ski in the summer, there's a building with a giant ski resort inside. If you do not have beaches in the area, go to a club conditioned with sand and artificial waves;

35. The public service is efficient. Every public servant here is extremely lazy, but his way of dealing with it is totally different from Brazil. They solve everything as fast as possible and do not curl not to stay with it in hand. However, they do not enter into anything if you do not have all the correct paperwork (which sometimes seems to be at least 53 pages stamped and signed by Angela Merkel and her assessors);

36. Loneliness is an evil of the society. The country is small (around 23 Germanies fit within Brazil), but the regions have many cities and they are sparsely populated. Then loneliness affects mostly the elderly, they often live alone even if their families live in the same city. You want to chat or ask for information with enough time? Ask to some elderly and waste (or gain) a few hours in your day;

37. Another thing that is very impressive and discrepant from Brazil is called security. Absolutely no thefts and robberies and walk with the latest trendy gadget in the street or on the train/bus is the most common thing in the world; [The guy who wrote about France also said the same ;_;]

38. Being such a safe country, policemen and firefighters do not have much to do, so every time something happens, a giant antiterrorist group is called. Another day near the office, where there's a Schule (equivalent to our High School) a madman joined with a gun making a child hostage and demanding money. More than 60 police cars (I counted), including buses loaded with shock police and about 12 fire trucks came to answer the call;

39. The foreigner is respected no matter the social class. Of course racism exists, especially among teenagers (but the devil sent them to earth, right?) and by some very old people who participated or had parents who participated in the War. But I didn't realize there was neither more nor less racism than in other countries, especially in tiny towns, where everyone was very receptive, and in large cities, where there are many foreign students;

40. Nazism is not a taboo, but the general population feels ashamed of this phase of history. You can talk about it, as long you don't make condoning (that's already a crime) that nobody is going to look ugly at you;

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41. Men are ridiculously introverted and women shy. For a German couple to stay together, they're either longtime friends (childhood or school) or they're together after a certain age, usually after age 40. In this regard, us Brazilian take the lead, as a little initiative already stands out in the crowd; [This was another thing the guy who wrote about France also said]

42. Social equality here is clear, but so is freedom. The beggars you see on the street, which are scarce, mosttly chose their life, they have home and government help. The government welfare here gives a pension of 500 euros per month and there are simple apartments with rent of 200 euros per month;

43. All the houses, apartments and buildings have, without exception, any type of heater;

44. Wages here are calculated per hour per Manntag (something like working days);

45. Health is more important than work. Sick leave can be taken here by one or two weeks, depending on the disease, and are not deducted from wages; [I don't get the last sentence, as far as I know, the same happens in Brazil]

46. Them taxes. For everything you pay taxes, for any product or service purchased, for TV (which incidentally is mandatory even if you do not own device, as all national channels are public and subsidized by the government) and even the garbage collection;

47. Garbage must be separated for recycling with the risk of paying fines for violators and certain types of materials, such as furniture and objects that do not fit within the standard trash bins, should be taken at appropriate locations reserved for the city dump;

48. Public hospitals are at the level of private hospitals (when they're not better) and every resident, whether German or foreign, have to pay a health insurance to the government, or choose a particular plan much more expensive;

49. There is a reasonable variety of domestic goods (imported are hardly seen), but there is a very healthy competition with prices and tastes for all kinds of pocket;

50. There is no 10% service taxes in bars and restaurants. The customer is the one who should give tip according to the service and if not well attended (something very rare, but it happens) it's totally acceptable and correct not to tip at all;

51. Practicality and reality go together here. Everything is very straightforward and natural which sometimes is good, as not to be afraid to tell someone what you are thinking, at other times is bad, as nobody to call a person who stinks because it's hot and people sweat and is normal;

52. As an expression of the previous item, here there are no queues, or at least they are not as kilometric in Brazil. At the cashiers, especially in supermarkets, they leave only one open, and automatically open another queue only when there's 5 people in the queue, and so on;

53. Anything can be purchased online or in purchase terminals, then there's no reason to wait in a queue; and if for some reason it doesn't work, Germans have fully developed the practice of not being afraid to complain. The people in the queue starts complaining, not whining and grumbling life to one another, but going to the open cashier or manager and DEMANDING that another cashier is open, with the risk of dropping purchases right there and go to the establishment nearby selling the same thing;

54. You can buy bread or candy with credit/debit card;

55. And speaking of bread, the Bäckerei (bakeries) are true spectacles of color and flavors. There are breads of all types and sizes with various fillings and toppings and each has its specific name difficult to learn;

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56. Telephone operators here compete for quality and not for price and incompetence like in Brazil. My 3G works even inside the train in a tunnel some 50 meters deep;

57. A mystery is that every household has a bathtub in the bathroom, even if it is small and does not fit an adult sitting, and nobody knew to explain me why;

58. The seasons here are very well defined and one clearly understands each. On the first day of winter the temperature starts to drop quite a lot, the first day of spring flowers are beginning to bloom, on the first day of summer you can already think of the beach (but only think about it, because the beaches here are far and horrible) and first autumn day the streets are already full of leaves;

59. Aside from teenagers (children of Satan) nobody cares much for clothing brand or fancy restaurant because all the designer brands and upscale restaurants have standard prices for the local economy;

60. Finally, the language is a very important factor, as much as no German I know has an Americanised name, and the easiness to learn the language (and goodwill for those learning) is immense.

That's all for Germany


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60 impressions about Wales

1 - Golden tip: never compare the Welsh to other Brits, they are proud of who they are and their Celtic origins. Here they first say they are Welsh, then they are British.

2 - The Welsh are very polite, much more than in England, they smile a lot and are very tolerant and peaceful. Here people rely heavily on each other, even with strangers. However, they don't SEEM acessible as Brazilians: lies. Just start talking to them and they will gladly talk to you

3 - Do not expect instant friendships, they value the "quality rather than quantity of friends," but if you really make friends here, they're for all times and the entire life. Acquintances are just "acquintances", without much approximation. Hugs and kisses are for family and close friends only.

4 - Here they say sorry, I'm terribly sorry, I'm really sorry and all imaginable versions of sorry. If someone steps on your foot, the two have to say sorry; if you bump into someone, the two have to say sorry.

5 - For those who do not know, Wales is one of the four autonomous nations that form the UK (the others are: England, Scotland and Northern Ireland) give the name of the country. Laws, education and various aspects of public life in Wales are unique to the country. The Welsh national flag is distinctive and has the famous Welsh red dragon, creature from Celtic mythology.

6 - Many Welshmen are bilingual, here there are two official languages: English and Welsh. All plates in transit, parks, public places, supermarkets and documents etc. are bilingual. In schools children learn to speak English and Welsh, BBC Wales has all programming in English and Welsh. The language itself is complicated and very guttural; pronouncing LL is impossible, I'm tired of trying and failing. There are times when I wonder how they don't get a sore throat for speaking Welsh.

7 - The typical Welsh accent in English is very strange, I personally divide it into: "can you repeat that please?" and "are you speaking English?" Hehheehe, I suffered a lot at the beginning. But the Welsh speak loud, which helps, and don't care to repeat what they said, unlike people in London who often give you a ugly stare when you ask them to repeat.

8 - The Welsh are descendants of the Celtic people, the family names here called the "clan" of origin, Williams, Davies, Roberts, Evans, Hopkins, Jones are the most common. The Welsh people mostly have very blue eyes and blonde hair ranging from almost white to very dark brown.

9 - As all over the UK, here it's a multicultural melting pot, there are immigrants from around the world! I met Welsh of Somali, Pakistani, Iranian, Chinese origin and so on. There is no intense racial conflict and everyone live well with their differences in culture and religion.

10 - Life is very quiet here, there's almost no urban violence. I walked home several times late at night safely and saw people talking on their last generation smartphones in the streets, with trendy clothes and shoes which aren't robbed. Motorists drive civilly and respect pedestrians and cyclists, which is great. [The same was said by Brazilian in Germany and France, such cases]

11 - The police here doesn't use weapons, patrol the streets very often, are kind and helpful, the "police vans" of the Welsh police are SUV BMW X5 mostly (You did not misread) ...

12 - A typical Welsh cuisine, if done well, can be very tasty. They eat a lot of lamb, seafood and place potatoes, leeks and herbs in several dishes. There are hundreds of regional cheeses, look at Google images of these typically Welsh foods: crempog, Welsh rarebit, cawl, faggots (seriously!), Glamorgan sausages, steamed cockles and mussels.

13 - If you did not enjoy the idea of Welsh food, it's okay, there are restaurants here from all over the world. I have been to Indian food restaurants, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Somalian among many others. There's a lot of fast food chains too. People do not eat healthy things in general, not because of lack of choice.

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14 - The Welsh have the highest coffee consumption per capita from all over UK. No joke: they have a coffeeshop after another not only here in Cardiff but in any village, and ubiquitous Starbucks fights with dozens of other local coffeshop networks. The habit of drinking coffee comes from the need that people have to socialize in public, leave work or school and go straight enjoy a coffee and a good chat.

15 - Pubs are other favorite places to socialize and guys drink beer, but they drink a lot! Beer glasses here are half a liter and Brazilian beer looks like water compared to the ones here. You're tumbling after a few pints hehehehhe

16 - Wales is known as "the land of song", musical and theatrical tradition here is enormous taking into consideration such a small country. In music, world renowned names such as Tom Jones, Charlotte Church and Duffy. In film established names like Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins (national pride), Matthew Rhys, Michael Sheen and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The harp is a musical instrument of the country, heritage of Celtic people. Theaters and operas are excellent and much cheaper than in London.

17 - I hate to say it, but a lot of people here have an unpleasant smell, horrible teeth and indoors with a lot of people your nose will suffer. Nobody is perfect and it's better to adapt.

18 - The weather here is cold all year round, the average temperatures are 12-16 degrees during the day and less than 10 degrees at night. It rains a lot, but it is never a downpour, but an endless drizzle. The winters are terribly cold and rainy, averages below 5 degrees and freezing temperatures at night and hard frost. Snow falls by 1 or 2 weeks and when it comes you can reach over 10cm high and stop traffic, schools, everything! But I think it's beautiful all covered in snow and quite a spectacle! [That tropical feel]

19 - During winter dawns at 8:45 and dusk falls at 16:00, in the summer dawns at 5:00 in the morning and nightfall only at 21:45!

20 - When we have (rare) sunny days people are euphoric, they crowd the parks with their kids and dogs and have a giant smile on their lips. Me too...

21 - The dwellings have super thick walls with thermal insulation, all have central heating and you do not feel cold indoors or in any establishment. In winter you can if you want to sleep naked with snow falling outside and will not feel cold. The faucets have water in two modules: boiling or freezing and you have to blend for bathing and washing dishes.

22 - The Welsh are more family-type than in the rest of the country, the children have a lot of independence however tend to be more attached to the parents. It's common for Welsh 'exiles' to return to live in Wales after they're retired, returning to their origins and family.

23 - National law: "each one takes care of his own life". Nobody messes the personal life of anyone here. Mothers-in-law are not witches and gossipy neighbor will be talking to himself. [I jelly]

24 - Here it's a very egalitarian society, and people don't support ostentation, expensive cars, cellphones and clothing brands are not appealing to anyone. People tend to like you for who you are, not for what you have. [I extremely jelly]

25 - The Welsh system of social benefits is above the average in the country. Schools and hospitals are public and free for all, and of excellent quality. The civil service works and towns are well cared for. People pay a lot of taxes, but receive everything back on social benefits. If you can not pay rent, they put you in an apt. or Government House. If you lose employment, unemployment insurance supports you until you find another service. Maternity is several months paid, and the country may have "parental leave" to enjoy the new child with the partner. There is even a benefits for the kids here that lasts until they're over 18.

26 - Here there is the selective collection of waste, they give free bags of three types: 1 - for non-recyclable waste, 2 - for recyclables, 3 - biodegradable bags for organic waste. If you do not separate they do not collect your garbage and you pay a fine. You have to pay for plastic grocery bags too and nobody does scandals about it. [He was referring to Brazil, for a small period plastic bags became purchasable here]

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27 - People arrive at work at 9 am, they have 1 hour for lunch and drop at 5:30 or 6 pm. On Friday they drop out at 3:30, including in schools. This is quality of life. Virtually all shops and malls close after 18:00.

28 - There is only one month of vacation per year, virtually no holidays. Your boss can't buy your holidays and you have to get them, but they can be split into 2 parts if you want.

29 - The Welsh travel a lot, very much! Find people who have been to the four corners of the world is an easy thing to see, the plane tickets are less than half of what they cost in Brazil. Even delivery van driver travel abroad on holiday and they do it often.

30 - The Welsh LOVE Brazil, when I say I'm Brazilian they all open smile and wonder about all the clichés we already know: football, beaches, Rio de Janeiro etc. and also wonder what the hell I'm doing in the cold Wales heheheh, being Brazilian is a "plus" here.

31 - Here the guys flirting are much more timid and less coarse than in Brazil. They do not go all over the girls, and the girls, even with minimal clothing, are given the most respect. They walk in miniskirts even if it is snowing. I do not know they don't die of cold.

32 - Here you dress how you want and not have crazy for clothing brands, each makes its own fashion, and fuck anyone who does not like. If you paint your hair pink no one will even notice.

33 - Internet, cable TV, telephone and cell phone: cheap, efficient, hardly give faulty and if there are problems, they solve: a dream! I don't have headaches as I had in Brazil.

34 - I'm tired of seeing so many Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Land Rover and Jaguar in the streets. Cars cost much less than in Brazil and they are not as status symbol as over there. Here the less your car pollute less will be the cost of the license plate. There are a lot of hybrid models on the streets.

35 - You know those damn tunned cars with speakers bigger than the trunk booming through the streets? They prohibited by law here, paradise?

36 - People love silence, talking too loudly in public is rude and people do not honk their cars even if the traffic does not work, I love it.

37 - Hardly anyone has a cleaner and maids are nonexistent. You have to wash, iron, cook everything and still fix your home, everyone does it and no one lives up cursing life. People mostly do not cook, they eat out, order by phone or buy from supermarkets that have food from around the world, cheap and very good, ready to put in the microwave. All kitchens are designed and equipped though, I do not know what for.

38 - The streets have parts recessed on the corners for wheelchair users can get around. There beeps when the traffic signal close to the blind know when to cross. If you have special needs or is too old to walk, cities provide some of these golf carts type only more compact so you can have quality of life.

39 - The Welsh love to know their neighbors. You present yourself and they are likely to set up a dinner or lunch at their house and will do everything to make you feel at home.

40 - Know that Amy Winehouse makeup and hair? The girls do the same here.

41 - The parks are full of life: birds, squirrels, swans, ducks, flowers of all kinds and people jogging or relaxing, loose dogs are something common and don't bite anyone.

42 - Forget pigeons, seagulls here in Cardiff form "gangs" are everywhere and are screaming like crazy and stealing food from bins and unsuspecting people.

43 - The Cardiff bus drivers do not give change. If you give more money than the standard price they let you in, but if it's less, you have to step down.

44 - There are no bank queues, it's all paid online or by check through the mail, you can pay bills from home up by message over the phone if you want.

45 - Want to make an enemy? Be late to meetings and don't even send a text message warning them about your delay. [So much >>17191915 heh]

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46 - People have a very open mind here, they're very tolerant as long you're respectful. These hideous discussions about homosexuals in Brazil would be unthinkable here.

47 - Toilet paper is thrown in the toilet [that feel when you're the only Brazilian that does that]

48 - Rugby is the national passion. When you have a match in Cardiff the city is full of Welsh from all over the country and people from other parts of the UK. There is no violence between fans, they drink a lot, but only curse each other and clown around, it's all in good fun. Win or lose everyone will get drunk and come home drunk toppling.

49 - The Welsh are suffering from a contagious epidemic: having children! Never seen so many people with babies in my life! It is common to see double or triple strollers! They are the children all at once, giving one year or less apart. Most are to die for.

50 - The Welsh couples are very united, they both do household chores and help each other. Men take care of their babies while their wives do other things, I think it's really cool.

51 - No one drives through the streets drunk. Leave the club straight into a taxi. Here you still have love for the lives of others.

52 - The Welsh have no opposition to the monarchy as in Scotland for example. They were subjugated by London for centuries and have no separatists pretentions whatesoever, they like being the UK in general, as long as you do not call them English.

53 - Supermarkets, cafeterias and restaurants donate unsold food to charities. There are many shops of clothes, called "charities" where employee volunteers sell the products and all money goes to charity.

54 - Wales is gorgeous! It has beautiful mountains and valleys full of grazing sheep. Many medieval castles and two national parks of amazing beauty, look on google for Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia, is worth visiting these places.

55 - Not everything is perfect, there is a serious problem with alcoholism and suicide, especially in villages where parents and young people do not find work. It's very sad, campaigns are done to reverse it.

56 - If you take a train from here to London or anywhere, will get sick of listening all ads in Welsh and then in English, why not contrary order? Arrrghhh!

57 - Virtually all Cardiff cabbies are Muslims of Pakistani origin and better pray to get one that can speak English. I suffer.

58 - Cardiff is full of Brazilian students and everyone attracted by the low cost of living and the tranquility that the city offers. Universities are good and have a national reputation in several academic areas. I'm tired of listening to all kinds of language you can imagine on the streets.

59 - The Welsh have a society that I wanted to see in our Brazil: harmonious, egalitarian, without major conflicts and where everyone tolerate and respect as far as possible. They are not perfect of course, because there is such a paradise on earth, but they are far more advanced than there.

60 - "Hwyl fawr am nawr!" Bye-bye and see you later in Welsh, look on Google how to pronounce it hehehehe, hope you liked my story.

That's all for Wales.


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60 impressions about England
1 - There are hardly any holidays in England, but when one of them falls on a weekend, they automatically go to Monday. No holiday is wasted!

2 - The English food is not good and almost no vegetables as accompaniment (aside from potatoes, peas, and with any luck, broccoli).

3 - The beef is sold as "British Beef", but nobody knows exactly what part of the ox is the one. Not surprisingly, the meat here is so bad and weird.
4 - In the summer it is very common to see women in bikinis sunbathing on the grass of the parks in the city.

5 - The British are not rude as everyone imagines. Most of them are very polite and patient, but when they are not, you better get away!

6 - Transport for London is impeccable, even though many Londoners complain and find otherwise. There are some panels at bus stops and subway indicating what time the next vehicle will arrive at the point / platform, and they are always extremely on time.

7 - Nobody here needs a car, since transport works great any time of day.

8 - Until today I have not seen a single Londoner that hasn't opened a grin when I say that I am Brazilian and haven't asked me "why the hell you traded the lovely sunny Brazil by gray London?".

9 - People have a habit of saying "sorry" for everything, always!

10 - Do you think Brazil is bureaucratic? Try to open a bank account here in England. Days are coming and going with various documents and evidence is never enough.

11 - The accent of the English countryside is absurdly difficult to understand. You know the egg we think that the British have in their mouth? The people of the countryside seems to have a whole watermelon!

12 - It is very normal to an Englishman wearing a coat a lifetime without washing even once (and hence, sometimes the smell is killing).
13 - The English men are very charming and dress very peculiar, while women seem to think that the shorter the skirt, the more beautiful they are. No matter the cold, they are always wearing mini-skirt - and many do not wear pantyhose! How do they hold up the cold is a mystery of humanity.

14 - Here a cleaner can pay rent and still have some money at the end of the month. No such thing as social difference, because everyone has the chance to do just the same things, regardless of their profession.

15 - The English think only exists Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil, and some even are surprised when we talk about other cities.

16 - The busses always seem to be filled, no matter the time! Already got crowded bus at 4 am on a weekday!

17 - The English girls have a habit of rolling the hair up high in a bun that looks like a roll of barbed wire. I wonder if they comb their hair someday.

18 - On the other hand, they are always very wearing make up, anytime of the day.

19 - In England the bar bill is not divided at the end of the party. Instead, each paid a round for everyone, and perhaps why it is so easy to see people giddy and happy life on the street.

20 - In England the breakfast is more like a Brazilian lunch: eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, potatoes and (sweet) BEANS! My cholesterol levels go to extremes just to think that breakfast!

urbanjahvier Avatar

21 - We always have the impression that the British are very serious and they sometimes are scary. But just start chating, they loosen up and show to be very receptive.

22 - The English are very patient with foreigners and understand that not everyone can speak English perfectly.

23 - You can meet people of different nationalities within a bus or subway car. Englishmen is what you see the least here.

24 - If someone sets up a meeting at 10:30 with you, come up with at least 15 minutes in advance. The "British punctuality" is taken seriously.

25 - It is very difficult to find a trash can in the cities, and I rather think that this is the reason to see so much junk lying around. Ever seen a whole burrito sitting on a bus seat!

26 - It seems that the English girls do nails once in every 3 months, it is rare to see any that have all painted nails completely. Imagine the horror when summer comes and they decide to wear sandals?!

27 - In London there are several tourist attractions very interesting and free, but in return when the entry is paid, never leave for less than £10, being the most common range from £15 - £20 (R$ 45-60).

28 - The English do not seem to mind the constant drizzle, since they are rarely using umbrella.

29 - The most Englishmen have teeth, lucky only yellow, but often do not have all the teeth in the mouth. It is common to see people with just pieces of rotten tooth. I think the reasons are poor hygiene, smoking and excessive absurd price that dentists charge here.

30 - Some words are different from the British English American English. [Stupid generic examples I omitted]

31 - Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday officially in April, but is only celebrated in June. [Why?]

32 - As everyone knows, here one drives on the left. For us this is wrong, but to them, the wrong is the rest of the world.

33 - If the bus closed the doors and started moving, no use to punch the door: the driver will not open it, even if the bus is still pretty still idle.

34 - No one notices each other and each one dresses, talks or paint the hair as it pleases them. On the street we see people of all ages (including old ladies) with green hair and clothes full of spikes.

35 - If your house has no garden, you will have to wash the clothes in a washing machine installed in the kitchen and extend on a clothesline in the middle of the room near the heater.

36 - Here people drink tap water and is common to ask "tap water" in restaurants (obviously tap water is not paid).

37 - You have to pay a license to watch TV here and the price varies according to some criteria such as: TV color or black and white. [Black and white, really?]

38 - It is very common to use bicycles. There are bike lanes, routes with maps specific to bicycles and everyone respects cyclists.

39 - There is stray animals here on the street (or is very rare to see). All cats or dogs you see there are usually only walking and they are all very polite.

40 - The English speak loudly. Women like to scream in the middle of the street.

xspirits Avatar

41 - The change here is always right, what makes you get out of places full of pennies in hand. When you realizes, you have 50 pounds at home only in small coins, impossible to use!

42 - Still found in many homes and public toilets sink with two faucets. A VERY cold water and another with hot water hurt. The choice between freezing hands or have third degree burns, can be quite complex!

43 - Any payment can be made via bank transfer, deposit, phone or by sending your check by mail.

44 - It is very common owners take their dogs on the subway and buses.

45 - Here you see 5 year old in stroller and child (2 or 3 years old) in collars. Yes, collars.

46 - Here the large supermarket chains compare their prices with other supermarkets, citing them!

47 - England is full of charity shops (charity shops). Rather than donate clothes and books directly to those in need, donate to those stores that resell and donate money.

48 - Credit card is not very common to be used here. Everyone uses the debit card, even for online shopping.

49 - There is at least one Indian restaurant or kebab on every street and all are "the best kebab in town."

50 - In restaurants where no alcoholic beverages are sold, customers can bring their own wine (or whatever) to consume during a meal.

51 - Can you walk around late at night without fear and without danger. Obviously you have to pay attention, but the chances of being robbed or something, are infinitely smaller than in Brazil. [That feel when every Brazilian will mention how safe the country they live in is compared to Brazil and make you jelly ;_;]

52 - Every neighborhood in London has its own characteristics, like so many towns within a large city.

53 - You can buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics (ie all) much cheaper than in Brazil. Before coming to live here, I was scared because everyone always said that everything was very expensive in England, but this is pure myth!

54 - There are spaces reserved for musicians in the subway stations of London, and to play or sing there, they need to be registered and licensed with the entity that takes care of the transport of the city (TFL).

55 - If a show or play are scheduled to start at 19:00, they start exactly at this time. It is very uncommon to experience some delay, and even then, it does not last more than 10 minutes.

56 - The English trust in people, such as: trust that everyone will pay before you get on the subway train or even when there are no turnstiles and any collector passes and yourself and pay your purchases in the markets.

57 - In some places it is forbidden to drink alcohol on the street, at the risk of having to pay a fine.

58 - Salaries are calculated per hour or an annual value closed. You can get £ 8 per hour or £ 50,000 per year, for example.

59 - Almost every house has a bath (with the exception of the newer buildings) and the shower is inside. It is rare to see a box with shower as we are accustomed to in Brazil.

60 - There is always a lot of drinking at parties, but almost no food.

That's all for England.


chrisvanderkooi Avatar

Sorry for the English mistakes. I used Google translate and fixed the most obvious mistakes, one or another was left behind.

An Irishman wrote 50 things he noticed about Brazil:

Make postings nao!

starburst1977 Avatar

Thank you for posting this here! I didn't find time to read much of the stuff that wasn't about Germany before on /int/.

vladyn Avatar

Thank you!

> 27. Festivals and holidays are celebrated almost weekly. Every day is the day of something as the country is old and there is an interesting story behind the festivals. Also they vary greatly from region to region. In the north for instance, on the day of Karneval (like the Brazilian Carnival, but with culture and without naked women) some women working in the company wear a colorful fantasy and go through all the offices cutting ties who are using one, then do a clothesline at the entrance of the company with all the pieces hanging;

I'm from the north and I don't know of this habit. Where exactly have you been? (We don't celebrate Karneval at all where I come from, neither does the East)

uxdiogenes Avatar

I didn't write that, but the guy's been throughout entire Germany.

jjshaw14 Avatar


Weiberfastnacht I believe.

adammarsbar Avatar

>33. The Germans do not understand joke. Not that they don't have a sense of humor, but they take it seriously, even if it is funny, and make predictions about it. For example, if you look at a Porsche and say "ah, I wish I would have one", the German will have to ask how much you earn, will do the calculations, taking into account your monthly expenses, and give you an estimate on how long you take to get that specific model (later he will send you some quotations for new and old cars of that model he found on the internet);
Why did I laugh so hard at this?

pic related, it's my laughing face.

kamal_chaneman Avatar

It's funny because it's true. If the reactions in the original thread are any indication.

aadesh Avatar

>47 - Toilet paper is thrown in the toilet [that feel when you're the only Brazilian that does that]
What? Where else should one throw it?

terryxlife Avatar

People throw it in a bin because the plumbing is not good enough for most of houses.

bagawarman Avatar

Rules to be a proper [your nationality]
1) Be utterly ignorant.
2) No matter how much you achieve in life, always be unhappy and unsatisfied.
3) Be too lazy to leave this country.
3a) If you're from outside of Prague, be to lazy to move to Prague.
4) Hate gypsies.
5) Hate politicians.
6) Drive a diesel in manual.
7) Only buy the cheapest food from a given category to save money for a holiday trip to Croatia or Tunisia.
7a) Travel for 20 miles to buy discounted crackers for 1EUR.
8) Claim you can speak English when in fact you can only say "what's your name" or "I come from Czech".
9) Honestly believe that foreigners know Czech beer, planes, cars and guns and appreciate them.
10) Honestly believe that foreigners like the looks of Czech women.

michigangraham Avatar

1) Be loud
2) Be obnoxious
3) Ignore personal space
4) Give zero fucks about anything related to social interactions
5) Enlist into IDF into a non-combat cozy unit
6) Travel to India or Thailand and fuck traps after army
7) Hate Arabs
8) Hate Muslims
9) Laugh at Americans but love America

m_kalibry Avatar

1. Boast about your money.
2. Don't use your money.
3. Insult your neighbors except Iceland.
4. Go buy things in Sweden to save more money.
5. Complain about immigration sometimes, but do nothing about it.
6. Don't stand up to yourself. Don't start or join street fights.
7. Self-important.

ffbel Avatar

1 be lazy
2 be ignorant bydlo
3 be religious
4 hate politicians
5 hate Berlusconi but vote him anyway
6 speak dialect
7 watch\play soccer
8 call gay everyone has different thoughts
10 Hate Terroni(south Italians)\Hate Polentoni(North Italians)

1-be lazy
2-be nationalist
3-hate foreigners
4-be unable to speak english
5-glorify Mussolini
6-honestly believe that italy has the best cuisine culture
7-speak dialect
8-think and speak about football 24/7
9-hate politicians but do nothing to improve
10-be ignorant and uneducated

mfacchinello Avatar

1. Binge drink every weekend
2. Beat up your wife every weekend
3. "It's not drunk driving if i stay on the road"
4. Bitch about Russia
5. Laugh at Sweden
6. Visit Estonia annually to get your car full of 4€/L Vodka
7. Be obsessed about hockey
8. Stab someone in the front of hotdog stand on Friday night
9. Be in favor of mandatory Swedish lessons in school, just because you had to learn that too. It's not like those young whippersnappers are gonna get it easier than me.
10. Never say more than one sentence and only speak when spoken to. Other than that distrusting glare at people will suffice.

ritapetrilli87 Avatar

1. Drink beer, eat pølse
2. Expect at least 6 weeks of vacation every year
3. Treat everyone equal despite their background if they are white
4. Make fun of people, even if it is sexist or racist
5. Cycle to school, work, parties etc.
6. If you live in Jutland - hate Zealand. If you live in Zealand - hate Jutland.
7. Wear shorts and sunglasses when the temperature is above 15C
8. Complain about the weather
9. Bond with other Danes when abroad, but completely ignore them at home
10. Kamelåså

guischmitt Avatar

1)Be direct and rude
2)Dislike foreigners pretend to tolerate them
3)Be cynical
4)Act normal
5)Be greedy
6)Why buy sandwiches? Make your own instead. Saves money.
7)Make fun of people with a Dutch accent when they speak English, have one yourself
8)Be materialistic
9)Go to electronic music festivals
10)Nationalist but still dislike country (dont ask why)

1) Be greedy
2) Laugh at Belgians like monkeys in a zoo
3) When you're drunk you always start to sing 'Alle Duitsers zijn homo'.
4) Claim you know fluent, French, German and English.
5) Cycle everywhere.

1) Act normal
2) act NORMAL

smenov Avatar

1) play down your wealth
2) play down your knowledge and intelligence
3) put yourself across as being as bydlo as you can without being blatantly false
4) profess agreement for everything left wing, then disagree with half of it in private
5) aim to become the stereotype and pander to foreigners views of scotland for approval
6) point out flaws and be cynical/edgy about everything which others would see as positive
7) get drunk because you dont know what else to do with your life and deep down are too bernd to do anything anyway

alek_djuric Avatar

1) Complain about Brazil but secretively love it.
2) Complain about the price of meat but buy tons of meat. Also Rice and beans.
4) Hate politicians.
5) Love Football.
6) Love shitty beer. No matter if it's just Belgian/Dutch piss in bottles, brazilians will love it.
7) Buy cheap fish during the Lent and pretend It's Norwegian Codfish. Portugal is not here to complain about it.
8) Go to Paraguay/Uruguay/Bolivia to buy stuff. If you can't, there's always a chink smuggler near you.
9) Families always eat together in Sunday.
10) You need at least one Churrasco per month. Bonus if you are Southerner or Central-Westerner.

1. Complain about politicians but don't realise they're just a mirror of the population. If you do realise that, don't realise you are part of the population. The bad aspects of Brazil is always because of someone else but you.
2. Love football and play it wherever something remotely spherical can roll.
3. Be either an Americaboo or and Europeboo.
4. Complain about how everything is so expensive and there are many taxes, but never vote for a fiscal conservative party.
5. Forget who you voted for the last election.
6. Rice and beans are a must.
7. Brazilian beer may range from good to shit, but any beer that comes from abroad is absolutely good, no matter how pisswater like Brazilian beer it is.
8. Sometimes feel you don't belong to Latin America because you don't have much in common with other Latinos, mainly because of the language and history. But still, act like them almost the same way.
9. Think everyone abroad absolutely loves Brazil, Brazilian music, Brazilian women and Brazilian food.
10. Be as much as ignorant as you can. This also means acting stupidly whenever you see a foreigner, because there aren't many of them here.
11) Hate Argentina and Argentinians, tell and laugh at jokes about Argentinians and Argentina. Wish their country go bankrupt and always smile whenever you see a bad news from there. All of that without having ever step foot in Argentina or spoken to an Argentinian person.

herrhaase Avatar

1) Hate current governement, but keep voting for it, because afraid of change
2)Hate Gypsies
3)Hate Hungarians
4)Like Czechs
5)Somehow dislike Czechs at the same time
6)Dislike Slovaks but love Slovakia
7)Whine about this country, but do nothing to change it
8)Ashamed of your country when talking to foreigners
9)Go to Croatia or Vysoké Tatry at least once in your lifetime
10)Buy cheapest food, but then bitch about it being poisoned by Poles

christianoliff Avatar

1) Be utterly ignorant.
2) No matter how much you achieve in life, always be a piece of shit.
3) Be too lazy to stay this country.
4) Hate ourselves.
5) Hate politicians.
6) Drive a 4 cylinder shitbox.
7) Only buy the cheapest food from a given category to save money for stupid shit.
8) Claim you can speak Spanish when in fact you can only say something like 50 different words.
9) Honestly believe that foreigners know Mexican women, beaches, cars and guns and appreciate them.
10) Honestly believe that foreigners like the taste of Mexican food.

abotap Avatar

1. Obey traffic lights even if it is late at night and nothing else is in sight.
2. Everything is going downhill no matter how good your situation is.
3. Be terribly sorry for all the evil things Germans did, still be fascinated by it.
4. Not everything was bad back then.
5. Be a football fanatic.
6. In theory you're the best football coach alive.
7. Be a car fanatic.
8. Ordnung muss sein.
9. Be the worst bydlo abroad.
10. Ze squirrel.

1) Be ignorant, proud of it, and refuse to learn. Let TV help you in this endeavour.
2) Be law-abiding and do things orderly. Remember: Ordnung muss sein!
3) Drink beer - preferably German beer. Lots of it. To fight your hangover, drink coffee. Lots of it.
4) Watch soccer and talk about it. Talk about it some more. Most other sports are welcome too, but optional.
5) Find a goddamn job or be seen as scum. Actually turn into scum if you don't find one.
6) Complain about the government and idolize the chancellor, i.e. the leader of the government.
7) Buy an expensive, super-fast car - preferably a German-made one. Drive really slow due to constant traffic jams. Worship the car as a status symbol, especially if you struggle to afford it.
8) Feel superior to Germans from other regions of Germany. Feel even more superior to other nations.
9) Be environmentally conscious. As long as it doesn't cost you and is NIMBY.
10) Laugh at americans. Then emulate them.
11) Travel to foreign places. EITHER: Complain about everything and return next year to complain some more. OR: Enjoy the exotic foreignness, take lots of pictures, and don't return. Either way, conclude that it's much better back at home.
12) Be wary of people who think differently than you. Be wary of people who think at all. Instead, let other people BuILD your opinion for you.
13) Always be afraid of or worried. Never do anything to alleviate your fears and worries because you're secretely enjoying them.

1. Always complain about everything in the pub
2. Never on the streets, also don't demonstrate for/against anything
3. Feel superior to every other region, especially towards Bavaria/Ex-GDR and Berlin in general
4. Hate Bush with a passion
5. Buy, feel, behave as american as possible
6. Be ready and willing to beatt up and/or kill anyone harming your car
7. Be totally anti-Nazi in public
8. Be totally pro-Nazi in private
9. Ordnung

joshhemsley Avatar

1. Be fat
2. Wear Hawaiian shirts everywhere
3. Smile all the time regardless of feelings
4. Know nothing of your political system
5. Whether atheist or theist shove it down everyone's throat
6. Clap at everything
7. Be fat
8. Either do a dead end job that only benefits israel or join the army and die for israel

1.Think the government is evil and corrupt but be too apathetic to fix it
2.Be suspicious of canadians
3. hate war but wouldnt care if the whole middle east was nuked
4.think thailand is only for sex tourism
5.hate every president we have and when we have a new one miss the old one
6.Hate swagfags and hipsters but act just like them
7.go to florida for vacation every 2 years
8.hate southerners/hate yankees
9.think everyone south of your state is an inbred hillbilly
10.think that 1-9 are perfectly logical

1. Lie to yourself that your vote counts and our political system works well
2. Drive a japanese car to your shit job at dunk n donuts
3. Make yourself believe that one day you'll make it big and be rich
4. Get debnts for a useless college education
5. Only feel patriotic at big sporting events/during national crises
6. Otherwise distrust and stay closed off from other americans, since you have nothing in common
7. Think that your city/state sucks and wish to move somewhere else
8. Say that you are very multicultural and worldly because you have a black friend and eat at a vietnamese restaurant sometimes

1. glorify gangster rap culture
2. be brainwashed by the media
3. buy everything on credit
4. fake smiles all day
5. work like a dog with no vacation time
6. be totally ignorant to geopolitics, blindly support policies that actually fuck you over
7. get yelled at for only leaving a 10% tip
8. eat fast food for 1/3 of your meals
9. be fat
10. drive manual cars only

freddetastic Avatar

1. Eat steak at least 3 times a week, pretty much don't eat vegetables unless you HAVE to
2. Support only Texas in all sports
3. Hate every non Texan and city texans hate country, vice versa, north and south, east and west etc. etc.
4. Own at least one gun AMERICAN MADE
5. Own a pair of boots and a 10gal hat
6. Know how to hunt, fish, ride, ranch (or pretend you do all these things)
7. Be Republican but hate federal government
8. When in other states or abroad make sure everyone knows your a Texan and profess how it is soo much better than their state/best state in the US.
9. Hate liberals, hippies, homos, yankees, californians, niggers, mexicans...
10. Be a rampant xenophobe/jingoist

aiiaiiaii Avatar

1) have a flat in a city and a house in a village
2) drive a diesel WV passat in manual
3) admit that the country is going to shit but still be sure that neighbours are doing even worse
4) travel to Poland and Lithuania every weekend to buy sausages and diapers
5) smuggle cigarettes to Poland
6) be sure that you speak Belarusian perfectly but won't be able to say two words in row that are not distorted Russian (except 'charka i shkvarka')
7) have a higher education and a degree in any field but sell fruits or Turkish jeans at a bazaar or iphones on the internet
8) pay at least 1,5 time more than neighbors for everything but still trust the goverment
9) be afraid of police
10) ignore and avoid other Belarusians when abroad

1)Want to leave this asshole but can't do this for any reason
2)Drive WW Passat B3 disel or any other german old disel car
3)Hate politicans
4)Be intolerant
5)Go to Moscow to earn some money
6)Go to Poland or Lithuania to smuggle disel fuel and ciggaretes and buy clothes and electric goods
7)Hate the Police
8)Have a house in a village
9)But live in big city
10)Know thats you are doing shit, but don't change anything
11)Wear tracksuit
12)Complain on everthing
13)Hate murricans
14)Hate germans
15)Hate Europe and USA
16)Fap on european quality and democracy
17)But vote for Lykashenko

marshallchen_ Avatar

1) Hate yourself and everyone around you.
2) Especially Poles.
3) And Russians.
4) But not quite as much as Lithuanians.
5) Wallow in self-pity, do nothing about it.
6) Never share your problems. Proceed to kill yourself in 20 years.
7) Swear in Russia and Polish.
8) Hate your country except for when basketball's on.
9) Claim cepelinai are best, eat kebab daily.
10) Don't believe in God, go to church on holidays to make grandma happy.
11) Work abroad, spend holidays and money in your home country.
12) Pretend that menial work abroad makes you superior to everyone at home.

1. Be depressed
2. Only permitted topics of conversation are how things were better in the past, or about the ever-growing price of heating
3. Drive an old Audi
4. Hate Poles for no rational reason
5. Complain about drivers in other countries - have one of the highest traffic death rates in the entire EU
6. Forever long to return to nature, to be in nature, to live in nature
7. Get heatenings and angry being in any "city" with more than 50.000 people
8. Never use any kind of "chemicals" which could possibly be consumed, even completely non-toxic dishwashing liquid - it's better to eat from a greasy bacteria-laden plate.
9. Want to leave to UK, Ireland or Norway - then complain how you miss to be in Lithuania
10. Spend your holidays in Palanga even though a week-long holiday costs the same as to fly somewhere abroad. Then complain there are too many people and cook food at your guesthouse each day to save money.

mugukamil Avatar

Be relatively religious and go to church only when you feel guilty
Drink shitty national beer and play futbol shirtless with your neighborhood friends
Take every shady opportunity available to you
If you don't take from someone else when you can then you 're a pussy or a faggot
If you don't hate faggots and ridicule them or give them bad looks in the street then youre not a good Ecuadorian.
Make fun of the Indian lady selling potatos in the local market and be brown and Indian as fuck yourself
Stare at every ass you see on the street ajd if you're in a car beep at it.
Eat encebollado or ceviche after a night of drinking
Go to the beach during Holy Week and to the highlands during carnival
If you can't go anywhere during carnival, throw water, flour or water balloons full of piss at random people on the street
Have a shit load of friends so you can get a job.

saulihirvi Avatar

1. Laugh at Americans in terms of being fat, ignorant, racist, dumb or otherwise completely oblivious to what goes on beyond their borders - yet in most cases, be even worse
2. Be monolingual and complain when foreigners (especially Asians) can't speak English properly - yet speak almost entirely in colloquialisms while having a sub-par grasp on the English language themselves
3. Go on and on about trivial bullshit how people from X other state of Australia are so backward, weird or otherwise bogan - only because this is what is considered "foreign" for them.
4. Firmly believe that blind adherence to their ridiculous draconian nanny-state laws makes them 'orderly people'
5. Getting dressed up to go out for dinner or somewhere special = putting shoes on when you leave the house
6. Genuinely believe you live in 'god's country', when it's really a third world society existing in a first world country.
7. Pretend to be incompetent, act and dress casual everywhere, talk in basic English - anyone who does otherwise is a pretentious twat
8. Genuinely believe that everyone loves you when you're abroad because of your passport and degenerate accent
9. "Madcunts" are to be given the utmost respect and admiration
10. Become furiously buttfrustrated at any foreigners who try to point out their flaws, like above.

1. Own a Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon XR6 and have burnout competitions with your mates
2. Follow an AFL team passionately (Collingwood or Richmond maybe) and get drunk and fight at every match of theirs you go to
3. Exclusively drink Victoria Bitter, 4X Gold and Carlton Draught
4. Own an pitbull or have a tattoo that says "RIP all pitbulls"
5. Have a girlfriend/wife that dyed their hair peroxide blonde that looks like its going to fall out with very brown roots (she must also smoke, love AFL, wear a lot of makeup and have a whiny voice)
6. Have a "don't give a fuck" attitude to the point of yelling "cunt" in public and vomiting every time you get drunk
7. Hold down a job that is off the record and collect benefits despite having a job, or just leech off benefits by feigning a disability and finding your way to Centrelink every fortnight
8. Have a tattoo of the Southern Cross, the bigger the better
9. Carry a screwdriver or wrench and say you're a labourer so you can get away with walking around town at 3AM with a weapon
10. Last but not least, piss up at every pub, restaurant, bar and social club you can get into after blowing your money on the pokies and try to degrade every joint your tobacco-ridden, beer-smelling putrid breath touches.

m_kalibry Avatar

Have a moustache
Live with your parents at least until you're 30 but older is better
Be an underachiever
Heave high alcohol tolerance
Be extremely pessimistic at every possible field of life
Think that paprika is just as important as salt
Celebrate your name-day
Think that if you talk slowly, foreigners will understand you
Hate your neighbour countries and develop a superiority complex towards them
Find Polish people nice guys, even if you haven't met any in your entire life
Brag about how beautiful Budapest is
Brag about your history
Brag about basically anything that comes to mind
Find wine and pálinka the best things that ever came out of God's asshole

alagoon Avatar

1. Try to be polite, but as soon as you have one drop of alcohol, anything goes.
1a. Then buy the most disgusting food you can find.
2. Claim a dislike of France, but secretly love everything French.
3. Wish to preserve the native culture, but have an unending contempt for almost every aspect of the native culture.
4. Learn 4 phrases of a different language. Claim you can speak that language.
5. Try to make yourself seem more working class than you are.
6. Have no political interest apart from making fun of how politicians look.
7. Complain about the weather.
8. Play fifa in your spare time. It is far too rainy to play football, and if it isn't, it will be soon.
9. Get in debt from student loans because you're told everyone does this.
10. Have Facebook open at all times.

andyisonline Avatar

1) Be utterly ignorant.
2) No matter how less you achieve in life, always be very proud and brag about everything even if the car you've bought is shitty 10 years old beaten up mercedes - LOOK IT"S MERCEDES!!!
3) Be too lazy to leave this country, be too lazy to live a good life in it.
3a) You must move to Almaty or Astana, even if you'll lve there a miserable life - brag about it in your hometown
3b) If you couldn't move to Almaty - pretend that you've planned from the beginning to move to Astana, like it's awful climate and despise soft and laiback people from Almaty
4) Hate uzbeks.
5) Hate politicians, but vote for them anyway
6) Drive a gasoline in auto.
7) Only buy everything in bazaars - ofc it's not because it's cheaper, but because it's fresh and more natural and any other excuse that you make up from your ass
7a) Spend 2 hours in traffic jams to get to bazaar.
8) Claim you can speak English when in fact you can only say "what's your name" or "I come from Kazakhstan".
9) Honestly believe that foreigners know everything Kazakhstan and get butthurt when in reality they can't find it on a map and heard of it only because the Borat movie.
10) Be very butthurt about Saha Baron Coen and swear to Allah to kill him and all his family and friends

aiiaiiaii Avatar

1)Be loud
2)be proud of the country you grandparents came from because youre just desperate like that
3)hate mizrahim/hate ashkenazim
4)Ignore personal space
5)act like your the best country in the world with the smartest people etc...
6)think we are 100% descendants of ancient Judea
7)cant speak english,if can have annoying accent
8)go to the sea
9)go to eilat atleast once a year
10)be paranoid about war
11)have cousins in America

joeymurdah Avatar

1) Hate everything that comes from germany including germans with flaming passion.
2) If you are a man, drink at least eight beers without any problems.
3) Wear Trachten instead of suits.
4) Eat meat, meat and maybe meat with potatoes, if you have to eat something that don't comes from a living creature take kraut or roots in any form.
5) Be an alcoholic but take it easy.
6) Hate other bavarians who don't live near your village or in it (especially if they are from munich).
7) Speak dialect even if you could use the normal Hochdeutsch wich every german will understand without problems.
8) Don't speak another language besides czech, italian and french.
9) Tradition means everything, do like your grandpa did.
10) Everything that isn't agreed by your family is bad.
11) Worship Strauß.
12) Be catholic (and nothing else) as fuck, be involved someway in the church.
13) Marriage and having kids and a house are the most important in your life, obtain it as fast as possible even if it will fuck everything up.
14) Regardless to say: Gay marriage, divorce or anything that isn't conservative as fuck should be burned to ashes.

dmackerman Avatar

1. If in doubt, Russians are to blame.
2. Want into EU and do nothing to achieve european standards at anything.
3. The above phenomenon happens because of Russians.
4. Spend all your small salary on salo and vareniki.
5. And your salary is small because of Russians, obviously.
6. Speak Russian, but hate it.
7. Blame Russians for that.
8. Be a quality poster.
9. When you see an Ukrainian shitposter, declare that it's either a Russian under proxy, or some Russian magic trickery one way or another.

antonyryndya Avatar

11-everything that comes from the balkans is evil
12-everyone in the balkans is slav, even albanians and romanians (only save greeks)
13-honestly believe that people from sardinia have regular sex with sheeps
14-honestly believe that all foreigners love italy
15-hate croatians and muh Istria but go there anyway for summer holidays.
16-confuse Slovenia with Slovakia even thought tha thtey are our neighbours
16 Gamble a lot and complain about money
17 Do nothing to stop mafia
18 Blame foreigners for everything
19 Love Murica
20 Master knowledge of the internet:facebook and youtube

anass_hassouni Avatar

Meh, this only applies to the most bydlo bavarians of all. Not nearly as good as the 60 impressions.

gojeanyn Avatar

1. For startes, the correct is Netherlands and not Holland in Portuguese. Holland is only one region of the Netherlands where it comprises the two main cities of the country (Amsterdam and Rotterdam), and the language they speak here is Neerdelands (or Dutch). From now on, though I will use Holland to designate country and Language and People, as Netherlands is fucking ugly.

2. Like many European countries, the Netherlands has some regions with a culture very different from the general country. Frisia or Friesland has a differente language and culture from the Dutch like the Catalans in Spain are very proud of their origins.

3. Another interesting region is Volendam. It is a tourist town that is north of Amsterdam, but with a very closed community, known throughout the country as the largest producer of local musicians, footballers and consumption of drugs. Detail: this community has around 20,000 inhabitants.

4. I live in a town called Almere. This city was built in the middle of the sea literally. They landed everything in 20 years, and in the seventies began to build the city. Today Almere has 250,000 inhabitants, it never has big traffic and it's quiet living here.

5. In Holland, everyone rides a bike. There are bycicle paths everywhere and you can reach almost any city or place by bicycle, since the whole country is flat.

6. To get around in Amsterdam is better by bike. Beware, since the Dutch are a bit harsh on the handlebars.

7. Bicycle theft is also super common. The guys here are experts in the art of stealing, with chain, no chain, padlock. stuck on pole, etc.

8. There are bikes of any type, size and model. They have this different typical bike where in front where lay like a wooden chest, which they carry everything inside. It fits up to a 3 children... rain and shine, everybody is cycling.

9. The low cc motorcycles can ride in bike lanes and drivers do not need to use a helmet. You can identify these bikes for their blue plate. Typically, these bikes can not go beyond 30km/h, but there's always smart guys that modify the bike to pass the threshold. If they're caught, the fine is enormous.

kennyadr Avatar

10. Speaking of bikes, as we Brazilians love F1, they love Tour de France, Tour of Italy and gether at weekends to see the races, having a beer or doing a barbecue.

11. Public transport is well organized, and Amsterdam for example has an integrated network of trams, trains and metro.

12. Trains, as well as many other European countries, have no turnstile and nobody asks your ticket at the door. You simply buy a ticket and enter the train. Eventually the driver (who is also the charger) comes to check the passenger ticket. If your ticket is not correct or you do not have one in hand, you will get a fine - if I'm not mistaken - of 45 EUR (I don't know because I always bought the ticket)

13. The trains are punctual in general, but from time to time there are problems with the trains, due to the effects of climate change. If it rains a lot, stop up the trains, it is very hot, everything stops, too cold, you can expect that it will delay, windy, and more delays. At least many trains have free wifi, and are very comfortable, so the wait is not so bad.

14. Weather here is cold, very cold. What is most annoying is the lack of sunshine. Sometimes there are weeks in a row of cloudy days where the sun does not seem to exist. [Feels bad man]

15. Winter is rigorous, but not enough to temperatures of-20C, on the other hand the summer is not as hot, and the average is 25C

16. When the sun shines, it seems that everyone wants to enjoy the last trickle of light. Everyone leave for outside activities, go to parks, walk down the street, or simply leave home. Today I value more the sun too.

17. If you go to a sauna here, do not forget to take off your clothes, and not be embarrassed if you see men and women all naked, just enjoying good sweat.

18. In the Netherlands the typical dishes are Krokete, frikandel (a kind of sausage) and Herring a raw fish, eaten with chopped onion and pickles. But they also eat A LOT of fries with mayonnaise.

19. Chocolate sprinkles was invented here in the Netherlands and they are proud of it, but they are delighted when eating our brigadeiro.

20. There are some companies that sell snacks where you get literally from the wall. They put chessburger, chicken sandwich and various other snacks in a kind of "small window" where the customer gets food. You boot a coin of the value of snack that is around 2 Euros, get out the snack and eat it. A rather different self-service. [I saw a Brazilian opened a store like this in São Paulo, but I couldn't find it while I was there]

21. At lunch they eat bread and drink milk. Hardly you see a typical Dutch eating hot food at lunchtime. There's even some who eat bread and butter with chocolate sprinkles. Such cases

22. Here almost everyone speaks English, including public bodies. This makes it even harder to learn the language, since once they realize you're not Dutch, they will switch to English, even if you are trying to learn their language.

23. They are super friendly and open to all cultures, religious beliefs and political opinions. Do not feel uncomfortable to talk about any of these topics, as long as there is respect.

24. They're very interested in the culture of other countries, and they like Brazil. They're always asking how it is to live in Brazil and why we chose to Holland to live in.

25. Making friends here is not complicated. They are very receptive. The tricky thing is to accompany them in chats. They're well educated and always try to speak English with you or talk to them in English. But once the topic switched to Dutch, no longer possible to follow.

26. Overall they are straightforward when they mean something to you. They don't get the Brazilian way of saying "no" with a "maybe I will" or "may be, who knows". For them, things are very clear: it either ends with "yes" or "no".

27. To schedule a working lunch gets to be funny. Everything has to be scheduled and checked the calendar of meetings. Unsolicited proposals, no way, everything gotta be planned. [Ordnung muss sein!]

ademilter Avatar

39. Ajax is known to be the team of the Jews. All games they stand up the Israeli flag in the stands.

40. In Amsterdam you can not use drugs in the streets. Actually, all over the Netherlands. Only in the famous coffee shops. Last year introduced up a law where only residents in the Netherlands could buy drugs. The government wants to try to encourage cultural tourism in the country. Amsterdam has not yet joined the law.

41. Also in Amsterdam you can buy all kinds of products variants of marijuana, and everything is exposed in stores while you stroll through the city.

42. The famous "red light district", is right in the center of Amsterdam. Even if you're together with someone, they invite you to enter. Only be careful not to take pictures of them, because you'll be in some serious problem and may even call the police.

43. Not only half-naked women you will find the red light district, but also all kinds of sex shops, sex museum and theater with live sex shows.

44. The alcohol consuming age is 16 years.

45. I personally have never seen, but I heard that in the red light districtthere are some houses that have a light blue instead of red. These blue lights contain women who are not exactly women. :DDDD

46. People are high. VERY high, including women. Most are blonde and blue-eyed. [He actually meant tall, but Google Translate realised how everyone smokes marijuana X--DDD Ebun jokes]

47. The "african descent" Dutch majority are from Suriname, a country that was Dutch colony for many years and speak Dutch.

48. Other ethnic groups you will find here are often Filipinos, Indonesians and Moors of all parts.

49. In the great majority, the Dutch are not very religious, many even consider themselves atheists. Bbetween Amsterdam and Rotterdam, you will see few churches. In the nearest part of Germany there's a greater religiosity.

50. Working here is very different from Brazil. Many companies have "flexible hours", ie you can enter and exit the labor time it wants. Besides being able to work from home often. [Check your labor privilege]

51. Today is also the common super couple work. Companies open the possibility that you only work four days a week, so one parent can stay with the child two days a week, plus the weekend.

ninjad3m0 Avatar

52. Taxes on wages here are very high, reaching 55%. If you're a skilled workforce with a college degree, MBA and speak more than one language, the possibility to apply for the 30% tax ruling, which means you will pay no more than 30% of taxes regardless of your salary . One great advantage to a country full of taxes.

53. Government gives an allowance for each child you have. They deposit in your account around 200 EUR every 3 months for the first child. For other children this amount gradually decreases.

54. Government also helps students who want to get out of their parents' house and live near the university and pay part of the rent.

55. The Dutch love a party and lots of beer. It's super cute to see national holidays, all dressed in orange and / or with their faces painted in the colors of the flag of the Netherlands.

56. The school summer holidays are different in each region in the Netherlands. One starts in June, another in July, etc.. This is to prevent large flow of people coming out during vacations.

57. Likewise we have jokes about the Portuguese in Brazil, they have about Belgians.

58. Everything is paid with "pin card" or debit card. I've been through four months without any money in my wallet, paying up to 0.5 cents purchases on the card. There is an incentive to use the card pin everywhere.

59. In the New Year, I've never seen/heard so many fireworks in my life. It seemed that the third world war had just burst. The amazing thing is that the law of the Netherlands does not allow fireworks before or after the new year ve, only between 10:00 of day 31 until 2:00 a.m. the morning of day 1, and everyone stop at 02:00 to burst the fireworks and firecrackers.

60. Buying a home is easy here in Holland. The banks give up to 105% of the credit value of your home. (Before the crisis they lent up to 110%).

61. It is common to go to a bar or restaurant and split the bill with friends or girlfriends. Women like to be treated all as equals with men. [Le cultural marxism]

62. The best time to travel here is between April and May, August September. June and July rains a lot and the other months are cold.

63. If you want to come to see the tulips, set your trip between April and May, since Keukenhof is open only on these dates.

gretacastellana Avatar

1. Russia is a multicultural and multiethnic federation, with hundreds of people, being the Russian Slav only one of those ethnicities (and most populous).

2. "Russian" in Russian language has two names. "Russkiy", is Russian Slavic, relative of the Polish, Ukrainian, etc.. and "Rossiyanin" is the Russian citizen of any other ethnicity, as the Chechens, for example.

3. Theoretically a "russkiy" is also "rossiyanin", but in practice the former, in large part, hate the latter. The overt racism in Russia is mainly directed at people from the south, as Chechens and Dagestani and may extend to other peoples of the former USSR, like Tajiks and Azeris (see more about this here: Interestingly, blacks, because they are few, are not frowned upon, and they're even exotic, although there is a ridiculous amount of skinheads and neo-Nazis (ironically it was the USSR that destroyed Nazi Germany, its biggest enemy) that also attack blacks and Asians.

4. Such ethnic conflicts are more common in large cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg - where people from all over Russia and former USSR goes in search of work and better living conditions. Was the case with my wife's family, who immigrated from neighboring Belarusian to Moscow, fleeing the economic crisis and the dictatorship of Lukashenka.

5. In Moscow everything is very expensive, and the pay is not necessarily good, so to stay, you have to work hard. Only the rent of the apartment where we lived, with one bedroom and one living room in the suburbs, was 1,000 dollars per month. No wonder that many people who have apartments in Moscow, rent it out and go to live in Indonesia, for example.

6. In the interior, the cost of living is much lower and people are less stressed and more gentle.

7. Traveling the country is relatively cheap. The trains are very efficient and comfortable for all tastes and pockets. Travels like Moscow-St. Petersburg can cost 15 to 350 dollars each way.

8. Despite its huge size, Russia is quite homogeneous - legacy of the Soviet era, where it was standardized everything, including the language, which has almost no regional accents, except in rural areas or speakers of Russian as a second language. A person of Kaliningrad, bordering Poland, talks just like a person from Vladivostok, close to Japan. The residential buildings are almost all identical, because the Soviets believed it would be easier to copy the same model for all cities, large-scale.

9. The bilingualism is strong in certain regions of Russia, as in Tatarstan, where virtually everything is written in Russian and Tatar. However, unfortunately, many other languages are in danger of extinction, such as the Karelian spoken in Karelia, the territory that was part of Finland.

10. Russia is divided into several types of federal units, depending on their autonomy. There are republics, where there is a concentration of people who speak their own languages and profess their own religion as Muslim Tatarstan, which ruled Russia for centuries, the Kalmyk Buddhist and animist North Ossetia. Then comes the "oblast", which resemble our concept of state, "krai" which literally means "limit" form historical borders of Russia, the "okrug" that can be autonomous or not, and the federal districts Moscow and St. Petersburg, the former being the imperial capital.

11. There is a rift between Moscow and Piter (as the Russians usually call St. Petersburg) similar to that between Rio and São Paulo, especially in cultural and political topics. Most Russians like more Piter than Moscow, perhaps because of the stereotype that Muscovites to consider themselves superior to the "rest" of Russia. Interestingly, it is rare to find someone living in Moscow who really is from Moscow.

12. Although alcoholism is a serious problem in Russian society, there are many Russians who do not drink. It is forbidden to drink in the street and it's forbidden with the sale of alcoholic beverages after 23h. Even the sale of hospitalar alcohol is prohibited, being necessary to bring a prescription to buy a 100ml bottle. By having access to hospitalar alcohol, it's very common to see doctors that are alcoholics.

fluidbrush Avatar

13. In Russia there is the culture of the small bar, as in Brazil. There are very very few taverns and they're expensive, so it is very common to see people drinking on the door of the grocery stores, on street corners, in parks or in "pod'iezd" - space that goes from the entrance to the common areas of the buildings, always with an eye on police that they appear, asks for bribes. Ironically, vodka is a common currency of bribery.

14. Many of these people drinking in the street, hidden, are called gôpniki, the acronym for "Shelter State of the Proletariat" (GOP, in Russian), originally located in St. Petersburg, in the time of revolution, a kind of Russian City of God [he's making reference to City of God neighborhood, the same from the Brazilian movie with the same name]. The young gôpniki are usually seen squatting in corners of buildings and playgrounds, eating sunflower seeds, using fake versions of sportswear from Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc., and often with a black eye or other signs of fighting for the body. They usually ask "borrow" your phone, cap or any other object of value, and can be dangerous.

15. Other dangerous types are the football ultras, that are almost always neo-Nazis and hate Russian ethnic minorities and foreigners with non-European looks. However, they love Brazilians, so if you're with a group of neo-Nazis, just say “iá iz Brazílii” (I'm from Brasil) that quickly they'll smile and ask you to drink beer and watch a match of Zenit (St. Pburg team), Spartak (from Moscou) or any. Military are generally as stupid as they are, especially the aeronautic paratroopers, which celebrate their day, 2nd of august, swimming in street fountains, drinking vodka, looking for some "tchurka" or "ratch", as they call migrants from Caucasus and Central Asia respectivelly, to beat.

18. The Russian service is one of the worst I've ever seen, especially in big cities. This is due perhaps to the fact that the Soviet economy was very uncompetitive and officials didn't bother to serve you better because the salary came from the state in any way. In other words, in practice was an enormous public office. Additionally, the large amount of people with college degrees (illiteracy is nonexistent in Russia), a number that does not correspond to the needs of the labor market and generates frustrated and dissatisfied by professionals working in an area that does not match their training, like engineers working as waiters or physicians working as vendors. With the arrival of capitalism, however, the service is still bad but now is a lot more expensive.

19. Corruption is a very serious problem, even more than in Brazil. The bureaucracy in Russia gets to be worse than in Brazil, which almost institutionalized bribery and tax evasion at all levels.

20. Russians have two passports, one domestic, mandatory for all, and for foreign travel, optional.

21. In domestic passport is located "propiska" (read "prapiska"). It consists of a record of where the person lives. Any change you make it should be duly registered by the authorities. No propiska, the citizen is at risk of being illegal within their own country. Example: if you have propiska in Novosibirsk but lives in Moscow, you risk not being able to work, study or receive medical care there.

22. For stays longer than 3 days in any city in Russia it is necessary to make a record, indicating their data, where you are staying and the data of the host, which must have propiska site. It is common to see police documents asking the people they think do not look local (mostly the Caucasus and Central Asia) to see if they they are on the registry in order. It is very common fake it too, there clandestine companies specialized in this.

23. The climate in Russia in general is extreme: very hot summers and very cold winters. I got 40 degrees above zero to 40 degrees below zero. The seasons are well defined, which is reflected in the clothes, which vary with the season not only for the sake of fashion, as in most of Brazil, but by necessity.

24. There is a huge variety of words in Russian for cold and cool clothes.

25. Russia is a country rich in natural resources such as oil and gas, being a major exporter of gas to European countries. The home heating is very good, being able to sleep at home in his underwear while making 40 degrees below zero in the street.

stuartlcrawford Avatar

26. It is very common to tea, especially in winter. There is a huge variety of flavors and even after returning to Brazil I continue with the habit of drinking tea daily. [Le cultural enrichment]

27. Russians are very superstitious, especially when it comes to money. They believe that you can not whistle indoors, because it makes lose money. The same to give money in the hands of another person; you should leave the amount somewhere so that the person take (the same is done by giving bribes. Coincidence?). In supermarkets it is clearly visible, the cashier will not give you cash in hand, having a plastic tray specific to it. See a black cat or pass beneath stairs and breaking a mirror are also signs of bad luck there.

28. It's ugly shake hands with someone wearing glove, however cold it is. Also should leave the shoe in the driveway, where there is a cubicle made for it, which also leave their winter clothes. One should never greet someone in stop driveway. According to belief, the entrance is where the family's ancestors live. When setting foot outside the house and have to go back for some reason, you need to look in the mirror, otherwise it gives bad luck. When traveling, before leaving home, it is customary to sit a bit, with the baggage, for good luck. It really helps to remind yourself of something that is missing.

29. Contrary to what many think, Russians almost never say "nazadorovie" while drinking vodka. They toast each time for something different, in general, starting with the meeting after by relatives, by love, and so on. It is considered impolite not to accept at least a sip.

30. The Russian cuisine is full of dishes from many different backgrounds. When visiting any Russian family, it is very likely that you are offered, along with the vodka (because Russians never drink without appetizer) salad of various types and flavors, often very hot, "buterbrod" black bread slices with salami, cheese, pickles, or something, and even caviar, usually red, because it's cheaper. It is also very common piel'miêni, a sort of Russian ravioli, soups like borsch, a soup based Ukrainian beet, also very famous with the recipe varies according to each family. Indeed, it is very common to take soup for lunch, it is very common to put a cream tart called "smietana", which lies everywhere. Baked Potato with meatballs is also very common, especially in student residences. On the street what more you eat is "chaurmá", a kind of Greek BBQ of Asian origin, and "tcheburiêk", identical to our pastel. The Russian portions are generally small compared to ours, and they do not like to mix food on your plate: they eat everything separately.

31. Bus/tram collectors are almost always women. And they suffer very much, because the buses from there almost never have turnstiles: all passengers enter at once and time poor woman, who obviously is always grumpy, have to run after the passengers to ask them to pay the ticket. When you pay they give you a note with a number, usually six digits. When the sum of the first 3 is equal to the sum of the last 3 (eg from "151322" 1+1+5=7 and 3+2+2=7, that is, the two sums are equal to "7"), this short note is considered "lucky" (Schastlivy biliet), you should eat and make a wish.

32. Public transportation in Russia, heritage of socialism where private car was luxury, is very efficient, with bus lines, vans (legalized), trams, and if the city is large, underground. The waiting time at the point is minimum, and all of them (except vans) have beep and heating, all designed thinking of the harsh conditions of winter, where it freezes the windows and makes waiting at the bus stop an ordeal.

betraydan Avatar

33. The secret of the Russian beauty is makeup. Russian women are very vain and almost never dare leave the house without makeup first, wherever they go. Always try to dress well and care about the appearance. The standard of beauty is anorexic, being a very serious insult to tell a Russian that she has a great butt, which is the same as calling her fat. The slutty girls do not care about the cold, coming out in a short skirt and high heels with temperatures of 40 degrees below zero and snow everywhere. All this concern usually has one goal: to find a rich husband. Russian women marry very early, compared to the Brazilian, who often do not even marry, and usually with some guy who can sponsor them.

34. Russians are generally cold with strangers, especially in public spaces. The Russian, who often wear pounds of makeup and walk dressed as if they were at the Oscars, almost walk around with ugly face unless you have a BMW or a Mercedes, preferably with an iPhone 5 in hand. After the first contact, they tend to open up more, and then you can make great friends.

35. Russians in general are Puritans: they have no equivalent to "slutty girl" [what the author meant to say is lost with translation] or "stay with someone" [something like person you just met and kissed/fugged (mostly just kissed)] and they act as if these things did not exist there. Bullshit! Russia has a lot of slutty girls, who stay with a lot of people in nightclubs. Russians also find it very ugly swearing, especially in front of women in Russian but there is a whole sub-language only expletives, called "mat". Mat is based on 3-root words, which were "rui" (Cock), "pizda" (pussy) and "iebat '" (fuck), which, through affixes can generate a multitude of profanity imaginable with the most diverse meanings, and even the most angelic girl you meet will know most of them.

36. Due to the old Julian calendar, some Russian calendar holidays are celebrated on different dates from ours, or even more than once, one in the current Gregorian calendar, and another in the old Julian calendar, like the new year and the new old year, celebrated the night of the 13th to 14th January. For the same reason Christmas is celebrated January 7, and December 25 is a day like any other. Easter is also celebrated after the Catholic Easter. The biggest Russian holiday is New Year, which blends features of our home. As in the Soviet Union religions were banned, the Christmas tree became New Year's tree and Santa Claus is old Ded Moroz (something like "old Grandpa" in Russian) who brings gifts on New Year's Eve. The 10 days of the new year is a mega-holiday weekend when almost nobody works and everybody gets drunk vodka and eating salad at home. It is also a very cold time of year, the Sun appears very little. Due to the large number of time zones in Russia, it is common to celebrate the new year on timezone where you are, plus the Moscow one (and the biggest drunkars even celebrate the other regions').

37. Marriage is a huge industry in Russia, especially in Moscow, where nearly every day you can see limousines passing with newlyweds yelling to every corner (especially the bride, often drunk) going to celebrate at some expensive restaurant. The tradition is similar to ours, but marriages in the church are rare, under the influence of recent Soviet past, which was prohibited to get married in the church. As a church wedding is considered something more serious (and something done only by the most religious couples), some married couple some years after the civil marriage perform a kind of "second marriage". Registries do this role well, however, civil marriage ceremony is much more pompous than in Brazilian registry offices.

38. The notion of "democracy" in Russia is quite different from ours. There are no elections for mayor or governor, they being appointed by the president, without mandate set. Just to give you an idea, Yuri Luzhkov, mayor of Moscow for 18 consecutive years, but stepped down because quarreled with then President Medvedev. Practically there are only elections for president and prime minister, and then seen, Putin runs the country for more than a decade, making switcheroo with Medvedev.

39. If you plan to travel to Russia, it is good to learn at least the Cyrillic alphabet, because there is difficult to find someone who speaks English or see signs with English translation or transcription to Latin alphabet, at least.

haydn_woods Avatar

40. It is very common to see higher prices for foreigners, especially in museums and theaters. In contrast, most of these places have student discounts, simply present your student ID, it can be the Brazilian one.
41. In orthodox temples, Islamic or Buddhist almost always admission is free but is forbidden to photograph (in fact, it seems that everything is forbidden in Russia, but everyone does anyway). In order to enter the orthodox temples, men should take away the hat or something that cover their head, and women have to wear skirts and cover their hair. If you are a woman and are wearing pants (small shorts don't even think!), it is possible that you can get a scarf at the entrance of the church (especially if it has a convent attached) to wrap around the waist, making an improvised skirt. If you are menstruating, which to them is a sign of impurity, it is better to go away then. Orthodox churches generally have a circular nave without banks and paintings of saints rather than sculptures. The majority of Russian tsars and emperors are saints today, no matter if they have committed the worst atrocities during their reigns.

42. If in Brazil seem to lack infrastructure for disabled people in Russia is much worse. They pretty much ignore people with special needs, it is difficult to find ramps, beeps, and frankly, I do not remember seeing tactile tours or braille anywhere there. The memorial of the Battle of Stalingrad (among other memorials and sights Russians), which was the biggest battle in the history of mankind, in the current Volgograd is a blatant example. I could not imagine the soldiers maimed or crippled after the war could do to climb the endless stairs leading to the main hall, followed by the monumental 85m high statue of the Motherland.

43. Speaking of army, conscription is not only mandatory but it also lasts 2 years. If someone is exempted this year, he still should go back to be exempted again, until he's reach 27 years. Serving the Russian army is the biggest nightmare in the minds of young Russians who do everything not to enlist. To be exempt, they try to stretch their studies as much as possible, doing undergraduate, master's and even doctorate not to go to barracks, or simply have children, which ensures three years without serving the army, by each son. Other wealthier pay fortunes to not be called while the poorest take large doses of caffeine and run up and down stairs, to raise the pressure and fail the medical examination. Some, amazingly, are able to cut off a finger, or to pretend to be faggots, who are not admitted to the army.

44. Incidentally, if here in Brazil we complain about homophobia, in Russia it's zero tolerance. Gay parade is prohibited by law and the few gay activists who try to make it take beatings from both the police and civilians. Recently, in St. Petersburg, considered the cultural capital of Russia passed a law criminalizing "homosexual propaganda", ie, the simple fact of saying in public, "I'm gay" is a crime. Well, if you say it in Portuguese, you may not go to jail...

thomweerd Avatar

45. Another feature of Russian society is machismo. Since childhood, in schools, boys learn carpentry and mechanics while girls learn to cook and sew. Girls are oriented since young to dress and look pretty for men and should obey them, while guys can do whatever they want. Men almost never help in the household and are very jealous. At least, because maybe the coldness of the Russian man, they do not flirt with or whistle to women on the street, something so common in Brazil.

46. Economically speaking, the Russian society is more egalitarian than the Brazilian, not noticing a difference as large as ours between rich and poor. There is far less poverty and beggars, because it is impossible to live on the street with the harsh Russian winter. In contrast, there is a great concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, and Moscow is the city with the largest number of billionaires in the world.

47. Most Russians have been, is or will be any time in life in the Crimea, a resort in the south of Ukraine. Popular tourist destinations are also Turkey and Egypt, which are flooded with drunkard Russian tourists. For those who have more money, Thailand and Indonesia are the popular holiday destinations.

48. All Russian worth his salt has a vk (short for vkontakte "emcontato" [sic], in Russian), a kind of Russophone facebook with a great system for sharing music and video, which, by the way, is getting popular among Brazilians, and/or livejournal, a type of blog and social network.

49. Russians love adorning titles of professions. If you are offered a job opening as a "promoter", do not think you will organize mega events, or work in a large company, but handing out flyers on the street, or if you call to be "manager in landschaft" (jumble of English for "manager" and German for "landscape"), don't think you'll be head of any executive department. Bullshit, it means "janitor".

50. Russians generally know very little about Brazil, only basic stuff: carnival, football, beaches, and apparently our biggest exports there: coffee, beef and telenovelas, which by the way are not aired more on TV. The most famous were Slave Isaura and O Clone, whose characters still inhabit the minds of many. However, when I speak to them that Brazil is the 7th largest economy in the world, 5th most populous country and 5th largest country by territory (4th largest in continuous area), they are amazed and think that I I'm telling them fib. For some reason they think most Brazilians (or all, whatever) are black, and do not believe that a white or Asian may be Brazilian, although they watched our soap operas, where a Black is like a fly in milk. They also have no idea what language we speak, being the most common guess "Brazilian" followed by Spanish.

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>7. It is common to take a gift, even if symbolic, for each member of the house when visiting someone;

never heard of that

>8. But this regularity also has its downside. If something goes outside the standard, the Germans are somewhat lost and do not know what to do. Try asking Apfelsaft (apple juice) and in the menu only has Apfelschorle (apple juice mixed with carbonated water), they will tell you they don't have it available, and you have to explain all they need to do is avoid putting the carbonated water in the apple juice, but they will keep saying they don't have it;

because Apfelschorle is bought in a bottle, readily mixed.

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>Autobahn (highway)
All tracks technically have the same speed limit. But since the left tracks are the ones used to overtake the vehicles on the right tracks it's only a logical consequence that the slower cars settle to the right and middle lane, whereas the faster ones use the left and middle tracks. If there aren't any other cars to pass by you're supposed to use the right track.

It's a thing people rather do when they're around 40. Like a couple visting another couple and bringing a wine bottle as a gift for instance.

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>5. Punctuality is also a strong point. If someone sets up a meeting at 18h21 and the person does not come a minute earlier or a minute later and if something unforeseen happens she knows you probably have a cell phone and it can certainly be informed of the delay;

about 5 minutes are ususally acceptable if you have to travel long way or something.

>8. Try asking Apfelsaft (apple juice) and in the menu only has Apfelschorle (apple juice mixed with carbonated water), they will tell you they don't have it available, and you have to explain all they need to do is avoid putting the carbonated water in the apple juice, but they will keep saying they don't have it;

Many restaurants will have bottled beverages, and Apfelschorle is a common bottled refreshment in germany. So they might not have pure apple juice, otherwise most restaurants will be pleased to accommodate you. Ususally, restaurants here are quite flexible and will accept if you ask them to leave something away or add something they have around.

>9. Public transportation beyond the limits of reach. You can go by train to any city and any country around Germany for cheaper prices than a domestic flight, but depending on the route it takes double the time;

There is an annoying 4hr gap at night with zero trains going, busses ususally stop driving about 4hrs before trains, so 8hrs bus gap. Also, its expensive even for german salary standards, expecially single trip tickets between two citys can quickly go up to 100 euros and more.

>33. The Germans do not understand joke. Not that they don't have a sense of humor, but they take it seriously, even if it is funny, and make predictions about it. For example, if you look at a Porsche and say "ah, I wish I would have one", the German will have to ask how much you earn, will do the calculations, taking into account your monthly expenses, and give you an estimate on how long you take to get that specific model (later he will send you some quotations for new and old cars of that model he found on the internet);

That ... can happen. Must not always.

50. There is no 10% service taxes in bars and restaurants. The customer is the one who should give tip according to the service and if not well attended (something very rare, but it happens) it's totally acceptable and correct not to tip at all;

>There should be a good reason, like really bad service. Expecially if you plan to come back or are out with friends.

53. The people in the queue starts complaining, not whining and grumbling life to one another, but going to the open cashier or manager and DEMANDING that another cashier is open, with the risk of dropping purchases right there and go to the establishment nearby selling the same thing;

Never experienced that. Never. Average German loves to complain and will do so for hours before he does that.

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