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I will be in NY state near NYC for three weeks in September. I am planning to rent a car and go to Toronto for a few days.

Any suggestions how I can get cheap mobile Internets, for example to have Google Maps and alike? I have a Android phone, but I dunno if it works with American nets, so I may need a cheap phone as well.

Also some things that I have to must see in NYC or on my way to Toronto? I have been to typical spots like Empire State Building already, but maybe you know a great non-tourist place or club or restaurant etc.

alagoon Avatar

Do you like classic carousels that were made ~100 years ago? New York state has numerous ones and actually has more of those than any other US state. Ones I can think of off the top of my head are one in a park in Brooklyn next to the Brooklyn Bridge, and the recently refurbished one in Coney Island. Detailed listing here:

adhiardana Avatar

Also, if you like heritage railroads with steam locomotives, New York state has one: the Arcade & Attica Railroad.

buddhasource Avatar


Very nice, that is just on the way to Toronto. Will take a look at it!

cat_audi Avatar


I have been to Coney Island before, and yes I liked it.

mizhgan Avatar

Oh, I wasn't aware that New Haven is so close. I will have to visit Louis' Lunch, I guess.

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The refurbished carousel was added only last year, and just this Summer they added the first big, custom-built roller coaster there in several decades. Pic related. So, if you have not been there in the past two years, now is a great time to go again.

Also, I forgot to mention...while researching carousels, I found this interesting place in Rochester, New York: the Strong National Museum of Play. They have one of the world's largest collections of toys, video games, and they also have tons to working pinball machines, some of which are antiques. One of them is Atari's Hercules, the largest commercial pinball machine ever made. Basically, it's like the toy closet and video arcade from Heaven.

bagawarman Avatar

Is that the place next to Yale that supposedly invented the American hamburger? Would try. One other notable food stop in New York state that I know of outside NYC is the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, where buffalo wings were invented.

aiiaiiaii Avatar

> a great non-tourist place or club or restaurant etc.

Fat Cat Jazz Bar

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Thanks, I will cross Buffalo on my way to Toronto anyway.

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Oh, I am in Denmark right now, don't be confused.

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Is there a car rental search engine that searches multiple companies?

sketi_ndlela Avatar

Back in Germany. I still need a tip what SIM card would be best, because I want to buy it immediately after arrival, not looking at offerings for 5 days.

I mostly want not-too-expensive phone calls (inside USA/Canada), and some MB of data volume (for Google maps and such, I don't need Youtube on my phone.)

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