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So my friends invited me to travel to Cyprus with them in a few weeks and I'd like people who know about this island help me out - what do I need to know about the local culture and people? Any scams I should particularly be aware of?

As a bonus, I have never travelled by plane before either. I don't really know anything about travelling, what items should I bring with me?
Spending a week there.

leonfedotov Avatar

>What items should I bring with me?
>Spending a week there.

Remember to pack enough socks and underwear for 7 days. I've forgotten to do so on long trips before, and the results are unpleasant. Keep your toiletries (toothbrush, comb, deodorant, etc.) in one bag. Bring an extra pair of shoes if you can, and maybe sandals too.

Don't forget a camera as well :3

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visit Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.It is cheaper than southern cyprus and there so many nightclubs casinos and good golf hotels. Girne is very beautiful defineatly not to be missed and Karpaz peninsula is also perfect for swimming and enjoying sun. some pics from Turkish Cyprus.

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I lived in Nicosia for a four months about twelve years ago. Ask me anything.

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What is forbidden to take on an airplane?


It looks nice, but how can it be cheaper?
How much English do they speak on the Island btw


Well, tell me about common mistakes one can make for example?

sokaniwaal Avatar

>forbidden to take on an airplane
Leave your pukko at home or put it in your carry-on bag. In the US it's forbidden to take large containers of any kind of liquid or paste, but I don't know about Finnish or Cypriot airlines.

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I mean your check-in bag, lol.

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The Cypriot airline was pretty nice. Nothing fancy in the cabin but they flew in new Airbuses. But, this was over ten years ago...

I don't know what mistakes you can make. I suggest you go visit some Roman ruins and not just stay at the beach. A few things I remember,

-visiting a monastery up in the Troodos Mountains
-eating ice cream in the old part of Nicosia right near the green line
- I remember it being really windy there.

I am going to try and see if I can dig up some old pictures.

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Everything in Cyprus closes early. But its pretty ordnung and European for what it is, dont worry about scams if you're in the Southern Side (which is the best side). North is full of Turks and gypsies, stay away. As for local culture and people, its very tourist-y you'll see a lot of beaches and clubs not many historical sites and stuff. However it does have some nice villages on the inside far from the coast.

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But then again I mainly stick to Limassol and Aya Nappa. Also, expect a lot of heat and British tourists. Have fun.

souperphly Avatar

North Cyprus is Best Cyprus.

it's a lot cheaper as well

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