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So I was thinking about a way of making money and I realized I can help traveling bernds to come over and see Brazil, maybe get the bunda they always wanted. For years I`ve been reading threads about bernds who wanted to travel to another country.

I can house up to 6 bernds in my dependencies, for 300 euros a month. That's right, a MONTH. You'd get a 2 bed room to share with a bernd, free 15mb wifi Internet and free use of the house kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. I could also help bernd on getting used to the ropes, show interesting locations and stuff like that, also help with requirements to enter Brazil and getting them done. The only thing I wouldn't be proving is food but it's cheap and there's a market pretty close from here.

Additional info: >>/int/undefined

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No idea why isn't showing that ">>/int/undefined" but it's the /thread-24651349.html

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Even Munich is cheaper.

areus Avatar

I would not like to stay a month in one place. If i would visit south america i would travel as much as i can.

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Haha, absolutely not

lisovsky Avatar

Who in their right mind would want to go there?

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Yes it is, I have my own room for 330€/month and don't need to share it with anybody. OP suggests a 2 bed room I have to share with some random stranger.

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