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/trv/ 3275: CUBA

trueblood_33 Avatar

Anyone been there recently?

I have the opportunity to spend a week there later this year and I'd like to read some personal experiences from Bernd who's been there.

steynviljoen Avatar

The parents of a friend of Bernds had been there a year ago for a wedding Sounded like a perfectly pleasent Holiday location like everywhere else.

mrxloka Avatar

Enjoy the communism virus and please don't go left. I don't want more Dilmafags in my fucking country.

BrianPurkiss Avatar

You dont go to cuba because of gommunism. You go to cuba because of cheap alcohol and cigarres :3

edobene Avatar

and what about OP's Fidel Castro picture?

gojeanyn Avatar

Resorts are really nice, Canadians go there in flocks to spend insane amounts of money on liquor and smokes while Cubans live on dollars a day, and they say they care about their plight, but they usually do this from the comfort of their taxi, without doing a single thing moreswim.

The actual Cuba isn't favourable. Lots of poverty. Lots of hustling for trying to make a dollar.

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