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/trv/ 2631: Hey, it's time for me to dump all of my combined IW...

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Hey, it's time for me to dump all of my combined IWOs in Azores.
t. azorean patriot

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Azorean roads and the shitty little car I managed to rent.
The car was pretty much falling apart, but it was the glorious chariot that ventured into the heartland of azores with me.

I was alone during whole of vacations

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I got on the car, drove randomly and found this place.

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this and the last post are part of a second IWO, I gotta go, but I'll resume posting

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noice. Will be waiting

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Very nice. Is it exbensive? To what European country would you compare the climate?

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Looks nice as fug, I once got lost on google earth and spent like 4 hours roaming around the island on street view, completely befuddled by how there was such mysterious, paradise looking place in middle of the atlantic, the hilly outlook with lush subtropical plants, cliffs facing the shore and all-encapsulating fog yet still being somehow european made it very intriguing place overall.

Do you have any more pics of the city centre with all its white buildings, it certainly looked nice and tidy.

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Post more.
Also I remember that Madredeus made nice videos in Azores.

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T-thanks for looking at the pics.

Really really cheap lifestyle here. Holy fuck it's so cheap compared to mainland, prices in Azores are almost Russia tier, a beer at a bar is 0.80c, a pack of cigs is 2,3€, you can eat lunch for less than 5€. Gas is way cheaper there than on the mainland, really, really low cost of living combined with low taxes. The climate isn't comparable to anywhere on europe. It's always warm, and it doesnt change much, it's some sort of weird mediterranean weather without seasons and jungle humidity. Pretty fucking cosy 10/10. Temperature is 10-25, all year around, never really hot never really cold. But the high humidity makes 25c really hot.

I took a bunch later on last IWO, I took a lot as first as I arrived but the pics were wrong side up.

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I went camping for two days.

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To be continued.
Soon: Azorean redneck stoners
Magnificent old church by the lake
Center of Ponta Delgada
Also medieval fair thing

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nice, waiting.

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Fuck you, you said you'd continue this.

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Time for a tale of Azores. A tale of older times.
I was heading back to my tent after a night of drinking alone, when I found a small beer shack. (Pic 1)
The happy Indian merchant offered me some pretty cheap prices on beer, because it was the last day, he was selling me each beer for 0,50€. Lured by his words, I accepted the deal and got a beer.
I was invited to sit down with them. And I awkwardly agreed. (Pic 2)
They asked me stuff about myself and whatnot, when suddenly an old man appears behind me and tells me "I am the devil". I was pretty fucking confused at that point, but suddenly he lit a joint and handed it over to me. (pic 3) Pretty strange but I just went with it and passed it around, then he proceed to the same thing, lit another joint. He did this 4 times.
Eventually the man dropped some bags of weed on the table (pic 4), and after a short while I was pretty drunk and high so I went to my tent.

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I went for a walk to a lagoon. Some Dutch people passed by me so I took a picture, a man was sweating while crouching, he looked pretty bad, while his family just walked by. I asked him if he was okay, he said he was alright and said "thanks for asking".
I arrived at the lagoon.
After walking some 30m I arrive at the vulcanic activity part of the lagoon.

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Very nice. My parents visited that place some time ago and enjoyed very much. Quite an interesting place.

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Is the Indian guy from Goa? How many of the Indians in Portugal are from Goa?

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Here we have a few from Pondi and Chandernagor.

t. not hil

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gorgeous place

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So weird to find your own posts years later.

Past me: sorry for continuing to fuck up your life.

Future me: let's do better in the future, shall we?

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