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/trv/ 21: Noice. Does anybody have any experience interrailing?...

sunshinedgirl Avatar

Does anybody have any experience interrailing? I want to do it but I've heard that getting one of the shorter length passes doesn't leave you enough time to take everything in. Are there any better ways you know of to travel throughout Europe?

mj_berthelsen Avatar

One of my friends has done it. Don't go to switzerland.

degandhi024 Avatar

bump moar

I thought all you pigdisgusting cultural marxist middle class Western degenerates have InterRailed all over Europe.

strikewan Avatar


I railed my penis inter yah mum's arse

ninjad3m0 Avatar

Did I rustle some jimmies?

andychipster Avatar

It's almost always better to buy individual tickets instead of a pass.

Travel by bus and it will be enormously cheaper.

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