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/wk/ 14960: Let's do this......

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Let's do this...

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Follow the ancestors... build a space cannon in Nebraska and finish the Face one pebble at a time. Shoot your way to Mars...

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>Siouxans of Nebraska
>Saxons of Nebra

Germans and Nebraskans should have space cannons that can shoot raw materials to Germany/Nebraska and space.

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An interplanetary Lion with a Face in its Heart

leelkennedy Avatar

Nebraska ist das Vaterland.

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We can locate Nebraska (the other native name for which is Nebraski, both of which mean "of Nebra" in Slavic and proto-European) and the Face on Mars using the Nebra Sky Disk.

The 45 N latitude is special (supreme) on Mars just like it is on the Earth.

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fuck off

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