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creartinc Avatar

I'm thinking of booking a plane ticket to visit some place in Europe in November or December, which scenario would Bernd recommend? Also, how to pass as cheap as possible when going alone (I know some of you do this from time to time)?

The places I'm considering:

- Amsterdam (to go full degenerate)
- Some cozy town in Germany
- south of France
- Portugal
- Britain/Scotland

naupintos Avatar

at that time of year I'd recommend a city trip, since it's already cold, wet, dark and in the city you won't feel it as much as in nature

commoncentssss Avatar

I'd recommend you to go to the destination with cheapest tickets and cost of living. You can take some food with you if you want to save money (I do this in case I get hungry on the plane or at the airport, I'm not going to pay 10€ for a sad sandwich), or just buy it at supermarkets there.

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