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/trv/ 2965: Schon mal ein Bernd in Chiang Mai gewesen? Wo kann man ...

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Schon mal ein Bernd in Chiang Mai gewesen? Wo kann man da gut wandern und/oder auch andere Sachen machen? Danke

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Just browse the leaflets in your hostel or a travel agent. There are loads of things to do in the area. There's a national park in the north with a cool cave system, there are a few nice temples located in the mountains, you can go to elephant parks (although be sure to check whether it is humane before you book it), you can do trips to Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle, you can rent a scooter and drive to Pai, and apparently somewhere east from Chiang Mai there is something known as the "Thai Grand Canyon". I did a two day trek which included white water rafting and camping and stuff but I can't remember where exactly it was. It also included meeting the long-necked hill tribes, but that was kind of lame in my opinion. Chiang Mai is also a nice place to just hang out, visit the markets, restaurants, bars, etc.

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Yes, unfortunately there is lot's of tourists, though. Nevertheless it's a nice place, I stayed there for a couple of weeks and had great fun just driving around the surroundings with a scooter.

There is a nice jazz bar as well as some kind of backpacker party area. There is also a really cool Blues bar called "Boy Blues Bar" inside some kind of market complex in the centre. Boy, the Thai guy running it, has a voice like Tom Waits and is an awesome person. There is also a metal bar with Thai guys with long hair and tattoos play hardcore death metal.

There is some organized tours to waterfalls and some Hippie dropout village and stuff. The "Hill - Tribe - Ethno - Experience" is UTTER CRAP as well as the Elephant riding, don't do it. I did not do much overnight trekking, though. I've heard one can find better trekking opportunities around Chiang Rai and if you try to get away from the crows try Isaan or Southern Lao. You can also take a bus from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang in Lao.

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The elephant riding is good as long as you find a humane one. They're really funny and playful when they're treated well. The tiger stuff is universally shit and cruel though.

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Yes, been there done that. As someone already said don't to any of those ethnic trips. It's a great place to go climbing or trekking, if you're up to it.
Another recommendation would be: Do a cooking course. It's hillarious. You learn and eat a lot and meet some people. I was more or less forced to one, I broke some toes over in Laos and couldn't go trekking the first days.

Locations? I loved this one rooftop bar with some acid-like murals and some electronic music. Normally I'm not a fan of it but everything worked at this spot. Sitting on the floor, looking over Chang Mai and some relaxing electronic music in the background.

If you venture into Laos, please do the Gibbon Experience, if it's still exists. Expensive, but bloody worth it.

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Thank you Bernds

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