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Hey Bernd, have you ever been to amsterdam.
I'm planning to go there on a short trip with some friends. Can you recommend me anything on what you definately have to do there, maybe even some distinct locations?

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Wenn ihr nur kiffen wollt dann fahrt nach Enschede, selber Effekt, 200km weniger fahren.

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Amsterdam is shit SHIT except for the lovely architecture.

In all honesty I'd recommend you to just go there for a couple of hours, buy some weed (or other drugs) and then move on to some other place in NL, which will be much nicer than Amsterdam.

The cannabis museum is more or less a tourist scam, as is Madame Tussauds at least to get to see der Führer though, but that figure didn't exist when I visited the place. The Anne Frank Huis is quite interesting, but be preparded to stand in line for >9000 hours. If you like van Gogh you can visit his museum as well.

There's other museums I didn't visit, but from their names I probably should have done so, sound more interesting than what I got to see.

Don't buy the cheap ass weed out of curiosity, it's as crappy as the price suggests. Also Grolsch is really shitty beer, even Amstel is better.

Red light district: go have a look, shit's fucked up the later it gets though.

Night life: inform yourself beforehands or get a local to take you around, otherwise it's awful touristic shit and uncozy as fuck.

Also I find that Amsterdam is quite maze like, prepare to get lost at some point.

General things to do in NL:

- eat patatjes speciale
- buy shitloads of vla
- buy beer in cans
- eat cheese
- eat panekoeken

Afaik they don't sell to foreigners anymore or is that just on paper?

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Enjoy your worst stoner shithead tourists and midwest community college freshmen with basecaps looking for
>gettin sum eurotrash hookers n weed 420blzt

all around you. Been there once 5 years ago, this city attracts only the most spoilt people of the world.

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It's about the coolest thing you can do in Adam. Did it last summer and it was worth every single cent of it.

Also: Rent a Bike. Bicycle is the transportation of choice in Amsterdam.

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That seems pretty cool. During civil service I went to the area around Sneek for a week to ride a diesel boat with a sleeping cabin around the canals there. Shit was ca$h as fuck.

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