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/trv/ 2433: Coming to Germany!

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Hello my German friends,

I will be traveling from Canada to Germany in October and I would like to gather some insight as to what I can expect, where I should and should not go, etc...

I am already quite aware that I should avoid Frankfurt at all costs but what else should I know?

illyzoren Avatar

Could you be any more specific? What are you interested in generally?

donjain Avatar

>I am already quite aware that I should avoid Frankfurt at all costs
Bollocks, you've sucked up too much banter on /int/. If you ask about German towns German Bernds automatically start throwing shit at each other. If you want to see skyline, city stuff, vivid city center, then Frankfurt is perfect for you. And that's not all they've got there. Frankfurt is the 4th most visited city in Germany, you'll be fine.
So-called "Turk-infested areas" that people here warn you about do not compare to the Ghettos of LA or Detroit. There are no real "no-go-areas", even in the shitty quarters you'd have to stroll around for quite a while, alone, at night, to find somebody to mug you.

The question is: What do you want to see? Germany can offer everything. If you want to see cozy middle-aged town centers, check out the 100k-200k inhabitant towns in the south. I'm not sure which one is best but Tübingen, Regensburg, Marburg, perhaps Heidelberg, they will serve that purpose. If you're going for castles, then the Middle Rhine area is probably best, they've also got lots of vineyards. If you're looking for clubs and young tourist grills getting wasted, then Berlin and Hamburg are the places to go. Want to see former commie country? Dresden and Leipzeig should do. Nazi history? Try Nuremberg. Former industrial areas? Check out Ruhr Area, it does have some attractions and soul if you look closely. We've also got mountains and sea, as you know.
Beer can be found everywhere, but look out for small brands that can not be bought everywhere. Ask locals for regional brands and try a few of them. Bavaria (particularly Franconia) has got most of those "micro breweries", probably hundreds, while Berlin has got... two, or so.

If you give us more details, we can give you more precise recommendations.

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So the plan is to be in Germany in October, my friend knows a lot of Germans as he and his family did a lot of exchange student programs. We will be traveling all over Germany and also into Austria, I am not really sure what I want to do but I would like to get as much of Germany as I possibly can in a month.

What I mean by that is a little of everything, I do prefer urban settings so we will likely be staying in cities for the most part (Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich seem to be cities we know people in) That being said I would love to take the trains and see the countryside.

The club scene sounds great, is Munich also a good place for that or just Hamburg and Berlin? How much pussy can I wheel with a Canadian accent and or speaking english? The plan is to have the most fun (we are going in October like I said, so obviously Octoberfest) while using the least amount of money. Any tips on that as well?

Also, although its not probably a great place to ask, I am having a hell of a time learning German. I have taken it for a while now but only have the basic and I doubt I will be able to really have any conversations... So, are there any sure fire ways for me to be acceptable? Any methods you might recommend? I really don't want to be one of those asshole tourists that don't even speak the language.

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Nigga, you're a tourist, not an immigrant. Emglish will be just fine. Just say "Scheiße" a lot and order Bier.

Oktoberfest is hella expensive, but you should be able to get some drunk bydlo laid there, since you're looking for that.

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Oktoberfest ends on October 5th, so you better start there. Or even better: avoid Munich at all and use your time to see all the other nice places with friendly people.

tjisousa Avatar

> The club scene sounds great, is Munich also a good place for that or just Hamburg and Berlin?

Berlin all the way, Munich is overpriced, posh and boring, Hamburg and Leipzig are a bit like Berlin on a smaller scale, but why not just go for the real thing?

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Thanks guys, I wasnt sure if I was going to go to hamburg for very long but you have convinced me.

I know, but I feel like a dick not knowing that much. I also want to learn German as a second language for the sake of learning it. It sounds fucking bad ass as fuck, all these english bitches love it.

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Im born in Frankfurt, I've been living here all my life and I've never got robbed. Had a few drunk fights but I guess that's normal. I don't know what you've heard but it's nice here and worth a visit I guess.

It's safer than Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg IMO. Gentrification in the last 10 years was just extreme, the city centre feels like any Central Business District in the US or any other new world.

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This is exactly what I meant.
>"I hear Frankfurt is unsafe"
>LIES FRANKFURT SAFE, all others unsafe
You have to fear almost nothing OP, no matter where you go.

>all these english bitches love it.
That's a terrible reason to learn a language. Learn it if you want to, it's always good to learn languages, but do you for yourself, not some whores.
Don't worry about it now, as a tourist you'll only need English. Just be friendly, and people will be friendly, too.

Oktoberfest is questionable, it's overpriced and crowded with hundreds of thousands of tourists. Prepare not to sit in the tents. Drunk Australians, Englishmen, Italians everywhere.
If you intend to save money, this will help as little as going to clubs.

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>Oktoberfest is questionable
this, it's not worth it. If you would there in August/September there are a lot of alternatives in and around Munich, not as much touristic as Oktoberfest. Way more traditional and not as much crowded.

On the other hand, Oktoberfest could be nice for a few hours, just to see the madness once.

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I was only kidding about the bitches, I truly do want to learn the language. It sounds fantastic and I feel quite a connection to German for some reason.

Thats why we are only going to Germany and Austria instead of all over Europe.

millinet Avatar

>So, are there any sure fire ways for me to be acceptable?

Just beg your companions to only speak german with you

Avoid the Wiesn, its poop touristtrap and expensive as fuck.
Hotelprices also skyrocket during this time and police presence quadruples.

You can go partying in munich, we actually have a real big party-area with dozens of clubs next to each other near the Ostbahnhof.
Its called "Kultfabrik"

Plus an ultimate protip how to not make yourself look like a retard:
Avoid politics and ffs don't joke about the third reich or Hitler.
Its a guaranteed shortcut to making all people feel nervous, except if you happen to stumble upon one of the maybe five real nazis we have in the whole town.

jeremyworboys Avatar

Avoid Kultfabrik, most people there are pretty bydlo (exceptions prove the rule)

Avoid Munich altogether, go to Augsburg or Nuremberg instead.

mbilderbach Avatar

Regensburg is also very rich in culture and nightlife. Avoid munich.

fluidbrush Avatar

>we actually have a real big party-area with dozens of clubs next to each other near the Ostbahnhof.´Its called "Kultfabrik"
Oh fuck, so that's what the crappy place I drunkenly ended up at this spring is called. Bydlo bars/clubs for bydlo people, Kultfabrik a shit SHIT
Seriously, avoid that place. Pig disgusting..

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I am of invading your thread Canada.

Coming to Germany as well, but a bit earlier - end of July. I'll be in Koln and Bonn for 3-4 days with a couple of bernds, and we drew up a to-do list (see below). We are into medieval stuff (participate in 9-11 centuries reconstruction movement), so this should be intredasting.

Kolner Dom and Romanesque churches in Altstadt
Synagoge (seriously, this building looks sick)
Travel across Rheine via Seilbahn
Zoo (of course)
Visit Rodderberg

Several museums:
Schnütgen Museum

Visit several brauhauses:
Päffgen, Friesenstraße 64
Hellers Brauhaus, Roonstraße 33
Braustelle, Christianstraße 2

Looks good? Almost all interesting stuff is in the Altstadt

breehype Avatar

Would add the Roman-Germanic Museum to the list, it's next to the Dom, so it's easily combinable. Plus you can hang out on the Domplatte afterwards and enjoy a Kölsch.

thierrymeier_ Avatar

Is Bonn worth visiting? Since I'm going to Rodderberg volcano anyway, I could have just drop by and take a look at the Uni.

leelkennedy Avatar

I study in Bonn.
The university is nothing special, I don't think it pays out to visit Bonn in order to get a look at it.
The city itself also isn't special. It's not shitty as Duisburg, but I've seen better.

Oh and you also don't need to visit the university of cologne, it's just really ugly.

chanpory Avatar

>This is exactly what I meant.
>"I hear Frankfurt is unsafe"
>LIES FRANKFURT SAFE, all others unsafe

Oh come on. I didn't say that Frankfurt was the safest place in Germany, I said I feel safer there than in Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne. From my personal experience. I certainly feel more safe in Heidelberg, Stuttgart or Passau, though.

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