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Hi my dear Bernds, I am going to travel to I-fucking-ran for three weeks with a female mate. We will stye in fancy hotels and are planning to see the cities of Tehran (1 week), Esfahan (1 week) and Shiraz (1 week). Also trips to Yazd and the Iranian desert will hopefully happen. Any tips from you guys?

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Summon Ekaterinburg-Bernd on /int/.

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it's super safe country with really nice people. don't act like you are going to congo.

>female mate
act like you are married or at least engaged. don't try to explain something like platonic friendship between man and woman or friends with benefits. just don't.

>fancy hotels
i paid 200 euro per week all inclusive, you won't.

>Tehran (1 week)
i was there 3 nights/ 4 days which was fine. i was with with people from the city a lot. there is not that much you can do compared to the size. golestan palace, milad tower, national museum, treasury (which i didn't see for some reason that sliped my mind) and some of the palaces a bit further away from the city core are ok but that's about it.

>Esfahan (1 week)
i was there for 1 day from 5 am to 10 pm and took a private guide showing me everything in 8 hours for 30 euro or something like that, probably good for 3 days with a slower pace.

>Shiraz (1 week)
i was there 3 nights/ 4 days which was fine. necropolis and persepolis are ok and worth visiting - parsergarde sucks, avoid it, it's several extra hours for nothing. the local breakfast which is sold everywhere on the streets is really good - fresh bread and hot lentil vegetable soup. don't bother eating breakfast at the hotel.

my favorite city, good vibe, nothing much to see or do apart from wandering around. chak chak is a pretty cool day trip.

>Iranian desert
there is desert and mountains everywhere. chak chak is in the middle of the desert and mountain for example.

>Any tips from you guys?
1 week per city is ridicules as those 3 in particular are really crowded, shiraz and isfahan are nice though. i traveled the entire country apart from ahvaz (susa is pretty cool), mashhad (mostly interesting for religious people) and bandar abbas (qesh island is pretty cool) in 20 days.
bring clean 50 or 100 euro notes
the food is pretty mediocre, you should bring lots of instant noodles
i can upload my old iwo ... some other time.

i you don't know about me, go fuck yourself

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Thank you for your tips, Bernd.

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Anyone from Iran or anyone who has traveled there?

I am just dreaming of visiting the place, so i was wondering if it is a cheap place for visitors or not.

Can anyone compare it with something else? How affordable is a hostel/hotel, how affordable is transportation along different cities, how affordable is food?

Safety? As far as i understand everything is cool there.

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When I went the funny guy in the picture of the opening post was still president and the country much more isolated and the currency less worth. Hostels were super cheap, like under 5€ for bed plus breakfast per night. Hotels were a bit more expansive but still way cheaper than Europe, I paid like 20€ in Teheran for a small room with a single bed plus breakfast per night. It's probably still quite cheap now and as safe as it was before.

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