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Bernd, I'm finally realizing my dream of going to Hawaii.
But I have absolutely no idea where I should go, how to travel on the islands, what to eat etc.
and every site is loaded with so much of information that I'm even more confused, it also seems often very outdated.
Can any Bernd help me?

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Which Island? Have you ever been to mainland U.S.? Check if it's cheaper to fly to Seattle/San Fran/LA and then taking a separate flight to Hawaii. There and Back is often just 300 - 400 bucks. If you're lucky it's also just 300 - 400 from Frankfurt/Munich to LA/San Fran/Seattle. Maybe those prices are fucked up now because of very, very bad exchange rate. When I went there I was living in Canada...

I've only been to Maui but listen up:

There is actually relatively decent public transport on Maui and it's cheap. There are also taxis available. You can walk around the "towns" or rather big villages for German standards easily. You can also rent a scooter when staying at the right hostel or use their shuttle service for a tip.

Places to eat:
*jack in the box
*taco bell
*buy stuff from safeway
*food court at maui market place
*Lahaina has a lot of more expensive places

With Hawaii it's that most tourists just stay on the hotel property 'coz they have all inclusive. You will encounter a shitload of them at Lahaina, though. For there they actually leave once just to check the "old" buildings. This crazy big tree at sundown is a must, 'coz of all the yelling birds.

Be aware of the following:
*no sale of alcohol between 11 pm and 5 am.
*drinking alcohol is prohibited by law on public beaches
*smoking cigarettes is prohibited by law on public beaches

Where do you want to sleep? When I was there all hostels were booked out so I slept in the industrial area with a sleeping bag I bought at Walmart for 14 $ and some plastic foil to cover to ground against humidity and cold from the ground. This is against the wall and I wouldn't recommend you doing it. I watched and washed myself after the movie at the theater. Alternatively I washed myself at the mall. One day I actually got a bed at one hostel. NorthShore hostel is great. You can cook yourself some pancakes in the morning for free and you'll have people to party with when it's evening/dark. They also offer shuttle services, free wifi, the usual, you know. Banana Bungalow is supposed to be a ripoff. Friends of mine stayed there and then changed to NorthShore. They liked it there better. I wouldn't go to most private rent outs for their owners are always drug addicts.

Natives are very chill but also rather bydlo. Be aware that non of them is actually your friend, so always be on the watch. If you know how to properly interact with Americans you'll do fine. It's easier to get into a conversation with the people there than with Germans. They also don't always look so grim and they're more friendly than mainland Americans. If you ask nicely you'll probably even be able to smoke some weed with them. The way of Aloha is actually really great and you'll adapt pretty fast. Maui is like everywhere else when travelling: Don't behave like pray so you won't become some.

You can buy Hawaii-Shirts at Walmart or K-Mart for 15 - 20 $ and they were also made on Hawaii so they are legit. You can also stop by Willie Nelson's most favorite bar and maybe you're lucky and he'll show up. I wasn't but it was still great.


Friends of mine also went to O'ahu and they said they should just have done Maui...

Do you have any more questions? Feel free to ask.

Enjoy the pics of my Maui trip last February.
Oh god, has it been a year already?

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Shit, thanks dude for that great answer!

>Which Island?
I don't know yet. I'm going to stay around 16 days. Can I visit 3 islands than or is that to much?
I thought of O'ahu because I've to start and end my visit there and now I'm looking into Maui because of your recommendation.

>Check if it's cheaper...
I got a ticket from Milano to Honolulu for only 540€ in March. :3

>Be aware of the following...
That's a great advice!
I probably would have brought beer to the beach.

>rent a scooter
To they need a driver licence for that? I'm often not bringing mine with me on trips where I don't want to rent a car.

>Places to eat
What are good Hawaiian places to eat at?

>Do you have any more questions?
What should I under no circumstances miss?

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What exactly do you expect? 16 days is more than enough time. I have been there for 6 days and did everything I wanted to. Keep in mind that Hawaii consists of rather small islands. 16 days just on O'ahu is probably too much. It would be for me. Maui is the more relaxed place for Hippies and O'ahu is crowded with people. I guess there is more party going on O'ahu. There are ferries between the Islands, I guess. You'll have to look that up yourself. Hawaii's main tourists are mainland Americans of retirement age and honeymoon couples.

You can still bring beer, just put it in a paper bag to the beaches, which you'll be given at every store for plastic bags are forbidden. Nobody cares either aloha-spirit and cops are not really walking up and down the beaches all the time. In fact I've only encountered cops twice. Once when I was looking for a good place to set up my camp. Actually that's a funny story: It was a little past midnight when the cops car pulled over. "Yo, white boy. What are you doing here?" "I can't sleep so I was walking around. I've only just landed here yesterday and the time shift is not really helping me on getting tired. I thought this might help a bit" "Where's your place, then?" *getting a piece of paper out of my pockets and reading the address* "Do you know where that is?" "Yeah, I just have to walk into this direction and then I have to walk there and blah" "Yeah. Do it. I don't wanna see your face again today!" "Thank you, officer!" and the second time was when I was going to a beach and they were arresting somebody.

If you wanna rent a vehicle may it be a car or scooter you'll need your driver's licence. They'll ask you to show it to them. You'll also need your passport, duh. Ask them about a brochure for the basic traffic rules that may be different like speed limit and always being allowed to turn right even when the traffic lights are red. Also a brochure on how to behave if you get pulled over by cops.

I don't know about any fancy restaurants to be honest. I was travelling on a budget and fully embraced the different burger chains as it is. I love these different burger chains and I still miss A&W (from Canada though) and Jack in the box this day. Also: Subways are everywhere. They're worse than Starbucks. Oh, I do know one place. There is this German couple on Maui and they have a restaurant. Rather cool place and you can get real Bavarian draft beer there:

You shouldn't exchange money upfront but go to the ATM at the airport and get money from there. Exchanging Euros to Dollars at a bank or at the airport is a total rip off. With ATMs you get the real current exchange rate, but you'll have to pay a fee from 3 to 5 bucks, depending on the bank. It's still a better deal. If you have a DKB credit card you can later ask them to refund you on the fees you had to pay.

Just relax, live into the day and let life happen. Don't worry too much and don't do to much planing. You'll have a hack of a time if you're able to do that. Don't be too obviously German, please.

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>When I was there all hostels were booked out so I slept in the industrial area with a sleeping bag I bought at Walmart for 14 $ and some plastic foil to cover to ground against humidity and cold from the ground. This is against the wall and I wouldn't recommend you doing it. I watched and washed myself after the movie at the theater. Alternatively I washed myself at the mall. One day I actually got a bed at one hostel.
Haha, gnarly. I approve. :3

Any of y'all niggas into surfing?

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Well, I probably go O'ahu -> Maui -> Big Islands -> O'ahu than.
But it's not set in stone yet.
>don't do to much planing
Don't worry, I'm only making a rough outline of what I should do and rooms are often cheaper when I get them now.
I've to stay in a mix of Hostels/Hotels/Airbnbs.

>just put it in a paper bag to the beaches
The hobo way, always wanted to do that.

>fancy restaurants
I'm not looking for fancy restaurants but food places with local food.
Like Kalua Pig, butter Mochi, Laulau, Poke, Manapua, Huli Huli Chicken and probably so much else.
You know any good places in Maui?

>You shouldn't exchange money upfront
Thanks for the advice!

You are a great help!

>Any of y'all niggas into surfing?
sadly I can't surf. ;_;

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On Kauai, the next island west of Oahu, they have a couple of museums about the area's agricultural history. They are mainly old sugar cane plantations dating back to the 1800s. The big ones have interesting things to see, like old timey houses and also train rides. The two selections below are in Lihue.

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Why would that be your dream?

bassamology Avatar

It's easy to fall in lava with Hawaii.

shoaib253 Avatar

Nice dadjoke. :D Anyway, is it because of the movies?

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

Thanks for the advice, sounds very cozy.
Unfortunately Kauai doesn't fit in my schedule anymore.

Hawaii is like a tropical island but first world.
The only other place like that I can think of is Okinawa.

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That fits, given that I am an actual Dad
Hawaii's like the ultimate place to live in the United States. It's a quintessential tropical paradise with epic weather and natural scenery.

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Southern Florida is also very great if it's about the weather...

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Also, delicious theme parks
It can be quite expensive, though

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Are you the guy that drew our countryballs?

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Yep, most of them. I didn't draw the ones for Israel (.il), HP Jew (.hp), the Illuminati (.eu), or Sputnik (.a2). I drew all of the others, though.

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You can couch hop with my for like a year if you wanna. Just buy your own food and shit and we're good. Also, if you steal from me, I was born here so I'm basically a native. I'm white, but I speak the local pidgin and my homies will fuck you up

If you want to eat well, there are lots of good food places. For spicy food, there's a place called Karai Crab's that has REALLY spicy wings. They're so good to the badassesst of hawaiians, and they're like 10x the heat of buffalo wild wings' hottest sauce. Also people recognize that we have some of the best shrimp tacos in the world. You can try out vodka put in pineapples but it won't be good unless if it's warm, which it usually is. Roy's Waikiki has the best seafood, but it's pretty expensive. We also have sushi restaurants like any other exotic place that's on par with most of what you'll find in the states but it's expensive as well. If you want to give me your email I can contact you and you can stay rent free at my condo, and we can go get bitches and shit for like two weeks if you want. My job is pretty lax since I own my own business so I can just be your guide if you want. You're a bernd so I have respect for you already, and I'll show you the time of your life. The amplitude of such time however largely depends on how much cash you have

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