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/trv/ 2746: Fukking Russians

orkuncaylar Avatar

1. I put my over 9000 keys in my check-in luggage since I dont wanna fuckk around with it during metal detector stuff and everything.
2. Drunk russians at Moscow airport dont put my luggage in airplane.
3. Cant enter my home. Have to go a hotel, only very expensive room left.

Question: How can I get my money back from Aeroflot. They might just say "fukk u, put your keys in hand luggage trololol were stupid russian, no money for u, more vodka for us"

ryandownie Avatar

Is not fukking russians, is fukking you. Airports' fukking main business is selling fukking customers luggage. And governments help them by makking fukking laws to give them justification for looking into luggage to identify best pieces to rob.

cat_audi Avatar

I got my luggage back one day later, nothing is missing, i dont care about tin hat conspiracies.
All I want is my money back for the expensive hotel rom that I had to book in the last minute.

I dont' see anywhere on their fuckking website that you shouldnt put keys in the check-in luggage.
>The carrier undertakes to take all actions in its power to transport the passenger and baggage in a reasonable time. The time indicated in the schedule and other documents is not guaranteed and shall not be considered part of the present contract.

so what is this supposed to mean? nothing is guaranteed, they send you the luggage one month later while you have to sleep under the bridge???

pjnes Avatar

>nothing is guaranteed, they send you the luggage one month later while you have to sleep under the bridge???

This what what it is supposed to mean. Everybody knows that luggage can get lost and will take some time to be sent to you, sometimes id never appears again.
Lesson learned: don't put your keys in your luggage. Stop whining about it.

bouyghajden Avatar


1. Bundle >9000 keys
2. While in metal detector passage, put bundle in plastic tray.
3. Profit

why risc basic necesseties?

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