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Bernd, I found out about on /int/.

Despite that anyone is welcome who can tell me about experiences with this do I travel to parts of europe as cheap as possible?
Lets say there is a small farm in Tuscany,no big city near it, how to get there cheap? I could organize a car but is that really the cheapest way possible? I don't think so.

But I also have no idea about traveling really and tips and tricks are welcome. I would love to go to hosts in the middle east or asia, but besides money being an issue I feel I should start doing this in europe first.

I have 2 weeks in april which I would like to spend one and a half with a european host when its possible, preferbly Italy afraid of france is too much of a non english speaking country, is that true even today?

I guess when you get food and bed you don't need that much money anymore, I'm there for the people and the landscapes + experience for this kind of life the hosts are living with there farms or whatever

but there is the problem of getting there in the first place which sounds like the costliest thing concernign this journey

pls halp a Bernd who is a total beginner in traveling

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I don't think there is any point in doing it in Europe first. It's not like you need to be experienced for it and the experiences you'll get will be very different in Asia than in Europe. Cheapest way to get to Italy is probably with a discount airline and then by bus. I've got workaway experience only here in Australia, but my advice would be

- go for a small family host instead of for a place that looks like they take volunteers all the time. You'll do more interesting stuff and probably stay in the family home opposed to in a trailer in the backyard

- cattle/livestock farm is probably more interesting than some guy growing tomatoes and cucumbers. I've been to a sheep farm and it was awesome, I took my flock of sheep out to the hills and slept next to campfires alongside my shepherd dogs like some guy from the bible in Judaa 100 B.C.

- be aware that some farmers try to abuse the system and use you as a workslave on their cotton field where you'll end up working 9hrs a day for a can of tuna and a smelly swag

-farmers in italy generally don't speak english

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