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/trv/ 568: I'm split between vising Hong Kong or Macau. ...

lanceguyatt Avatar

I'm split between vising Hong Kong or Macau.

Which one is more cozier and has more "soul"

Bernd Avatar

Depends on what you would have more fun doing.

Macau has several brand-name casinos and Hong Kong has Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park Hong Kong, a very nice locally-run operation. So...decide whether you would like gambling or theme parks better and choose accordingly.

intertarik Avatar

Not really big into Casinos or Theme Parks to be honest.

I just really want a cool place to explore

jodytaggart Avatar

But gambling (triads hueahueahuea) is part of their culture and their cool places to visit.

marcusgorillius Avatar

I've been to HKG and Macau lately. If you are not into gaming then go to HKG. The big Hotels and Casinos are maybe worth watching but don't expect that its like Vegas there. There is almost no party there, just a few and shitty clubs and not many places to just have a drink.

I would stay in Hong Kong. Macau is like 1 or 1.5 hours away from Hong Kong. The ferry runs every few minutes and cost only about 30USD for a round trip.

There are some cultural things to see in Macau like portuguese buildings and shit. One day should be enough.

Pics related: Macau

adewaleolaore Avatar


oh wtf, where were you staying? that looks like something about to collapse

alta1r Avatar

Macau if you enjoy History.

tube_man Avatar

Hotel Royal Macau. The Hotel was not bad, but the view really sucked. Shitty and unfinished building right next to the hotel. It wasn't even cheap. Around 160€ per night.

jpotts18 Avatar

I thouht they are so close together that you it is a day trip from Hong Kong to go there or something. If that's not the case go to Hong Kong.

guischmitt Avatar

I spent a few months in Macau it's really great.
You can always take the ferry or helicopter to Hong Kong it's not that far.
Stay a few days at the MGM Grand it's amazing!

iamkeithmason Avatar

I always had the impression that macau was like las vegas and Hong Kong was like San Francisco
I have never been to either so I don't expect to be remotely right

canapud Avatar

> Territory having been occupied by British or Portuguese
> Soul

alta1r Avatar

dude it's a one hour ferry ride between them and both areas are visa free for 30/90 days. people ask the dumbest questions here...

RussellBishop Avatar

Is Traditional Chinese of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau very different from one spoken in China?

orkuncaylar Avatar

This thread is still alive?
I ended up going to Manila instead.
The last pic looks like a hotel from Vegas I stayed at

vj_demien Avatar

>Is Traditional Chinese of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau very different from one spoken in China?
>Traditional Chinese

alek_djuric Avatar


Even n mainland China there are many dialect. People from two different provinces don't understand each other. On the other hand all educated people have to understand Beijing dialect.

yangpeiyuan Avatar

The last pic is from the Venetian. There is also a Venetian in Vegas. I stayed in both and they are pretty similar, if not identical on the inside but the one in Vegas is "nicer". As I mentioned before, Macau is very focused on gaming and not on entertainment like Vegas.

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