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ITT: anything related to amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, carnivals, roller coasters, roadside attractions, and amusement industry news from around the world.

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So you can trip balls while watching the nighttime fireworks?

Actually, it's interesting that you said narcotics, because drugs and alcohol are a big reason why amusement parks really took off in popularity during the Victorian Era: vices like drinking became frowned upon and other forms of entertainment were desired. Also, riding an amusement ride was one of the few opportunities for a man and a woman to grab hold of each other in public without being scolded.

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I went to Cedar Point in Ohio last weekend and I took some amusing photos.

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is it the bestest park in the world?

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It could be the best conventional, non-themed amusement park in the world and is definitely one of the biggest. It routinely breaks various types of world records related to roller coaster stats, total number of rides in one park, and so forth.

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If someone wanted to visit an amusement park in your country and asked you which park best embodies the spirit of your country, which park would it be?

For the USA, I believe the choice is Dollywood in Tennessee.

Beautiful mountain valley setting + legit roller coasters + classic American steam train + awesome Southern-style food + daily country music and blue grass performances = win. Also, I have never been there during Christmastime, but they supposedly have the best Christmas setup out of all the major theme parks on Earth, and even have Christian sermons in the small church inside the park during this time.

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Here is an attempt I've made to grade locations with roller coasters, steam railroads, and classic carousels using objective data sets to see which places are the best. Typical weather conditions are also taken into account. There are 592 locations in the USA and Canada on the list. I'd add other countries, but it's difficult to get all the data necessary to compile the scores for every country, especially if the country is impoverished or non-English-speaking.

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If I had European parks on that list, I am certain Europa-Park in Rust would be the top-scoring German park. The #1 spot on the continent would probably be a fight between Europa-Park, Disneyland Paris, Efteling in the Netherlands, and PortAventura in Spain.

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Top autism, I r8 gr8 m8 <3

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I was able to gather enough data to include additional countries in the Anglopshere (UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand) in addition to the USA and Canada on this ranking list. There are now 870 separate locations ranked and the PivotTable is attached.

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Here's a new website dedicated to amusement park habbeningz:

It's presently in a soft launch state and anyone can become a member now to post in the forums.

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