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/trv/ 2385: Der Flucht

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Guten Tag Bernd
For those who are interested to read how do refugees live in der Schweiz I'm sharing my blog with you, my true story of how we got there, became refugees ourselves and some stuff about prisons too and other things
It's in English tho or some sort of English

I won't bump the thread, just passing by

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>Der Flucht

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oh fuck, "die" then. Anyway the whole shit was fun.

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Britain, I...

You did all that with your brother? Really? Was it worth it? What were the reasons behind it? What do you do nowadays?

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Lol, We just decided to have fun. Meeting different people on the way and staying in various prisons in Switzerland is quite an experience you can't really buy for money.
There are still things you can't buy in modern consumerist culture.

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Have't read it yet, but man, am I jelly of this thirst for action.

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Well, Bernd, if you are Western, it would be hard to play a refugee although before they found out you don't speak the language from that country you have a chance to be in a little different world for some time.
Nowadays there are not many countries left in Europe, apart from Belarus that qualify. Everything is freed by USA.

And yes, in the beginning it's weird style of writing, after gets easier for those who interested. Just thought I should share, not many write about this shit.

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gibe PIctures if possible

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A bit of pics are on british chan if you wish. Why bother, here is like one post a month.
here is the link
(also pretty dead chan)

Alles Gute

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Moved the story to wordpress.

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