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/trv/ 382: Oh well. Since this board is dead one more non interest...

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Oh well. Since this board is dead one more non interesting thread ain't going to make difference.

Ask a bernd who lives and Goiânia and lived in Brasília anything about these two cities and the state of Goiás (or Brazil's countryside in general).

Pics are from Goiânia.

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And these ones are from Brasília.

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Is there jaguares around Goiánia? And how are those sandstorms or whatever there?

I have a friend living there...

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It's very rare, almost impossible. This is a semi-arid region, no big animals here. No sandstorms either, only very strong winds once or twice per year.

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Oh wow, never heard the name of that city before. It looks nice, a bit flat though. Do you like it there? Isn't it a bit too far away fromg the "rest" other big cities of your country?

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Any fun things to do on the lake?

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I like my state and Goiânia was a good city 5 or 7 years ago. Now it's too big, traffic and drugs destroyed it.
and It's not that isolated, Goiânia is 1.3 million big (metropolitan area is 2 million) and Brasília, only 200 km away from here, has two million people (metropolitan area is 2.5 million). And there's also Anápolis in the middle, with 300 thousand people. It's probably the most populated region in the countryside.

I'm born and raised here, there ain't much to do in the state, only watching the grass grow. But like I said, it used to be a good city, one of the best capitals (no favelas, good service, cheap, no traffic, etc). But honestly, now I want to get out of here before it gets worse.

Yes. The problem is that the borders of the lake are basically privatized, there are very feel public areas and they are mostly in shitty spots and not urbanized. Rich businessmen and politicians lobbied to alter the urban planning so they could build fancy neighborhood and commercial stuff for very rich people. So basically if you want o have access to the lake you have to be member of a club or something like that. The lake is small anyway.

First two pics are from Goiânia. The other two are from Brasília, I made an IWO of Brasília a long time ago (4th pic shows the places I visited). I can repost it, but there's nothing really interesting.

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>Niemeyer, everywhere.

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