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Im getting 30 years next week and I want to visit Kopenhagen and Malmö alone. Any tips? Any cool places to visit? Im afraid it will be hard to find a place to sleep because of being Bernd. Ive never been there. I want to be 2 days in Kopenhagen and 2 days in Malmö.

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København is pretty small, so you should be able to see most of it in a few days. It's also very walkable, so just go around and explore. Visit Christiania, the harbour and lille havfrue, Tivoli if you like that kind of thing, go look at the Opera and so on.

Just skip Malmö, there's nothing interesting there. If you really must go there there's a train which could take you there for half a day. I'd rather go somewhere else in Sjælland if you don't want to spend the entire time in Copenhagen, there's a Viking museum in Roskilde I think and a nice castle and modern art museum near Helsingör.

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>Just skip Malmö
>nothing interesting

Really? Any other ideas where to go? And no, I dont want to stay in Kopenhagen the entire time. I hoped to see 2 different countries. Maybe Helsingborg?

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Do I need those AC-Adapters?

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No, Schuko works there as well.

That part of Sweden is really pretty much like Denmark (but a bit worse). It's like southern Bavaria and Austria, same thing, just technically different countries.

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have you heard about "hotels"

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Hi OP, happy birthday! :3

I live in Copenhagen but I've also been here as a visitor before so I can give a few tips.

As far as accommodation goes, I always first look on and I've always had great luck with them (although not in Copenhagen). The prices can often be cheaper than hotels, and for a better location etc.. Otherwise, I would suggest Copenhagen Downtown Hostel because every day at around 7 they serve a free meal (although you should probably be at the eating tables at least 30mins before serving time). I think this is nice because Copenhagen is quite expensive for eating out and maybe you, like me, feel too much heatenings going to a restaurant on your own. My second suggestion would be Danhostel Copenhagen City, simply because it's cheap and the location isn't bad. The bathrooms are kind of dirty but it's a hostel so it's kinda expected.

>>2655 has some good suggestions with Copenhagen, but the only caveat is that some streets go on forever but are actually really boring. Nørrebrogade, Vesterbrogade, Jagtvej, and Østerbrogade are all busy arterial streets with plenty of nice stores and food joints to check out if that's your thing. Nørrebro in general is a very cool area because of its multicultural aspect. But the inner city is also very nice and has tons of stuff to see, since it's densely packed. Just don't go further West than H. C. Andersens Boulevard, or further South of Vesterbrogade (exceptions: Tivoli, Central Railway Station), since there's nothing to see there really. Sometimes there's flea markets on Halmtorvet in this area, and some people say it's a really hip and happening place, but I really don't get that. Stay off Aaboulevard - it looks important but it's super boring.

If amusement parks are your thing, Tivoli is very nice (albeit a bit overpriced).

Don't bother seeing the Little Mermaid statue, it's the worst tourist attraction ever. In fact, Copenhagen doesn't really have any proper tourist sites. It's just a nice city to visit I suppose.

Frederiksberg is a nice area of the city and has a very big park right next to Copenhagen Zoo which you might like. This is also where Carlsberg is, and you can go on a guided tour. I've not tried it but I've heard good things, and I don't think it's that expensive.

There's an old military citadel in the East of the inner city called Kastellet which is really nice to check out if you're going for a stroll. They close it at sundown though, and if you hang around after that then some guys in military fatigues will come and tell you to fuck off.

There's Rosenborg Slot, a small palace smack bang in the city centre in a park called Kongens Have (which is also very nice). You can pay to go inside, and then you get to see the crown jewels. I heard good things about this but also never tried it, nor do I know how much it costs.

Next to this is the Botanical Gardens, which I heard are really really cool. There's also the national art museum across the road and somewhere in the vicinity is the Geological Museum as well. Some of these have free entry I think, but also they have weird opening times so you might want to plan ahead a bit.

The main shopping street is Strøget, which is well worth a stroll down at least. It's also close to Nørreport, and close to that is Torvehallerne which is a big indoor market full of very fancy foodstuffs - you can get coffee and food to go there as well. It's on Frederiksborggade which is also a very cool street which turns into Nørrebrogade once you go over the bridge over the lakes. Oh yeah, and the lakes are really nice in general. You can walk all the way around them and I think this is a really nice trip. The northernmost one straddles a nice part of Østerbro and will take you to Østerbrogade.

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If you want an INCREDIBLE pub with amazing drink selection and in a nice location, go here: - the only catch is that a beer costs about 60kr. But I went once with a friend and it was so nice. It's basically impossible to find though - we stumbled upon it by accident one night when dumpster diving. It's down a passageway to the right of a føtex supermarket on Vesterbrogade (use Google maps) and then through another entranceway. There's a big red door which is always closed and it seems like nobody is inside, but once you open it it's super lively.

Drinks prices in town are overpriced in general. If you want to get drunk and don't care how/where, just go to a supermarket (not 7-11) and buy beer.

Last thing I'll say about Copenhagen is that blocks in the whole city are quite big and it's really easy to underestimate walking distances. I really recommend renting a bike actually, though it might be a pain if you are there only for 2 days. Some hostels have rental programmes though, so maybe it's not too bad. Also some airbnb hosts often offer up a spare bike to visitors for no extra cost - just check out the listings.

For Malmö... I've been once before and I quite liked it actually, even though I just walked through the city a bit and stayed the night in a hostel (can't remember which). The cheapest way to get there is with the SJ (Swedish state railway company) trains - they almost always have the best prices. I can't remember if you can book those tickets on the Danish terminals in the central station, but at the entrances to the central station in Copenhagen there are these silver SJ terminals which you definitely can book tickets to Malmö on. Also, if you are buying the tickets on the day, click "Sista minuten" = "Last minute", since last minute tickets can be super cheap.

Hope that helps a bit!

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Oh, last thing about Malmö: it's really close to Lund, which is a small but very beautiful student city with a lot of history. I've only been once before and I was drunk for 90% of the time so I can't give any constructive recommendations, but it might be worth considering!

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Thank you! On my birthday I want to be at the sea. Can you recommend a nice place?

Also are there some kind of places where I can store my baggage? I think about just sleeping in my tent to spare some money. But Im worried about the weather. We will see.

Are there some kinds of "Do's and Dont's" for Denmark and Sweden? Im talking of some kind of etiquette.

I heared, they accept Euros too. Or should I change my monies?

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Dunno about Sweden, but in and around Copenhagen:

or Dragør (you'll need a bus or bike (kinda long way on bike) to get here)
or (really nice, old bunker/fort kind of thing there too - you'll probably need a bus as well).

>Also are there some kind of places where I can store my baggage? I think about just sleeping in my tent to spare some money. But Im worried about the weather. We will see.
Almost every railway station in Sweden has storage lockers which are big enough for a backpack of some kind, they are about 60-70kr every 24hrs if I recall. Dunno about Copenhagen.

Also, wild camping is not permitted in Denmark and you'll have a hard time finding a secluded green area to put up your tent that's close to the city. The only place I can think of is Amagerfælled, which is kind of gross since it's built on an old waste dump. Maybe there are campsites (I think there might be one in Dragør), but tbh I don't recommend it.

In Sweden you have allemansrätten which allows you to camp anywhere non-urbanised for a night or two, but still you'll have to get out of the city proper which could be a pain in the ass.

>Are there some kinds of "Do's and Dont's" for Denmark and Sweden? Im talking of some kind of etiquette.
In Denmark it's acceptable to drink in public (just don't be totally hammered). It's not really allowed in Sweden at all, and I remember when I was in Lund when it got really late the Swedish people I was with got all paranoid because cops were walking around. Apparently if cops think you are drunk they can put you in a cell overnight and fine you, which is kind of bullshit.

But uh, that doesn't really answer your question. You can't really go wrong with German etiquette really. Danish people are rude and loud compared to Swedes, but as a visitor you will probably be more polite than either.

>I heared, they accept Euros too. Or should I change my monies?
You'll have trouble with euros I think - change your moni. DKK is in the European Exchange Rate Mechanism so I think your bank will convert them 1:1 without commission (at least, I can deposit euros into my Danish (DKK) account in this way).

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Also, when are you in Copenhagen? If you like, maybe we can go for a birthday drink. If it's not too much heatenings for you (I don't guarantee I could handle it either).

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Tak for din hjælp. Jeg værdsætter meget, min ven!

I will be in Copenhagen on 20th Aug. at ~8pm.

But just to make this clear: Im not a girl. On the other hand I secretly hope you are a girl. Teehee :3
Just kidding - maybe you want to leave some kind of contact?

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Hm, it's not a good time for me then since I have an exam on the morning of the 22nd. So I will be in the library all day 20th and 21st. But no problem anyway, hope you have a nice time :3

I have a penis, so you didn't miss out on meeting a hot 1488/10 Danish grill or anything, don't worry.

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I think it would have been cool anyway. Good luck with your exam and thank you.

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If I could go to any amusement park outside North America, I'd pick Tivoli Gardens in downtown Copenhagen. It is one of the oldest gated amusement parks in the world and has one of the world's oldest working roller coasters. It also looks exceptionally cozy. Rumor has it that it was one of the primary inspirations for the design of Disneyland.

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I turned 21 two days ago and I'm visiting Copenhagen this weekend.

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