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Feel free to ask questions related to Northeast Brazil and I'll gladly answer. It's the region that has a strong tourism industry and it has one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Also, very diversified cuisine and arts with strong Portuguese, African and Indigenous influence.

I'll post some pictures of cities from the region, with their respective place on the map. People from abroad that have been here are very welcome to share their experiences.

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Starting with the state capitals, first one is Salvador. It was the first capital of Brazil (1549-1763) and it has a distinguishable African influence because of massive African slavery. It's known as "Black Rome" because it's the city with most blacks outside Africa.

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It has a big carnival (better than Rio's imo) and some hundreds of thousands of people come to the city's festivities. The food can be extremely spicy and it has plenty of delicious seafood.

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The Pelourinho (former slave market, pictures Salvador 3 and 4) is one of the hot spots and preferred places by tourists.

Throughout the city you'll find "baianas" (black women in traditional African white dresses), street sellers that offer traditional African food (careful, spicy as fuck)

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First 3 pics are the historical centre, and some of the streets of the Pelourinho (slave market).

Last pic is the Lacerda elevator, built 150 years ago, where one can have a beautiful view of the bay in which the city is located.

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Now let's move onto north and there is Maceió. One of the smallest state capitals, has very beautiful beaches and great resorts nearby.

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More Maceió.

Maragogi is a small town up north. Plenty of reorts there. It's slowly attracting more foreigners every summer.

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Moving onto north, there's Recife.

It also has a famous carnival (and the biggest carnival parade of the world, with more than 1,000,000 people on the streets), and also very diversified cuisine. Alongside Salvador and Fortaleza it's the biggest cities of northeast.

The city is known for its numerous bridges, history (Dutch invasions and colonial buildings - 3rd pic), musicality and cuisine.

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Bridges and historical centre.

There are plenty of regional cuisine restaurants, which are specialized mostly in seafood (shrimp, crab, lobster, fish, oyster, octopus) and steak.

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Around (less than 80km away) Recife you can find small towns that are like paradise on earth. Porto de Galinhas gets full of foreigners during summer and it has plenty of hotels, inns and resorts.

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Moving up north, there's João Pessoa. Very peaceful, cheap compared to Recife and Salvador, people are very welcoming and big enough to have good hotels and restaurants.

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Upwards, there's Natal.

It was named like that (it means Christmas) because it was founded in 25th December in the XVIth century, derp.

The city is known for its huge sand dunes and extensive coast line. If you ever go there, don't miss the chance of eating shrimp, which is the city's best.

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Sand dunes in 1st pic. Btw, highly recommended to hire a dune tour, pretty exciting.

Pics 2-3 are Pipa beach (less than 100km away from Natal), one of the most beautiful desert beaches in the region. It has some eco-tourism as well, with beautiful and mostly untouched waterfalls. The beach is surrounded by red/orange cliffs.

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Still in Natal there's the Fort of Three Wise Men (Forte dos Três Reis Magos). It's a very interesting historical landmark to visit, it's 450 years old. When the Dutch invaded Natal they used the fort to defend from the eventual Portuguese counter-attack.

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Moving up and westwards, there's Fortaleza. 2nd biggest metro area in the Northeast. The city became the major tourism hub in the northeast in the past decade, and receives tourists with arms wide open.

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Westwards, there's São Luís. Alongside Salvador, it's another major city with heavy African influence.

Fun fact: it was the only Brazilian state capital which was not founded by the Portuguese. It was founded by the French, in 1612, and it was named after the French king Louis XIII.

Its historical centre is a UNESCO Heritage Site and its buildings are notably known for its tiles, a Portuguese tradition.

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Nearby São Luís (250km westwards), there's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life, the Lençóis Maranhenses.

It is an area of low, flat, occasionally flooded land, overlaid with large, discrete sand dunes. It encompasses roughly 1500 square kilometers, and despite abundant rain, supports almost no vegetation.

The Lençóis are in an area of transition from a semi-arid vegetation to the Amazonic (tropical rainforest) biome.

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And this is how it's seen from the sky.

I'm going to sleep now, I might post some other pictures in the following days.

That said, feel free to gibe questions and post your experiences in this land.

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One thing I hate about these historical cities is that there ain't one single fucking tree in the historical parts to ease the heat and protect you from northeastern sun. That sun is unbearable even to me.

Nice thread, OP. You should make an IWO. And you should also not hide the bad sides of these cities, I've been to Salvador already and honestly all the historicla stuff isn't worth the traffic, the violence, the prices, etc.

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Where could I move to in Brazil that wouldn't get me killed?

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You're a gringo, so nowhere.

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I'm not hiding the bad sides of those cities, I'm free to answer questions about security, etc.

>there ain't one single fucking tree in the historical parts
u wot m8. Take Olinda as example, the place is literally surrounded by trees. I don't know about São Luís.


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How hard is it NOT to be robbed ar a gunpoint etc and still be able to check out all that there is to see?

Brasil seems to me like an incredibly fun place to visit, but it's one of the few places where you should really watch your back

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Also, thanks alot for the travel-porn posted (especially for reminding me that I'm a poorfag ;_;)

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First and most important: don't look like a gringo. If you behave like one, that means you're easy target.

Avoid places where you see to many favelados (only groups of men of course, you'll see a lot of favela families visiting touristic areas too), sadly there are many good places in Rio and other touristic cities where it's better not go to.

Avoid walking alone ad carrying fancy stuff (watches, necklace and jewelry in general) and don't go to beaches at night, neither desert areas.

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Noice, gibe clay

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>don't look like a gringo

lol even in Spain everyone can see im foreign.
Anyway where are the arts.

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>Porto de Galinhas gets full of foreigners during summer and it has plenty of hotels, inns and resorts.
been there

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