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Hello Berlin-Bernd (and others of course),

I will visit Berlin in a few days for one Week. What locations should I visit there? I'm talking about locations that are not standardly mentioned in everey brochure like Brandenburger Tor, The Wall, Siegessäule, Reichstag, Sony Center,... and stuff like that,...
I'm talking about cool locations that are not so touristic.

Does Bernd maybe know same good place to eat? I'm looking for location and scenery not just the meal. It can be a little expensive, but not too much.


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Meh, you know, some of these are popular among tourists because they are good. I was on the Siegessäule once and it was fine. Cost like 3€, fair price.
Brandenburg Gate is okay, taking a quick glance at it won't need much of your time.
Reichstag takes too much effort to get in.
Berlin Wall is okay, the further away you get from Oberbaumbrücke, the less tourists there will be.
Checkpoint Charlie is the worst, pure tourist trap. There's nothing there, except for a tiny hut in the middle of the road and a minimum 50 tourists around it. However, the North Korean embassy is not far, and they've got a wall chart with some propaganda.

You can check out the Tempelhofer Feld and walk on the airstrips or watch people try out weird kites and other shit.
Kreuzberg is okay, by that I mean the actual hill that is called the Kreuzberg, in Viktoriapark. Has got a monument on top and a sort of waterfall that's currently out of order. Still, nice scenery.
The Botanical Garden is noice, but then again, you can have that anywhere else.
In Tiergarten there is a clocktower (Carillon) that plays some melodies every day at 12 and 6, if you're interested in that kinda shit.
Soviet monument in Treptower Park is meh. You can check it out if you like, but it's not that impressive.
In Pallasstraße there's a house ranging over the street with a hundred satellite dishes, typically decorated with a photography of some ugly child. It's really quite astonishing. Pic related but old, not that many ugly kids yet.
I'll think of more tomorrow.

For burger food, try the Burgersteig near U Schlesisches Tor, or, if you're okay with a crowded place, Berlin Burger International near U Hermannplatz.
For beer, go to Eschenbräu near U Leopoldplatz.

t. Berlin

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You can go to Technical University instead of Siegessäule. If you go to U Ernst-Reuter-Platz you can go on top of the tower with the large Telekom Sign on it. Simply go in and take the lift to the 20th level, there is a student cafeteria/mensa and an awesome view, you can see whole west Berlin. Coffee is 70 cents.

Go to Körnerpark in Neukölln, it's among the most beautiful parks in Berlin. If you walk down Braunschweigerstrasse from Karl Marx Allee there, you'll find a small turkish cafe (bogu or something) which sells good weed, just sit down and wait for them to ask. Don't buy at Görlitzer Park or Hasenheide.

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not gonna start a new thread so using this going to visit berlin next week and want to buy liquor there and send the bottles via DHL or such company to my address in finland (its allowed to have just 5 litres of max 70% alcohol in plane luggage)

it feels like heaven how a liquor bottle in germany costs 1/3 of what it would cost here because of taxes

pro tips pls, do they sell those boxes in berlin? (pic related)

carlyson Avatar

You could probably find those in a wine or liquor store.
Or just make kilju :3

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Won't customs charge you if you send a ton of alcohol to Finlan?

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I recommend to visit the Museum of Medical History at the Charité:

To see a longer part of The Wall in a non-touristic manner I'd recommend the Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer located at the Ackerstraße (Wedding).

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I want to visit Berlin, too and I am looking for nice places to eat. Mostly Dinner or lunch and also maybe nice bars for cocktails. I like good atmosphere, funny stuff and great locations with view or something.

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