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Hi Bernd,
I want to make a tour through pic related with my pic related. I have three weeks time, starting probaby may 25th or 26th, which is the weekend after this.
I had originally planned to make this trip with my bike (big enduro), but due to a problem with the gearbox I cant get it repaired in time. So I bought this Toyota Mr2 because such a little thing wont stop my holiday, and because I wanted one since five years ago. The car looks admittedly terrible in the picture, because the previous owner did a bad job of fixing rust spots (something I will have to do in the winter), but it is in good technical condition and has been prepared for the trip by me. I also am a premium member of the german Auto-club ADAC, so even if the car breaks down I can play it cool.
The route in the picture is just a rough sketch and will be refined over the next week, but mostly I will spontaneously decide where to go next.
In general I want to visit places I know from the motorcycle travel magazines I read (bordeaux, andalusia, north spain, west france)and integrate some of the tours in my overall route. So the main thing I want to do is driving around nice curvy roads with nice scenery, visiting some places I know from the internet (maybe camino del rey or cuenca (that town from sora no wo to) in spain. Stopping at a nice beach without too much tourism and commerce and staying there for one- two nights is also an option, as well as visiting some interesting cities and staying there for a night or two.

So why did I make this thread?
The car is a two-seater an the person I wanted to take with me can only get one week of holiday which isnt nearly enough for a proper trip. So I have a vacant seat and wanted to know if anyone is interested in coming along with me. I live in Hannover, germany, but I am willing to take a little detour to pick someone up on the way. Of course you could also come to me by train, or park your car here. Your social status, age, country of origin, race and gender dont matter to me, but at least speak english or german.
I have no special conditons, but you should at least:
-Be able to cover half of the gas and your other expenses. The car takes less then eight liters when driven at constant 120 km/h with one person, but with two, some luggage and a sometimes spirited driving style it will probably be around nine to ten. The nights can be spent in tents in the wilderness or on campingsites (I have a spare one if you dont own or wanna buy one), in hostels, hotels or wherever we can get a bed (or two). I never tried couchsurfing, but maybe you know the drill. A small sleeping bag is recommended. Please dont look at every penny you spend, traveling by vehicle and staying somewhere without booking before can get expensive, but I will generally try to keep cost low. Expect 400€- 500€ fuel cost per person. The trip in the map is about 6700 km long, but I think 8000 - 9000 is more realistic.
-Not weigh 150 kilo, because I dont drive a bus. I am not small or skinny myself, but neither the cars seats not the allowed payload are very big. You height is no problem, as long as you are not 2m tall. Combined trunk space is 210 Liters, which is not much, but still more than that of two fully equipped motorbikes.

Its no condition, but it would be nice if you speak french or spanish, because je ne parlez vous francais is all I kept from my education. But I usually get along in countries whose language I dont speak, since my english is fluent and I can speak german very loud.
I turned 30 years old last week and am male by the way. If you are m or f doesnt matter to me as long as you dont go homosex on me.

Also, feel free to give me any recommendations, like nice places to stay, look at or celebrate, it would be appreciated.

If anybody is interested, feel free to leave a text or email-address here or google the image of the car, which is also on my faceborg-account. I actually dont know if google finds facebook pictures, but bernd will surely find a way.

I posted this thread here first, but it could appear on 4chans trv over the weekend, if I am not successful here. If you know any websites that help people find travel mates that are widely used, please give me a link. I looked at some, but somehow I couldnt find any german-based with more that 50 active members.

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murcia/spain is most beautiful.
i did that exactly tour with a band

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