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/trv/ 3623: Kreta?

albertodebo Avatar

Ideas? Impressions? No go´s?

thomweerd Avatar

nice. cool. best /trv/ ever. lel.

christianoliff Avatar

All I know about Crete is that it is the place where Theseus fought the Minotaur in the labyrinth. Perhaps there is a real-life place that still exists which inspired it?

xravil Avatar


Nigger, wut?

oanacr Avatar

Visit Samaria Gorge. Although it is a tourist spot, it is so huge that it's very unlkikely to become crowded.

itsracine Avatar

Kreta ist ok...

Ausser für der Flüchtlinge :/
Griechenland hat viele Flüchtlinge, und sie bist alles konzentriert am die Strand und in den Parks.

Ich spreche aus Erfahrung: Ich komme direkt aus ein Reise zu Kos, Flüchtlinge auf jeder Bank.

marrimo Avatar


And visit the beach at Balos, it's really nice. But go there by car in the morning, otherwise you will see tons of tourist which come by boat.

The beach at Elafonisi is also good, but more crowed.

Try to go there to the end of season.
I've been there last year in the end of September. It was cheaper, the beaches were less crowed but the weather is still nice.

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