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/trv/ 2118: Hi /trv/, I will (probably) finish school next year....

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Hi /trv/,

I will (probably) finish school next year.
After graduating I would like to travel for a while. So far I thought about working & traveling in Australia and backpacking through Germany or Europe.

But there are two big problems:
1. I am lazy.
2. I am Bernd.
Laziness is one of the reasons this whole work & travel thing doesn't really appeal to me. Sure, working in a foreign country might allow me to experience it differently but stuff like hard plantation-work is something I'm definitely not suited for. So I thought looking for a cheap destination might be a good idea.
The other big problem, my Berndness, makes it very hard for me to deal with other people. While interacting with others from time to time shouldn't be a challenge, sharing a room or a bathroom with strangers, simply not having my own space, seems nearly impossible.

So I was hoping some of you guys might be able to help me figuring out what to do by sharing advice, experiences, ideas & information.

Somethings about me that might be relevant:
- fluent in English and German
- not rich, but there is some money saved up
- no drivers license, yet

Thanks in advance, Bernd

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i don't think this is a good plan at all
you don't have to travel around just because all german 17 year dumbfucks want to travel around in australia when they finished school. australia sucks. i'd recommend a regular vacation (regular hotels, not hostels etc) for maybe 2-3 weeks. what about the caribbean? for example bahamas, they speak english

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See this >>1731

You need money; this country is insanely expensive (and I'm not talking about accommodation and flights here).

You also probably need a drivers licence unless you're on a tour bus or something. Our cities are large and have poor public transport infrastructure, while the distances between towns/cities are a thing europeans don't easily grasp e.g where I live it's an 800km drive to the next city (and that's considered 'close' here)

I am always baffled as to why tourists come here - the cities and environment are boring and we don't really have anything to offer to foreigners. If you wanted to see kangaroos or koalas or whatever, you'd be better just going to a zoo.

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>i'd recommend a regular vacation (regular hotels, not hostels etc) for maybe 2-3 weeks. what about the caribbean? for example bahamas, they speak english
If you want to be bored to death do this.

If you are shy there is no better place than a hostel. Meeting people while travelling alone simply can't be easier. You get to see something and meet people from around the world. This is what travelling is about and you will remember these experiences for the rest of your life (and not a fucking beach on the Bahamas). I'm sure you get used to sharing a room with other peopel (but don't forget earplugs).

If you look for a 'cheaper' place you could try Portugal. It's an aweseome country with lots of travellers to meet. If possible just try it for one or two weeks and then you can decide if you want go on a bigger trip to Australia, New Zealand or some other country.

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