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joynalrab Avatar

I'm twenty, so in about 2-3 years I plan on going backpacking through Western Europe.
About how much should I budget?
Any places you particularly recommend?
Would going alone be fine, or would you recommend not doing that?

shesgared Avatar

>Would going alone be fine, or would you recommend not doing that?
Well, I don't know much about backpacking, but from a security point of view you should be fine either way.

Budget will depend on the countries/regions you plan to visit. Do you have any preferences?

madhan4uu Avatar

thanks for answering :3

And the countries I really want to hit are Germany, Austria, Italy and southern France. Possibly eastern Europe, but I'm afraid the language barrier would be too much

HenryHoffman Avatar

Its safe
Come back in 2-3 years then
You don't have to plan that much
there is 10000000 zillion US backpackers here
if you dont want to see tourists, dont go to a place where lots of tourists go
dont be a burger doing 10 cities in 6 countries in 7 days

mauriolg Avatar

>eastern Europe, but I'm afraid the language barrier would be too much

polarity Avatar

totally safe

I traveled through all your destinations hitchhiking for 10€/day food and an occasional 20-40€ room; mostly because of the shower or the need to sleep indoors in big cities.
But of course you can spend a lot of money on hotels, trains, partys, 100€/day might be a good calculation.

Go everywhere, go slow, plan several months.

When you come back north from Tuscany (I probably would not recommend to go further south than Rome) I recommend an additional loop like Genova-Milano-Lago di Como-Lago Maggiore-San Gottardo peak (not tunnel)-Genève-Nice before you go to Southern France: Switzerland, Alps, lakes are definitely worth it.
As is the route to Italy via Innsbruck. Or the route via Villach-Udine-Trieste.
Take your time, see everything!

artcalvin Avatar

Given that you'll be in the region you might want to consider visiting Slovenia. And don't be afraid about the language barrier, people here speak English just as good as all the countries you listed.

soyeljuaco Avatar

Going east or south-east shouldn't be too much of an issue, it's cheaper, less tourists and usually slightly more cozy. Slovenia is a good choice, Croatia is also popular with backpackers. Romania is becoming a quite popular destination, I was surprised when I went there for two weeks in September.

Czech Republic and Hungary are quite touristy, Slovakia less so. Bolan is always worth a trip, a few nice cities the commies didn't ruin and good fun to have there.

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