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/trv/ 97: where have you been bernd?

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paint the map with all countries you've visited!

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>to .jpg

Oh wow.

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Where is hawaii? I've visited that but I dont see it man.

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Blue is where I live and my nationality
Red is where I've visited
Green is where I was born

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Countries I want to go to: Sweden, Finland, Norways, Island, Denmark, Irland, South Korea wouldn't say no to NK, Japan, Ukraine, Australia, Israel.

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for god sake, I forgot that I want to go to the educated version of the US: Canada.

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This board is not about map autism

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But about traveling, and this is related to it. So stay calm and relaxe.

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born and raised: west germany
lived: london, tennessee
living: south paraguay
visited: south portugal, north spain, canary islands (besides lanzarote), florida, alabama, georgia, kentucky, netherlands, belgium, southeast france, north france, mallorca, austria, south brazil
briefly entered and left right away: czech, austria, switzerland, poland, uruguay, argentina

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

39 countries and still counting. Want to go to: many countries

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That eurotrash feel.

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all on vacations with my parents, for the most part

syntetyc Avatar

My parents never were huge travellers, so I did most of these on my own.
I plan to visit each continent at least once, and spend at least a month on each, ideally a month in each land I visit.

Iceland is so cute and adorable, I became a total Icelandboo in at most a week. would immigrate/10

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I really want to visit South America, Benelux and Iceland.

That's French Guiana. No, I haven't been there, but it's part of France.

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By the way, Greenland is practically Denmark. So I guess that should be red as well.

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Also, I lived in the Netherlands for 3 years as a small child.

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Not counting Greenland as part of Denmark etc

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/trv/fag reporting in

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Arrows point at New-Caledonia where I lived and Guadeloupe

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you've been to China before Switzerland, wtf?

polarity Avatar

My ethnicity is chinese...

Also, why do i have to go to Switzerland?
Lakes, Alps and the likes, things you can get in Bavaria also.

you only go to switzerland to safe your hard earned money from the taxjews

mefahad Avatar

i guess but its right next door, also the Swiss Alps are way better than the German ones..

woodydotmx Avatar

Only countries where i've stayed more than a few hours.

Also: Canary Islands are not part of spanish mainland.

subtik Avatar

Still so much to explore. ;_;

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>Iceland is so cute and adorable, I became a total Icelandboo in at most a week. would immigrate/10

When I was there just a couple of weeks ago, I mostly felt isolated from the "outside world". The low population didn't really make things better with their weird language. If I ever were to be punished for a crime, the worst sentence for me would be to live in exile on Iceland.

Perfect country for nature adventurers though.

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You seriously have no idea about switzerland.

shoaib253 Avatar

Well, do tell me then, what is so special about Switzerland?
Something you can experience which wouldn't be possible in Bavaria or BW?

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whudup :3

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That's a pretty bizarre mindset.

rawdiggie Avatar

Are you a soldier or a musel?

kamal_chaneman Avatar

U wot? My biggest dream is moving to Reykjavík. Iceland is fantastic.

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When I told people that I had been in Iceland, a remark I often got was "but isn't it rather hard to find somebody to talk to with all that nordic reservation?". To which I couldn't relate at all because all icelanders I met were pretty open, like you'd get a ride after like three cars when hitchhiking and then would talk for half an hour about pretty much everything before getting off again.

But yeah the nature is beautiful.

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Been to Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota, Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow Sarasota, Wichita, Tulsa, Ottawa, Oklahoma, Tampa, Panama Mattawa, La Paloma, Bangor, Baltimore, Salvador, Amarillo, Tocopilla

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Currently planning a trip around central europe again, my next trip will probably be to Asia again, but this time I will visit some more countries that I missed out on, since last time I just spent long periods in single countries (singapore, vietnam and Japan)

Then after that i want to visit the middle east and africa, and eventually south America, and maybe North america, if I can be bothered. I don't have much interest in north america.

adewaleolaore Avatar

Never left Europe yet. ;_;

vigobronx Avatar

I'll probably visit Japan next year. :3

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Countries i want to go: USA again, been only in New York for 10 Days, Canada, Ireland, UK again, Iceland, Scandinavia

mbilderbach Avatar

ofc im exaggerating, but that's pretty much the truth. iceland was nice, but i didn't really like it due to your isolation

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clubb3rry Avatar

... i need to get out more.

jonkspr Avatar


Me too...

mj_berthelsen Avatar

I'm going to visit New Zealand this year.

davidsasda Avatar

Green: Done.

Orange: Coming this year.

nateschulte Avatar

Red dot in the Atlantic shows the Azores, which I visited in 2010.

jimmywebdev Avatar

Green dot in Indian Ocean is Mauritius :3

1markiz Avatar

Not really that impressive.

marcusgorillius Avatar

For a 21 year old German how did Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the UAE on his one its not to bad I guess.

I will publish further details about the countries above as well as China in a few weeks.

The most interesting thing for you guy’s might be my finance list which lists every single cent I spent in these Countries. From Airplane tickets to entrance fees and so on...
I promised this on /kc/ if we get a /trv/ board. So just wait a few weeks.

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>The most interesting thing for you guy’s might be my finance list which lists every single cent I spent in these Countries. From Airplane tickets to entrance fees and so on...

Holy shit, brah, that one I'll be looking forward to

syntetyc Avatar

I'd like to go to Hong Kong or China in general sometimes.

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red is where I have been, green is where I want to go someday.

markolschesky Avatar

green - where I was
red - where my dad went on business trips (went to green countries as well)

trueblood_33 Avatar

Fucking boring.
3 countries of which 2 are neighbouring countries (I only live about 10 km away from the French and German border).

rangafangs Avatar

Green = countries I already visit
Red = countries I want to visit

I know... I visit not many countries.

adewaleolaore Avatar

At least you can drive over there and save some money.

Do you have a russian background or did you go there as an ordinary tourist?

trueblood_33 Avatar

Sweden was best. I like the cold.

albertodebo Avatar

How have you not visited Germany?

armcivor Avatar

Guess I'll use your color scheme.

trueblood_33 Avatar


Now with places I want to visit but not yet have done so.

jonkspr Avatar

Still need to go to the Americas an to the southern hemisphere ...

degandhi024 Avatar

not many but to most i've been multiple times

antonyryndya Avatar

Hi pals!

alta1r Avatar

(In blue the countries I have been to; in dark blue the regions there; in darkest blue where I have lived)

I would like to visit Denmark, Saxony, Vienna, and Danzig next. And eventually Switzerland and Czechia, so I can say to have seen all the neighbouring countries.

mbilderbach Avatar

almost 30 countries, need to go more to eastern europe and maybe africa ..

slaterjohn Avatar

WTF? spending money for this shit? no.

The funnything is, i live in germany and was in Paris and Prag, but i was only in Berlin to get to Prag (don't ask crazy train shit)

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fffabs Avatar

I should do a roadtrip tour of East Europe and go offroading and tenting in Morocco and Algeria before I try to move to North America. Time to buy a motocross bike!

illyzoren Avatar

The few times I was outside of my country, I was forced to do so by obligation. I'm not much of a travel person if I don't know anybody in some country since culture is more fun to me than architecture.

motionthinks Avatar

Well, at least I spent five or more minutes on the ground.

shadowfreakapps Avatar

I was in 12 Countries this year so far :3 In December i'll go back to Straylia (YEAH CUNT). Japan maybe next year

albertodebo Avatar

Meh. Want to go to New Zealand, America and Ecuador too

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

I have to travel more.

polarity Avatar

That Bydlo country feel.

BrianPurkiss Avatar

Well, it's a start...
On my roadmap for the next couple of years are: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and USA in no particular order.

iamsteffen Avatar

Blue: Home.
Red: Countries I've visited.
Orange: Staying 8+ hours at the Amsterdam airport, so I don't really count it but it's worth mentioning.
Green: Countries I want to visit, but because there are too many I only coloured the next ten countries I'd like to visit.

meisso_jarno Avatar


>I will publish further details about the countries above as well as China in a few weeks.

>The most interesting thing for you guy’s might be my finance list which lists every single cent I spent in these Countries. From Airplane tickets to entrance fees and so on...
>I promised this on /kc/ if we get a /trv/ board. So just wait a few weeks.

Did I miss sth or hasnt this happened yet? Please Bernd!!

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fffabs Avatar

No additions since 2003, feels sedentary.
(Not coloured: Autobahn/airport-only visits, e.g. Netherlands. I haven't actually been to most of the coloured islands. Not sure if I've been to Basque Country and Aragon.)

gretacastellana Avatar

Two notes: My parents and I stayed 2 days in France (Lyon) but was by and then we driven to our hotel in spain.

We were in Hungary 10 times in a row...every year the same pension - we really liked the owner.

btw: hope that I marked the right island as Lanzarote

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My last travell was in Japan. I have been stayed there for two fucking months and went from Okinawa to Sapporo. Feels good.

mauriolg Avatar

What did you do there for 2 months? Did you work or something? I would like to do this but i'd run out of money pretty quickly

ntfblog Avatar

Just sightseeing. Felt like I had to go there, after 1.5 year in the army, no luck in job search and shit.

joe_black Avatar

I think this is all I have ever traveled in my (26-year) life. Routes on the ground are opaque. If there is no connection, it's air travel.

mat_stevens Avatar

that feel when ive never been abroad ;_;
feels bad poordo bordo

BillSKenney Avatar


I forgot Barcelona. Also now in yellow where I grew up and green where I live now.

mrzero158 Avatar

Which island of Cabo Verde did you go to?
How did you like it and what did you do there?

pdugan19 Avatar

Lvl 21 Germanbernd here.

mrzero158 Avatar

(GER here)
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Senegal, Cape Verde
Will add Liechtenstein to the list very soon.

gojeanyn Avatar

Different German here (see wrong-flagged post above), didn't see your question before.

Went to Sal, Santiago, Fogo, Brava, Sao Vicente, Sao Altao. Was there for 4 weeks, with my family. I can give you tons of information if you're interested, but no time to write much now. Send a short mail to [email protected] and I'll reply.

puzik Avatar

so much more countries to go to. can't wait for it.

samscouto Avatar

That's about it

murrayswift Avatar

Feels not very well traveled.

I am going to the US in 2013 though.

timgthomas Avatar

I'm ok with it.

edobene Avatar

I don't have the money to travel around that much. Luckily, I'll get a good paid job in this summer, so I can travel more.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

I think I forgot some...

vicivadeline Avatar

Going to visit Canada again this year.

leelkennedy Avatar

I want to see the USA, Japan and more of Yurop.

marciotoledo Avatar

Just updating my map

vj_demien Avatar

Red is countries I have already visited. Will fly to Australia again in two weeks. In April, I'll spend two weeks in Namibia and for the summer I'm planning an eastern europe roadtrip (Germoney-Polan-Ukraine-Romania-Serbia-Macedonia-Bulgaria-Turkey-Georgia)

markmushiva Avatar

Red: Been there. Seen that.
Blue: Trips planned and booked.

fluidbrush Avatar

The next countries I want to visit are Brazil, Japan, Thailand and Ireland.

sementiy Avatar

Spanien war 1985, alle anderen Auslandsreisen sind mindestens 10 Jahre her. Wer bietet weniger?

mandalareopens Avatar

Blue, my homeland.
Turquoise, my birth.
Orange, my 24hr+ visits.
Red, my residence and nationality.

hammedk Avatar

Level 30 Deutschbernd
So much more to see...

franciscoamk Avatar

You have never visited Danmark?

murrayswift Avatar

Most of the unusual places were visting Family in the Army, so I couldn't include the complete nation.

jasontdsn Avatar

Nope, never even passed through it. What's so special about it?
It's not unusual for a southern German not to have visited Denmark, I guess. Many of northern or eastern Germans may not have visited France yet. I don't blame them. Once you've seen one central European country (and yes, I'd include France there), you've seen them all.
I've passed through Belgium and the Netherlands, but I haven't marked it on the map. I may visit the Netherlands or Amsterdam one time in my life. Not for the drugs, but most Dutch people I've met abroad were quite nice, especially their blonde Antjes


I can understand why you, as an Englischer
Schweinehund, have visited Northern Ireland but not the Republic.

joshhemsley Avatar

Green: homeland
Yellow: places been

Wouldn't mind visiting the US, Bhutan, and Japan.

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starburst1977 Avatar

there is so much more to visit.

jjshaw14 Avatar

all post
nobody reads

artheft_ua Avatar


red - visited
orange - airport transit only (does this count?)
green - booked

samihah Avatar

Nothing much. But I've been living in Guatemala for a good while though, tried to post on KC from Belize & Guatemala but I got banned almost always.

motionthinks Avatar

Feels european...

samscouto Avatar

Feels bad, man.
Square in a map - this is my travel experience.

alexradsby Avatar


joshhemsley Avatar

feels bad mang.

i want to visit many countries. a brief list would be like: russia, uk, norway, finnland, usa, brazil

tjisousa Avatar

Surprised so many ppl visit the US. You are a potential terrorist in that country. Sorry my Führer that I visited the pig-communists in cuba

kurafire Avatar

That feel when have parents who love to travel. Feels good.

The red countries:

Holland - I only spent 4 hours walking around Amsterdam when I had a layover there.

Bosnia - Drove through it on a bus for 20 minutes when going from Dubrovnik to Makarska in Croatia. I wouldn't really say that I've been to Bosnia because we didn't get off the bus and the scenery looked exactly like Croatia. If I had been asleep during the border crossing I would've had no idea that we were in Bosnia.

Slovenia: drove through it for a few hours a few days before driving through Bosnia. I didn't get out of the car but considering we spent an hour or two driving through it I like to say that I've been there.

xspirits Avatar

>travel to Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey & Greece, and half of western Europe with your parents
>be Canadian

I know that feel.

snowwrite Avatar

Want to visit South America, and maybe Russia and some far eastern country like Thailand. And some central African country, where all people are black and stuff :3

tweet_john Avatar

The largest town I have been to had a population of 100.000 .

vikashpathak18 Avatar

*to which I have been

ajaxy_ru Avatar

If you go to central Africa you'll probably have a pretty shitty experience. If you want to go to sub-Saharan Africa and not die, I'd recommend Burkina Faso. I've heard it's one of the safest places to visit. Ghana seems OK too. Or you could go to Namibia, also relatively safe, and be with other German tourists.

necodymiconer Avatar

If you're going to sub-Saharan Africa you should go to Mozambique; safer, better beaches than South Africa, cheaper than South Africa, less tourists and more things to see.

adammarsbar Avatar

Purple: Home
Red: Visited
Yellow/orange: Been there as a child, but too long ago to make it count.
Green: Next planned trip (Trans-Siberian)
White: Where I want to go.

rawdiggie Avatar

I've heard that Mozambique is pretty scary, but I believe you about it being safer than South Africa. Have you been?

mefahad Avatar

Check out both Botswana and Namibia. Those are the safest countries in the region, you can backpack and even camp on the side of the road without too much of a hassle. Botswana is a bit expensive though.

nehemiasec Avatar

I happen to always lose these maps and I have to redo them all.

Blue: Where I'm from (disregarding stops and airports).
Green: Where I've been.
Amber: Where I plan to go in 2014.
Saffron: Where I'm willing to travel right now but my plans are too vague and my interests are focused elsewhere, places come and go like tides of the sea every new day.

robinlayfield Avatar

Don't ask me what I did like most, lol

alta1r Avatar

Nicht allzu viel, aber zumindest die VSA möchte ich zeitnah noch dazufügen.

sementiy Avatar

Blue: visited within the last 10 years
Green: where I've been before 2000
Red: destinations in the next two years
Yellow: possible destinations, without concrete plans for Russia or China

scottgallant Avatar

During 1993-2002

Best journey imo, Japan.

mj_berthelsen Avatar


_vojto Avatar

Switzerland, obviously
New Zealand

kinday Avatar


turkutuuli Avatar



cheezonbread Avatar

Not much has happened since 2012. Only had time for Tanzania, Japan, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

Gotta step up my game if I want to reach tier 50 before 2015.

itskawsar Avatar

Only been to Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

adhiardana Avatar

+ Belgium
+ Slovak Republic

millinet Avatar

Living in the Netherlands now. It is embarrassing how little I have seen of Europe.

giuliusa Avatar

>Well, do tell me then, what is so special about Switzerland?
Something you can experience which wouldn't be possible in Bavaria or BW?
Cuisine, People, culture,
Much nicer mountains than you have and much better ski-resorts.
You should try Verbier for example.

m4rio Avatar

I'm 20yo who never left his city. Never even explored my whole city.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

German Altbernd (38) here

Yellow countries are planned...

Ecuador and Colombia next month (I am currently in Chile)
Iceland hopefully later this summer
Cuba next winter
Iran next spring
Canada and possibly Alaska next summer, if I have enough money to spend on a road trip and not have other/better plans
Russia, Mongolia, Australia and NZ when I decide to quit my life and just travel until I have no more money.

Right now I am not sure what I will do with my future, life is sad, but I worked and have some money, so fuck it.

kiwiupover Avatar

Nearly everything was good trip.
Especially Croatia, best hospitality.

Second best was Egypt, wonder if Sinai region will ever be regarded safe from conflict again.

aaronstump Avatar

Liked Egypt, too, although I've been only to Cairo.
Will never forget the two murrican teenage brats standing in front of the pyramides and one saying: "Well, basically it's just a bunch of stones".

damenleeturks Avatar

Where are you going?

carloscrvntsg Avatar

Green= have been there
Yellow= planned

Next planned travels are Brazil and Ireland

robinlayfield Avatar

not much time (less than a week), so only Guayaquil and Quito :(((

dmackerman Avatar

no sightseeing in Quito, everything closed for Papa Franz.
He will drive by my public Lauerstation though in 30min...

alexradsby Avatar

Just added a new stamp to my passport

t. non eu citizen

roybarberuk Avatar

never been in eastern half of Russia

haydn_woods Avatar

My favourite were Israel and Russia. Although i've only been to Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia.
My next destination will be Vietnam around New Year.

jpotts18 Avatar

vietnam is my least favorite country in SEA (i have been to all but indonesia), most other people liked it though. the people are ignorant, the other tourists were lots of american frat boys and i wasn't too pleased with the food. some others bought bikes for like $300 and rode them through the entire country (and some also went to laos and cambodia - something called blue card for the bike is required iirc). i got to admit that this sounded pretty cool if you got the time.

i just arrived from mandalay and myanmar is by far the neatest place around. very polite and welcoming people, diverse food (chinese, shan, indian and burmese), really cheap, bagan is insane (you can rent electronic scooters for 3€ per day and ride them around the temples), not that many tourists ... no available drugs and the earthquake in bagan kinda suck though.

danro Avatar

The last country I visited, was Croatia (Zagreb). Very relaxed atmosphere, but many of the buildings were terribly run-down. Everything was geared toward tourism, almost in every(!) building there was a cafe. Very weird.

ayalacw Avatar

Cross one or two out every year. My favorite recent has been Hungary, Budapest is incredibly pretty and comfy in the old parts. Wish I coulda stayed longer

trickyolddog Avatar

When did you go to Venezuela? Recently? Do you have Latin roots?

polarity Avatar


areus Avatar

This map is better in my opinion because it highlights only local regions that you have actually been to.

Why colour all of Russia if you have only been to St Petersburg? Highlighting all of USA is not representative if you have only been to NYC.

bassamology Avatar

It also requires more effort and autism a blank version and I'll do it

anaami Avatar

Heavily outdated version.

Here's the template, accurate as of 2016 to my knowledge.

aiiaiiaii Avatar

Not enough :(

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