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/trv/ 2357: IWO: German Marine Museum, Wilhelmshaven

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Not posted on INT due to a permaban.

During my visit of the Ostfriesland area of germany (the northwestern coast-part), i visited the "Deutsches Marinemuseum" / german marine museum at Wilhelmshaven. The whole history of the marine was covered in large showrooms with lots of stuff to look at, from paintings and uniforms to weapons and ship models. Taking pictures was forbidden there, but i took one secretly.
The open air - exhibition part was far more interesting though. There were several small boats ships and weapons arranged there. But the true highlight were the small mine-searching boat, the huge Lenkwaffenzerstörer (Anti-submarine/air-destroyer) "Mölders" which was used till 2003 and a U10 Submarine. All three were accessible and you could walk around on a non-guided tour with information-tables.
Also: there is parking-space at the "Helgolandkai" and a fish-snack-bar there. It doesn't look like much, but has the most delicious fish in all wilhelmshaven, except the restaurants.

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Thanks for uploading :3

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Well, no Problem... i thought it would be interesting for fellow bernds

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Thanks for sharing

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Awww shit nigga, been there this January or February, the Type XXI was closed, what a shame.

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Thank you! It looks pretty interesting, maybe I should go there one time, too. What else can you recommend in Wilhemshaven? Is it a cozy town to spend a day there?

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Sorry for answering so late, didn't see your reply.

Nah, we had a hotel (Hinrichs, great restaurant there!)at Carolinensiel. Very beautiful, close to the beach (about 2km), relaxing. There was a sauna/spa in the village too.

Wilhelmshaven was just a trip during the vacation. We did not go downtown, just the southbeach (Südstrand/Helgolandkai) with the museums (Aqarium, which is not worth the money; Marinemuseum and Wattenmeer-Visitor-Center, which is interesting.) You can swim at the Südstrand.

It was more a relaxing kind of vacation, so we didn't do that much.

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And thats why you should swim at Schilen or Hooksiel and not at the Südstrand.

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Didn't swim at Wilhelmshaven, thank god :3

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