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I'm planning on moving from America to Berlin, Germany next year.

I was wondering now if there are any expats here that can offer me any advice and their personal experience.

I will be moving once I graduate from university with a degree in economics and math.

I'm already learning the language.

How much money should I save up?

All the advice you can give is appreciated.


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Do you already have a job in sight or will you just move there and start looking?

If you have a job I wouln't worry too much. If not I would say you calculate around 800€ per month (can be less or a lot more depending where you live and what you do in your free time..).

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You sure about berlin? Germans usually dont like it. Its full of immigrants, bydlos and hipsters. I prefer Hamburg, Düsseldorf or Munic. But the last one is expensive.

If you let the hotel and fly out of this calculation it matters what you wanna eat. There are a lot of cheap Fastfoodstands but also expensive restaurants. So you can eat per day between less then 10€ up to over 50€. Im living here very cheap and am never over 100€ per month for eat/drink. Oh if you are interested, compared to the USA, hookers are cheap and legal in germany. Good and clean hookers start at 60-80€/30min fugging. Mostly that are students that make this for a little extra money, so they can be cute too sometimes. Just dont go to Streethookers, they are dirty like in all other countrys too. :3 But of course i dont know if this is even your thing. BTW how long are you going to germany? Just vacation a few weeks or longer?

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>complain about immigrants and bydlos
>suggest Düsseldorf (of all places!) instead
>randomly start talking about hookers

>doesn't get that OP wants to live in Germany, not visit for a vacation

I'm sorry you had to see this.

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Just trying to help, your welcome :3

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please don't come. germany is full. we don't need the americans. i know, the us is on a decline and shit will really, really hit the fan in the next 25 years, but we don't need your workforce. the kind of jobs one needs a university degree for we do ourselves or get fellow western europeans and for manual labor we've got the european union, which provides us with many hard working people from eastern europe. the benefit from that is, that, as they are european, they have a very alike mindset. americans mindset is just not fit for europe. you guys are to egoistic and when it comes to sexuality they are either too uptight or too loose. you don't have a rich culture or rich cultural background. you don't really think about the future either. everything in the us is very disposable, specially the people. you build houses that don't even last 20 years before they have to be taken down. whenever we build houses we built em so our grandkids can still live in them.

please leave us be and rather try to fix your fucked up country economically and socially.

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My advice is to get your job sorted out before you move. I'm doing a similar degree in Berlin right now and I'm aware that it's not that easy to find work related to it in Berlin. It'd be easier in Frankfurt for example I think... You can also work in some coffeshop if that's your thing. There is lots of young Americans here, most just stay for a couple of weeks though.

Be aware that most young Germans with a degree like that have a hard time finding work and often work in a minimum-wage paying internship for two years or so. Also wages in proper jobs are low..

What the other Bernd said about 800€/month is possible I guess, I personally need more though. Berlin is cheap, but prices are rising. Especially because you're foreign expect a hard time finding a cheap flat. They'll charge you 400€ per month or more.

Most of my foreign friends have problems with some bureaucratic hustle and don't really understand how the system works. All commmunication you have with official bodies will be in German, nobody there speaks English with anyone. Same goes for getting a flat, internet contract, phone contract, electricity, having your windows fixed by the janitor and so on... speaking from experience here, I've often had to come along with someone to some Bürgeramt and translate.

Also there is an expat magazine, exberliner.

As you can see, many people on this board kind of rant against Berlin, they've rarely been there, though. It's by far the nicest place in Germany..

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>They'll charge you 400€ per month or more.
And that would be cheap. Prices are rising indeed.

everything else: FULLACK

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400? per month? cheap? in berlin? wtf bro

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We are talking flat, not a room in a shared apartment/WG.

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Most people I know pay like 300 for a single-person flat

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1. Where in Berlin?
2. For how many years do they have their flat?

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Dude I know that people nowadays pay 500€ for 30 square meters in Prenzlauer Berg or something. My point being is that it IS possible to find flats rented out by private persons for cheap "old Berlin rents" inside the Ring. A friend of mine lives in a flat off Hermannstraße since a few years paying a bit under 300 bucks while I know someone else who rented a similar flat around the corner from there last year for almost twice the price.
Don't want to start a discussion about housing prices in Berlin. All I meant to do was to give him some impression of what price you'd end up paying in Berlin if you put some effort (and are a bit lucky of course)

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Save up as much as possible, I suppose. There could be costs you cannot predict. As somebody else has pointed out, if you manage to find a job before you move, you'll be fine. This will also make it easier to find an apartment, as many landlords want to see a stable source of income before they allow you in.

800€/month is not completely unrealistic, but still an optimistic guess. You cannot count on finding a cheap apartment (unless you're willed to move to commieblock, and even those are not ultra cheap or anything).
400€ for an entire flat is minimum unless you've got a lot of time to spend on looking, know the right people, or simply get lucky.
Then you'll need some money for health insurance (80€? random guess), food (100-200€, depending on your ability to consume vast amounts of rice), electricity/internet (60€, usually not included in contracts), ticket for public transport (80€), and various other expenditures such as clothes, shoes, GEZ, et cetera.

>All commmunication you have with official bodies will be in German, nobody there speaks English with anyone. Same goes for getting a flat, internet contract, phone contract, electricity, having your windows fixed by the janitor and so on...
This must be emphasized. Many people working in bureaucracy are old (city can't afford to hire new ones at the moment) and have poor command of English, so they couldn't even help if they wanted to. And believe me, they don't want to.

If you want to move here, go ahead. It will certainly be a valuable experience, and show people that you're courageous enough to take a step into the dark.

There are some other Bernds in Berlin as well. If you want to have an beer's sometime or stay in contact for more information, feel free to send of email. [email protected]

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Hey OP, 4chans /lit/-Bernd here, remember?

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Hey, mate. I'm posting from my phone. How should we proceed?

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Here I am, to rock you like a... and so on.

Well, you can contact me if you want, with this email adress
>[email protected]
Oh and btw I´m Karl

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