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/trv/ 3289: Germanic travel

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Hello /trv/

I wish to visit Germany again and I have time (2 months) for another small adjacent country. I have already visited Belgium and the Netherlands, so here's what's left: Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Czechia. Considering I am riding a recumbent bicycle and I would like to avoid trains in case of too steep mountains, which one of these four will it be and why ?

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I can only speak for Austria. There is superb touristic infrastructure for bycicle tourists.
You could ride along the Danube until you reach Vienna, there arent many mountains on the way since you stay north of the main alpine ridge.
There are noice cities in germany along the danube as well. Maybe you can start in Regensburg or Passau. The austrian part is lovely and leads through a wine region (Wachau) with many of the oldest austrian cities and towns.

Once you reach Vienna, its a day trip to Bratislva or Budapest.

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Hm, im from the north and here is not much to see. The northsea maybe, or the Hamburg Reeperbahn if you want to go to a red light location. But all in all i would recommend middle and south germany for the beautyfull spots (Stay the hell out of east germany, its bydlo Tier!) like old castles and mountains/nice forrests. But in the south forget what you have learned in german language. Not even germans can understand what they are talking there :3

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South is stereotypical German landscapes. North can be interesting. Baltic sea is nice.
East is less bydlo than you say. Also everyone who is not as bydlo as you can understand Southern German dialects.

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So you can listen well to some hardcore bavarian guys? Sorry but if this would make me less bydlo then, no thanks :3

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Leave out Germany, just come to Bavaria and Austria.

Germany sucks, starting by the landscape, ending with the people.

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What places are must-see in Nordrhein-Westfalia and adjacent Bundesländer? I'll be staying for two weeks in Bochum and want to get the feel of Germany.

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Some general NRW suggestions:
- Extersteine
- Porta Westfalica
- Herrmansdenkmal
- Eifel
- Kölner Dom

Since you're in Bochum it should be easy to get around to see some old coal mine etc. if you're interested in this.

Bernd special:
- computer museum in Paderborn
- Regierungsbunker (nuclear government shelter from cold war area) close to Bonn

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Try going to Cochem in Rheinland Pfalz. It is a nice, old and little city close to the river Mosel. It is very famous for wine. You can easily climb the wine-hills and enjoy the view down to the mosel.
Afterwars I recommend you to go to "Vulkaneifel." The Eifel (Nothing to do with the Eiffel-Tower in Paris) is a National-Park also in Rheinland Pfalz. It is very famous for its beautiful landscapes and the non-active volcanos. Sometimes you can even swim in them. (Just search for "Maare").

Once you are in Bochum, dont mind it and the other citys arround (Except you are interested in cole mines like >>3311 mentioned). The next very special city is cologne with the Cathedral, Rhine, great food and cologne style beer (Kölsch) in a local brewerie.

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