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/trv/ 3986: Siberia

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Hello Bernd, especially russian Bernd (will post on /int/ later too)!
I am going to Novosibirsk next fall. I will visit a friend who does his PhD in Akademgorodok. My main question: Should I buy warm clothes here in Germany (where everything is reduced because it's the end of winter) or should I wait and buy my stuff in Novosobirsk? I guess you get better suited things there and I've heard that the cost of living is lower anyway.

If you have tips on how to survive in the Taiga, I'm thankful.

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Preved, anon.

If ya goin 2 Taiga, u nid real stuff to save ur ass from general Moroz. Bear skin would be best decision. But beware - u must leave it inside Taiga, or customs comrade send ya to jail. Or even worth - uranium mines.

From Russia with love

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Forgot pic. Strongly releted.

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Not much colder than Hamburg... why buying new clothings?

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> I've heard that the cost of living is lower anyway.
Living - maybe, clothes - no.
In post USSR countries in shop selling really shit for overpriced.

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