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/trv/ 3680: wie gut ist mein deutsche sprechen i travel to germa...

pf_creative Avatar

wie gut ist mein deutsche sprechen

i travel to german one day, please tell me.

sunshinedgirl Avatar

It's pretty alright, I guess. I'm not sure about the American accent being attractive to women, but it definitely is entertaining. American accents are funny as hell for us.

Here are the words you pronounced wrong (type it in Google translate to hear what their correct pronunciation is)
>hab ich Recht

And "Recht" is correct in this sentence, although "right" is a better translation for it than "truth".

motionthinks Avatar

breddy gud!

commoncentssss Avatar

It sounds like you're fairly talented because you got some of the stuff more right than most Americans, but you also got some easier stuff wrong. You just need to learn more. You would probably survive in Germany.

seanwashington Avatar

We're full. fuck off Ami.

If you wanna get her join the Army and get station at Ramstein or Wiesbaden or what not.

justinrhee Avatar

Work on your "ch" and "ö".

emilioiantorno Avatar

they will understand you but germans are dicks in general, better visit Austria right next to it. The girls from Vienna will treat you very nice and really like your accent.

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