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/trv/ 3717: any suggestions on places to go near ravensburg? visiti...

Bernd Avatar

any suggestions on places to go near ravensburg? visiting family there for a couple weeks and ive never been, so should be fun.

csteib Avatar

I think there's an /int/ Turk who's going to study in Ravensburg for Erasmus. He makes threads once in a while, you could have a beer with him. Other than that, no ideas, sorry.

horaciobella Avatar

He's somewhere in Bavaria. Maybe Regensburg?

I have been around but there isn't really anything major around apart from stuff in the city itself and the lake. Landscape is nice for hiking or biking though.

doooon Avatar

You can swim in the beautiful lake of Constance.Austria is not far away, Bregenz has a outside theatre thing it is really nice (they filmed Quantum of Solace there).

I can recommend the club "Douala" in Ravensburg. If you like hard techno music and drugs you are alway welcome.

hammedk Avatar

Douala is basically the only club anyway, so... :DD

But yeah, there's also the Irish Pub, which is pretty chill.

OP, if you're into alternative music check out Lindau:

They do have 2 free outdoor festivals coming up.

Lindau also has a pretty (but small) town center.

Otherwise you could go to Sigmaringen and visit the castle plus take a hike or go canoe in the Donautal (Danube valley) or visit the Schwäbische Alb (Swabian Jura).

In Friedrichshafen there's the Zeppelin Museum.

In Bad Schussenried there's a brewery which can be visited. But I heard that it has become somewhat of a gift shop tourist thing for 'murricans who want to buy beer jugs.
They have a nice Naturradler tho!

I'd recommend to go to Singen and visit Castle Hohentwiel and the Rheinfall in Schaffhausen, take note that the later is in Switzerland and you have to cross the border, so they might wanna see your papers or check for drugs and shit.

Also consider a visit to the Alps.

In Constance there's the Rock am See Festival in August, but it's quite expensive this year.

Have fun.


joshclark17 Avatar

P.S.: Allgäu is also not too far away and has a quite beautiful landscape to offer.

jpotts18 Avatar

Ah, yes, fuck me.

OP: If you go to Konstanz at Bodensee, don't bother visiting the Swiss side, there's nothing there.

horaciobella Avatar

Yeah, I did hear.
Thanks for the suggestions! I did go to Konstanz a couple of times, and it was pretty nice. I'll use the remainder of my trip to check out the other stuff in thread.

_vojto Avatar

Holy shit though there are a ton of towelheads. Maybe I'm in the wrong part of Besancon right now but it looks like the middle of saudi Arabia.

wtrsld Avatar


>Konstanz pretty nice
>pretty nice


meisso_jarno Avatar

Find die Innenstadt und Seepromenade echt ok tbh fam. Gibt imo deutlich hässlichere Städte in Schland.

tusharvikky Avatar

To be honest bernd I never go outside so my assessment of the area conpared to other places has bias since I'm a shut in

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