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/trv/ 3781: Cuba

scottgallant Avatar

Hello /trv/-Bernd,
a friend of mine and I want to visit Cuba in December for about 14 days. The flights are cheap but I can not find any hotel through but some via HRS.
Do you have any suggestions? Where can I book hotels? Which places should we visit? Any comment will be appreciated. :3

alek_djuric Avatar

>Where can I book hotels?
in cuba
>Which places should we visit?
guantanamo bay

lightory Avatar

Just stay at a resort. It's like $900 for an all-inclusive drinking fest, and they even let you out of your cage to see Havana for a bit.

kennyadr Avatar

ich will auch nach Kuba habe aber niemanden der mitkommen will, wollt ihr noch jemanden dabei haben für 5-7 Tage? :3

marrimo Avatar

Smoke more Cigars!

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