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/trv/ 2812: Ukraine -/ Czernobyl

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Hello /trv/

I heard its already kinda possible legally to visit the Czernobyl Power plant site and me and my friends wanted to go there.

We also wanted to See Kiev a bit and wanted to stay for 4 or 5 days with

So my question is, how dangerous is Kiev still ?
do i need to pay special attention for something ?

carlosgavina Avatar

Kiev is not dangerous at all, if you keep some common sense.

1. Use cabs in remote areas or after sunset. licensed/non-licensed - you will be charged a fortune, but you won't get mugged

2. Don't follow invitations to night clubs from people on the street. You will get charged/mugged

3. Don't harass girls. Offensive pickup behavior is not welcome, locals envy sex tourists and westerners looking for cheap girls

4. Tchernobyl is a common day itinerary. Book a tour which picks you up downtown. Sturdy footwear is a must, watch your step, except for debris the road north and a tough driver is the only danger

5. Keep quiet in the Outskirts. Westerners are welcome in general, but like all slavic countries, Ukraine has Bydlo folks looking for trouble

6. If you're looking to get your dick wet: Use condoms. Ukraine is Europes HIV epicentre

7. Don't go for a swim in the river Dnepr except in the fenced beach clubs. Every year about 20 people drown in the Dnepr, because of dangerous currents and reckless traffic

dwardt Avatar

Do it m8. Kyiv is a good city if you want to have fun for relatively little money.

Kyiv is no more dangerous than any other cities, I've been mugged in Barcelona, I have yet to be mugged in Kyiv. Just apply common sense and you'll be golden, as >>2818 says.

If you have some time and access to a car, you should visit the Strategic missile forces museum. It's a long drive to the South but definitely worth it, I would argue even more than visiting Pripyat.

Also, it is very helpful to have a speaker of either Russian or Ukrainian around, since many people do not speak English, especially outside of the cities. Although young people do speak English to some extent.

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>>2818 again. Make sure you don't miss other beautiful places. Crimea unfortunately is not safe to visit afaik, but it is lovely in summer.
Odessa looks like some of its wornout prostitute inhabitants, definetely not a must-visit. If you go there in winter, check out Carpathian mountainside. Skiing slopes are not that good as in the alps, but the area has a wild charisma. Lvyv is a good starting point. But be careful when speaking russian in the northwest, its the centre of ukrainian nationalism.

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Do you also have tipps for the trip back? I want to visit some eastern europe cities.

Where did you book? How was ist?

christianoliff Avatar

I've been there in 2012. Ask everything. in4b 10/10 trip would recommend.

doronmalki Avatar

Where did you book?
The two day trips form this site look quite good
can you give me a recommendation on that?

Did you make a single trip or a group tour?
Any recommendations on what I should do when I'm there that I might not think of now?
Did you also see the woodpecker?

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