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What's the best city in the world for living as a Bernd?

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Amsterdam has some seriously uncomfortable vibes at times imo, not cozy at all. There are much better places in NL. The architecture is quite beautiful however.

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Gurgel says that Berlin and Munich are kinda anonymus - so if you wanna be a Berd without social contact you shouldnt live in Amsterdam.

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"Si la Terre était une nation, Istanbul en serait la capital"
- Napoléon Bonaparte

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Oslo, probably. A Norwegian once described what it is like to live in his country and it sounds like Bernd's wet dream come true.

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Easy question: Bern.

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I second that. My priority one town to move when i get more successful.

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>Capital cities
u wot m8

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what would i give to be swiss...

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Pretty much any other Norwegian city is better than Oslo. It's a shithole full of niggers. I recommend Stavanger or Bergen.

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Probably someplace Scandi for optimal nonsocialization.

Or some place out in Montana or something.

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Krywoj róg

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But it doesn't exist

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Obviously, Alaska.

Primaeval wilderness.
No people for miles around.
A cozy comfy log cabin in the woods.
Spiritual self-discovery through complete loneliness.
One of the most beautiful places with amazing nature on the Earth.

As for me (Bernd) I think that there's no place better for a Bernd than Alaska out there.

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Protip: Alaska is not a city.

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It depends by how much money do you have.
If you have 1500NG per month you could live quiet comfortable in Berlin. In London you would be poor as fuck and in Bangkok you would feel like a fucking Lord.

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alaska is great if you love suicide

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>Primaeval wilderness.
>No people for miles around.
>A cozy comfy log cabin in the woods.
>Spiritual self-discovery through complete loneliness.
>One of the most beautiful places with amazing nature on the Earth.

But... I thought that is Kyrgyzstan?

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Yes, and I'm aware of that, I meant the place itself that I would choose would've been Alaska, avoiding to name any city/town in particular, since towns there are similar to towns in other parts of American, with one exception - it's much colder in Alaska.

I like being alone, like really alone, somewhere in nature's lap, hearing birds sing, being surrounded by trees, water. That's one of those things that can make me feel comfortable. The only thing about Alaska that not many people are okay with is cold, and it is indeed understandable.

Not at all, my friend, you were partly misled. Yes, I admit we have some nice places here, such as reserves, parks, etc, but you can count them all on the fingers of one of your hands. This territory we live in is mostly empty, Kyrgyzstan, in fact, has a very few forests, reservoirs, water sources in general. For the most part it consists of bare land and mountains.

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Bangkok Bernd here. Can confirm. Life is a fucking paradise.

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How much $ do you need a month?

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I think living in absolute wilderness and living in a large city have more in common than you might expect on the first sight. At least I think that cities with more than a million inhabitants make it far more easy for Bernd to avoid elaborate social contact than villages or small cities do (also see >>2379). In the wilderness there aren't any people around and in big cities there are people, but they don't give a fuck about you, so in the end the outcome in this regard is quite the same.

So, for Bernds that don't enjoy other people's company too much I think there are 2 options: something like Alaska or something like Tokyo. But places like >>2567, >>2690, >>2778 would be bad for those type of Bernds, IMHO.

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Maybe it is so, indeed, but I'm talking about a total isolation, where you never get to contact anyone, even in case if you want to. In a big city (if you're not an IT specialist, freelancer) you can't sit on your ass all day without going outside, meeting people at your workplace, talking to salesmen at the counter when buying food, or when paying for your utilities, etc, etc, I can give a lot of examples of social interactions. But, I'm a realist, I realize that life in such extreme conditions like in Alaska is far from being easy, but if you ask me: people live there, have always lived, why not, why I can't? People live even in deserts, Africa, a human being can adjust to all sorts of environment.

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I only lived in Vienna, it's a pretty good place for a Bernd.
Technical infrastructure is superb.
If you wish to go outside, the city itself is extremly nice and has lots of not crowded places.
Melancholy, loneliness and depression are part of the local mentality, minding your own business is strongly enforced, nobody interferes with your personal autonomy, even when you are lying on the street or crying in public.
There are many socially damaged people.
If you are an alcoholic, it's the perfect place, drinking is part of all social activities, drugs are easy to obtain.
Prostitution is legal and not expensive (80-100€), they are waiting for you to lick their minge.
NEETing is also easy, public services are extensive, for example the city subsidies heating costs if you are poor, there is also a "Kulturpass" for poor people, which grants you reductions on almost every cultural institution and event, so you dont have to live like an animal.

Cons: housing is very expensive.

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A little thread hijack (sorry OP), but I'm curious: I'll visit Vienna soon and am asking myself which places to see, where to go and so on. Do have any advice? Are there any tourist traps that should be avoided? Thanks!

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>Technical infrastructure is superb
Nicht sicher ob Troll.

Austria is fucking third world in that regard. I had so many problems with UPC that I ended up quitting and using my cellphone to lurk.

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