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/trv/ 3464: Tutturu :3 I'm planning to visit Vienna. Could you ...

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Tutturu :3 I'm planning to visit Vienna. Could you be so kind to suggest some affordable hostels? Any unique places to visit there?

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>Could you be so kind to suggest some affordable hostels?

I could, but any search engine can do better. Really, what's so hard about comparing hotels on the internet?

>Any unique places to visit there?

Depends. Do you just want the generic tourist stuff or do you want something else?

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Doragij Towarischu,
take the hotel "Ökotel" in Korneuburg-Bisamberg. That's very, very cheap and is only 8 km apart from Vienna, but on the Danube. There are bus and train to Vienna.
It is certainly not the Imperial, but it is clean and breakfast is plentiful. I often slept there, and it's ok. Directly in Vienna, there are also cheap hotels, but no comparison to Ökotel.
The only drawback, it usually stay at this hotel many Poles. And when have sex, you can hear it that there are Poles.

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>I forgot the link

It is €35,- to €40,-Single, €26,- Double;

The cheapest in Vienna directly is 70 €.

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hotel =/= hostel

may is probably the best time of the year, when are you planning to come?

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I recommend the wombats. The A&O Hostels in Vienna my be cheaper, but are pure shit. One was full of bed bugs and i had to combat them for weeks after my last trip.

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Bernd recommends Wombats as well. Very good located and the price and everything is okay.

Sightseeing recommendations after you said what you are in for.

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