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Hello Bernd,
I'm planning on hiking the Högakustenleden, Sweden with 3 friends this summer. The trail is about 130km long and I'm planning for the whole journey to take about 10 days (transport included). We're all beginners when it comes to hiking, so here are some questions:
Has anyone here ever done the Högakustenleden?
How many kilometres is an untrained person able to walk a day?
What about food? What do you normally eat on a week-long hiking trip?

Also: general hiking thread, any tips appreciated

armcivor Avatar

If you are not totally unfit Fettbernd you should be able to do close to 20km/day.
We did some marches in the army and had some unfit guys with us and those were about 25-30km long.
Depends on how many hours per day you hike, how fast you go and if you can keep your tempo up (how often you rest, how heavy your backpacks are).

ah_lice Avatar

This Bernd is going for the northern Kungsleden in August.

Id also like some food suggestions, especially since my bergen is already rather heavy and id like to stay autonomous from the huts.

Also ill be staying in Stockholm for two days. Anything i should visit?

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

Then we should consider to do it together, I'll be coming from my motorcycle trip in Norway and I want to do the complete kungsleden.
Contact me at [email protected] ASAP since I'm leaving for Norway in 7 days.

meisso_jarno Avatar

Finland's side of kvarken is nicer

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>How many kilometres is an untrained person able to walk a day?
I walked the Way of St. James last year (~920km) and walked ~25km on average per day. I would not consider me as trained, I just do some biking but never walked that far before and even older people walked that much. So guess that is a good starting point.

>What about food? What do you normally eat on a week-long hiking trip?
Do you plan on being completely self-contained for the whole trip? Only pack food with low amount of water or no water at all in it. I suggest Couscous, bannock break and instant mashed potato to save fuel. Rice or normal noodles would take 10-15 minutes to boil. Also chocolate, peanuts, muesli bars as cold food. And some packs of soup powder for soup or as a sauce with less water. Also instant coffee for the morning (yes, even if you don't drink coffee normally. You will love it after a cold night with little sleep)

>Also: general hiking thread, any tips appreciated
Pack as light as possible. People tend to bring too many clothes. Two T-shirts, one pair of shorts one pair of long pants, one sweater, that's it. I don't even wear underwear because it rubs between the legs when it is sweaty.
Wear clothing that is light and easy to dry (no jeans, try to avoid cotton in general). Same for your towels (there are microfibre towels which are very light and easy to dry).
Make sure your mat has sufficient insulation. The warmest sleeping bag is useless if you lose your warmth to the ground.
Make sure your mat is comfortable. Multiple days in a row with bad sleep will kill your mood.

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thanks for the helpful tips Bernd

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