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I'm planning to visit Rhodes this for a week September.

Are there any special recommendations concerning cultural sights, nature, beaches, food & night life you guys can make (or places to rather avoid, for that matter)?

Also what's a reasonable price for renting a car on the Greece Islands for a week these days?


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P.S.: would it be easy to obtain weed somehow or should I stick with just a couple of beers?

yehudab Avatar

Rhodos is fucked. Better go to Holland.

devankoshal Avatar

Been there several times, so nah. Also weed would only be a bonus for lovely mediterrainian summer nights, I'm not an addict pothead.

crhysdave Avatar

Rhodos is crap Nowadays. Go to Spain.

mactopus Avatar

I had four hours of layover when I flew to Cairo with Aegean Airlines via Rhodes+Athens instead of just Athens. It was basically under 10€ more for one more flight Rhodes-Athens, kinda low height over the Aegean Islands for an hour, pretty good one and spending some time in the city of Rhodes - also this way I only had to wait 3 hours in Athens at the shit airport for my connection instead of 8. I visited grandmaster palace, insulted some Greek cunt who got pretty angry, visited the museum, was offered traditional Greek borscht and fucked off again. I felt like two hours in the city were more than enough.

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Well, I'm not gonna stay in Rhodes all the time, just visit for one or two days to see the tourist stuff and maybe find a neat bar for a pint.
Also planned some nice days at a corner of the beach without too many people around, seeing Lindos and its Acropolis, drink a few beers or a bottle of wine and enjoy the night close to the sea, enjoy some food and maybe hike to the top of Attavyros and see the ruins of the temple.

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Faliraki = party area
Lindos is nice, but not so great beaches iirc

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