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so I left my basement yesterday. I took a three hour walk along the river Rhein, where it forms the natural border between Germany and Switzerland. Since I'm such a fat neckbeard, that little hike was already enough to make me hobble for a day. Seems like my feet are damaged from my teenage years, where I was still skateboarding
Images are in Chronological order

1. shoreline of the Rhein, shortly after the city of Stein am Rhein, where I started
2. WWII memorial in the forest
3. A sign indicating the hiking trail along the river
4. my finger partly covering the lens. Shame on me

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1. clever cow lying in the shade
2. some fucking tree
3. One of the many WWII bunkers. There were at least five of them in only 10 kilometers
4. a Restaurant near Diessenhofen

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1. the river Rhein. On the other side is Germany
2. stony beach
3. it was really nice walking under these branches that lean over the way, some of them nearly touching the water
4. what an awesome place to live

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Nice pictures, I just want to post something so that you know that at least one Bernd is observing your thread. Please keep posting.

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that were all the pictures I have taken that day
here are some from another trip

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I like it.

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>2. WWII memorial in the forest
That's technically not a WWII memorial, since Switzerland didn't participate in the war. It was an accident with stored landmines. Though intensified border control measures were related to WWII.

Should it really be called "Minenunglück"? Seems odd, since it has a tendency to mislead one into thinking of a "Grubenunglück".

Nice IWO though, if only a bit short. I posted an IWO of a trip to the Hohentwiel on /int/ once, just around the corner. :3

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