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kosmar Avatar

Ever been to any of these countries? Tell exberiences.

mattsapii Avatar

I've been in Bhutan 2 years before.
Its just expensive to get there but not inaccessible as is told.

The visit is only allowed with a Bhutanese tourist guide.
I've been a week there in the Timphu, Punkha, Paro area, its well organized for tourists and i saw a lot of tourist there.

bighanddesign Avatar

I was stuck in Nauru due to immigration, but now I am a full Australian citizen. I must say its not a nice place, its a massive jail run by Polynesians for the Australians built on the equator.

jjshaw14 Avatar

Why did they paint a gigantic cock on their house?

buleswapnil Avatar

As symbol of fertility,
and that the woman are not shy about sex.

keremk Avatar

Penises in such a religious country? Well, even strictly religious people need penises to impregnate each other. Besides, the symbols of erect penises are intended to drive away "the evil eye and malicious gossip," and it isn't a buddhist symbol, but one of Bön, an old and unorthodox religion.

source: OP's link.

cheezonbread Avatar

I'm surprised about Russia. It was easier for me to get in there than to the USA. Although my trip to US was in 2005, probably during the height of operation a-racky freedum.

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