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/trv/ 2029: Destinations for poor people

alexcican Avatar

My buddy and I want to go somewhere interesting during the winter holidays, problem is: Neither of us has much money. So i figured, instead of skiing we could just visit some cool places - cities or nature or both doesn't really matter.

What would you suggest? There are so many good options, but the hard part will be finding a really great destination.

Also, is camping in european winter doable, or should we stick to sleeping in houses?

smaczny Avatar

Where are you at roughly and what do you plan on spending?
You could even combine skiing, nature and a cozy city by going to the Black Forest (nature), visiting the Feldberg there (skiing) and checking out Freiburg (city). Just an idea.

cat_audi Avatar

Ha, Freiburg is just around the corner.

We were looking for something more... different than good ol' Germany.

subtik Avatar

Poor vacation for poor people, deal with it.

nateschulte Avatar

>different than good ol' Germany
Ok then, but how much money do you have to spend?

shesgared Avatar

Depends, I guess not more than 300, rather half of that.

curiousonaut Avatar

Well, a weekend trip with hostel stay should be possible then. Or you could try couch surfing. Maybe go to Northern Germany via Fernbus or Mitfahrgelegenheit and from there to the Netherlands or Denmark.

Otherwise I'd suggest Prague or a destination in France.

puzik Avatar

Prague sounds good, France might be a better country for the summer, no?

p_kosov Avatar

take a trip to prague or eastern european cities in general

joshclark17 Avatar

Depends what you're going for. Obviosuly Paris is winter compatible, I guess Massif central might be interesting during winter as well? Also Lyon.

cbracco Avatar

Well, I guess since eastern Europe is generally cheaper than the west, Prague still wins :3

tomgreever Avatar

Come to Slovenia, we need your monies.

roybarberuk Avatar

Does Germany have national parks? If so, I say go winter camping and snowshoeing or cross country skiing in them. It's a cheap and viable form of entertainment, so long as you don't kill yourselves with the cold and bring the proper items for survival.

dmackerman Avatar

Wild camping is illegal here.

chris_frees Avatar

If you like skiing, you should go to Hohe Tatra in Slovakia. Its noice and affordable.

rcass Avatar

20 NG per day

dutchnadia Avatar

Kärnten or Carinthia
They have nice towns, good tourism services and a cheap purchasing power since not main tourist region of winter Austria.
Apart from that terrific landscape and fesche Madln

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