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nehemiasec Avatar

I've been to Bokor Hill Station in Cambodia back in 2009. Had the perfect creepy misty weather for the remains of the station. Without the weather it's not a special place.

samihah Avatar

Done. Now it's story time.

I ended up there by accident. I met some people in a lovely hostel next to a river. Especially I want to mention the greatest American guy I've ever met: Wade. We started drinking the day around noon and some people joined in. We ended up partying in a local club, it was hilarious. After the club we finished with a couple of drinks back at the hostel. No one remembers when and how we went to bed, but nonetheless the trip to the hill stations started exactly at 8 am. We paid quite a lot of money for the tour, 35$ each (including tour, food, overnight stay and shuttle back to the hostel). We started the hike through the jungle uphill with four persons, but one caved in after 3-4 hours and went back. After some hours of straight forward up hill hiking with crossing small rivulets and rain and everything we sobered up to enjoy the whole trip.
Arriving at the top we where utterly disappointed. You couldn't see your own hand in front of you. The mist was thick you could slice it barely with an axe. After a quick snack we headed out exploring and the mood turned totally. The weather wasn't a curse, it was a blessing for this hill station. The whole situation felt like some old horror movie or vintage video game.

andychipster Avatar

Can you tell something about your Cambodia trip? I want to go to SE Asia in spring for 18-21 days and I'm about to decide between Vietnam and Cambodia.
Having seen Siem Reap and Angkor already, I wonder if there's enough to do and see in Cambodia for 3 weeks.
What did you do there, how long did you stay?

iqbalperkasa Avatar

I've been backpacking through asia, in total six months. If you have 'only' three weeks go to Vietnam, it was my favourite on the trip. I stayed there for two months. So, just ask?
Cambodia is not such a must see except the obvious Angkor Wat, but I'd say you need a whole week for it. Yes, you can do it in three days, but it won't be fun. There's too much to see and after a while you've seen enough temples in a day. The rest of the country is... hard to say, nice? Went down to the coast and relaxed on some islands, been in the capital. Not so special, you only need one or two days for the city. The museum is quite impressive though. The upper north east is very beautiful, but not a must see. Espescially the hilly regions bordering Vietnam.
I guess you can see what I try to say? It's very nice, but nothing special and you've seen the highlight, go to Vietnam.

alexradsby Avatar

Will most probably do. Although Cambodia seems to have a charm on it's own as I image it to be less hyped, less crowded and such. If only I had more time ... seeing you had 6 months time, use all the time for stuff like that! It's so hard to get out of the hamster wheel once you're in it.

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