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I want to go to Moscow by car from munich

1)which route would you suggest me to take?
the journey is its own reward.
2)what might be potential dangers/ problems/ difficulties i have to think for?
3)is wild camping allowed/ advisable in eastern Europe?
4)any places i have to see on my way?

csteib Avatar

>1)which route would you suggest me to take?
I guess CZ --> Pol --> Baltic area might be the most rewarding from a classic touristic point of view? You could drop by in Praha, Warsaw and Riga.

>2)what might be potential dangers/ problems/ difficulties i have to think for?
Obtaining a visa takes more time than for most countries. A lot of people don't speak English or only shitty English, do you know some basic Russian perhaps? At least learn to read Cyrillic, so you can check for names of places and such.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

I think going to Russia without knowing the language (at least basic comprehension) is pretty much a suicide mission. The roads there are shitty and full of reckless drivers.

You also need a visa to stay in Russia (that's also like an extra 100€).

Wouldn't recommend to go there, it's really that unstable there.

bluesix Avatar

If the journey is the reward then avoid Autobahn/highways. Roads through villages and nice landscape are so much nicer.

stushona Avatar

I bet you get pulled over by corrupt Russian bolice men very often if they behold your German license plate.

atariboy Avatar

>1)which route would you suggest me to take?

Through Baltics as it was stated above, if you don't wish to go to Riga you'd do best to cut short though Lithuania and Daugavpils to the Russian border (you don't want to experience much of the Latvian roads xD although the Via Baltica is generally fine). Then take the M9, the straightest road from Latvia to Moscow there is, I heard it's recently rebuilt and actually is rather decent, save for the road repairs here and there. A few years ago I'd actually advise you to go through Estonia, then from Pskov to M1 (yes, that huge "Z" like detour) and then taking the always-decent Moscow-Minsk highway, because you can't grasp what sort of shit the M9 used to be, it was a Moon's surface: the Road, leaving a suspension there was a normal thing. I liked a story when a French cargo truck driver turned into a gas station literally crying and asking for directions because he was lost, the road he was following turned into an untraversable mess with barely any asphalt on it, and people there had to tell him that sadly yes, it's indeed one of the main roads from Moscow to Europe.

2) Corrupt Russian road policemen asking for bribes, reckless driving there as stated above (first cultural shock will be in Poland, in Baltics there's much less bydlodriving but you'll experience it all in Russia), huge queues on the border (you should generally avoid it on weekends AFAIR).

3) Yes in Baltics, and I guess pretty safe all in all, about Russia, ahem, dunno.

4) If you're in Latvia, except Riga visit Jurmala (if it's still summer) and Sigulda, also Ventspils is our bestest town, but it might be a bit of a detour.

pf_creative Avatar

Don't listen to Balts, go thought Belarus. Belarus has nice roads. Also road from Minsk to Moscow(M1 highway) is decent, unlike road from Baltics to Moscow which is shit.
You can also go though Czech republic and Austria for sightseeing.
Smolensk which would be on your way is nice city itself afaik.
About "corrupt road policemen" - I know people who never gave bribes in their lives. Just don't break speed limits and rules.
Camping - there are like 10 special places for camping near M1 highway. You can do camping in the middle of nowhere too I guess.

cbracco Avatar

> Munich-Berlin-Warsaw-Brest-Smolensk-Moscow
Looks like another Barbarossa actually.

Policemen are afraid of taking bribes from foreigners actually.

stayuber Avatar

>Policemen are afraid of taking bribes from foreigners actually.
Really? How come? To me they seem like better victims because they're likely to not know the customs and thus are more easy to exploit?

giuliusa Avatar

Culture of being nice to foreigners. Mayhap they don't want to spoil the Image of Russia by exacting a bribe. As if it would help.
But most probably they just don't want to bother with it. There are some corrupt jerks who would stop anyone who violate some sign hidden behind the bush (dunno how should I call it, a fraud? well, I hope you get what I mean), and if it happens they would stop a foreigner they would just let him go.
I don't get how their corrupt mark works, but that's how it is.
But such people usually stand on some minor roads compared to M1 and such.

Still they could fine you if you really violated the rules, but it would be an official procedure and not a bribe. But only if it is really driver's fault.

orkuncaylar Avatar

How high are the changes of getting robbed/beaten/liberated? If OP uses common sense to avoid bydlo, is he safe?

nerrsoft Avatar

If visiting Moscow the chances are pretty low.

splashing75 Avatar

Bernd, make sure to install a dashcam in your car. Russians drive like lunatics. Search for russian dashcam videos and you will understand what i mean.

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