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/trv/ 2010: Incredible India

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Sup /trv/?!

I will move to the south of India soon. I will stay for some time so can anyone suggest me some must see spots? I am thinking about the Tajmahal, Mumbai and...??

Feel free to give me some input. Thanks!

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Taj Mahal is in the north m8. If you are in the Deccan/South i suggest seeing Charminar sometime, the tomb of Tipu Sultan and relaxing at the beaches of Goa. Also the south of india is very modern and clean compared to the north. You must never visit the city of Hyderabad without trying their biryani, their have their own famous version that is heavenly.

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First of all: Thank you so far!

I will try to at least see the Himalaya from the distance. If I have time I will try to get a lil closer.
Taj Mahal is a must see. I will definitely fly there. I will stay in Bangalore. I will try Goa for sure. Need to check out the rest.
Varanasi could be interesting. Darjeeling would be nice since its near the Himalaya. Sarnath...would be nice too.

My problem is that my time during the week is a bit limited. I will stay 5-7month but will be working during the week so I can only travel at the weekends and holidays. I will keep u guys up to date.

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Kodagu/Coorg - cool natural areas
Kochi/Cochin - quite cool historically, there was a temple to Caesar Augustus here, st. Thomas was supposed to have come here. If you are interested, read about the ancient port of Muziris.

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I've lived in India for a few years. Is this thread still alive, OP?

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