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/trv/ 38: controversial subject

davidcazalis Avatar

Can i masturabte when i see topless girls on european beaches ?

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bassamology Avatar

I don't think so, masturbating in public can get you in trouble. At least in this country you can get a 145 Euro fine for it.

If you really want to masturbate on the beach, do it in a way that isn't too obvious, like putting your hands down your underpants and block your urethra near your balls until you come. Wearing sunglasses to make it less obvious you're staring at them might help.

subburam Avatar

Sure, we Euro people are far more sexually open than you.
You can also have sex right on the beach.

Bernd Avatar

>Can i masturabte when i see topless girls on european beaches ?

If you don't, you will be considered gay.

curiousonaut Avatar

Take pictures of loli first and then jack off back home. Also share them on /int/

abotap Avatar

Sex in parks is perfectly legal in Denmark, btw. Or at least in Copenhagen. So I recommend you go there if you feel like jerking off in public.

dpg Avatar

>masturbating in public can get you in trouble

disgusting backwards fundamentalist puritan christian anti-women prudes

salleedesign Avatar

>You can also have sex right on the beach
*given you cannot outrun a slav

alv Avatar

They don't go topless as a service to tourists from sexually repressed countries.

So, no.

joshjoshmatson Avatar

not uaill iou are on the beach

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gojeanyn Avatar

You can dig holes but not masturbate.

herkulano Avatar

You can, but it would not be very wise. You also get used to it fast.

olgary Avatar

You can't dig big holes here

oanacr Avatar

You could dig a big hole and masturbate in there so no one can see you.

kiwiupover Avatar

one day i will go

aiiaiiaii Avatar

why not?

turkutuuli Avatar

but if people fuck in nude beaches why can't he masturbate?

betraydan Avatar

I must try this....

1markiz Avatar

>Can i masturabte when i see topless girls on european beaches ?
You don't live in a porno. There will be no girl helping you with a blowjob.
But if you cum in your trousers without screaming loud it should be no problem.
Presenting your stinking hippy is exhibitionism, you wuill pay for or go into jail.

aleclarsoniv Avatar

Only fuckers at nude beaches is an adult fairy-tale! Nudism itself is quite boring as normal sunbathing.

_kkga Avatar

well, as a child ive seen a bernd who was rubbing himself in suntan lotion but, having reached his most precious, he simply proceeded to wank. On another occassion, in France this time, two young women, by the looks just having finished school, went around the beach offering sexual favours to be delivered in their crammy little Smart stuffed with seemed to be Travel equipment.
Point being: most Murricans would suffer a heart attack if they went to Amsterdam, to Côte d'Azure or to the former GDR.

romanbulah Avatar

>Can i masturbate when i see topless girls on european beaches ?
Dear wanker-Bernd, as you see in >>352 , having sex with a partner is maybe o.k.!
Are you in a need to masturbate, when you see topless women? Visit a doctor for help.
Or try to get laid, just before you go to beach or pool.

I think masturbating in canada is allowed but nobody will try because of low teperature?
So there are no topless women because of the danger of frozen nipples, right?

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Canadians truly are the most wonderful posters of all time.

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